Ultimate Guide: How To Find The Best CB Radio For Your Truck


CB radios were originally introduced on the market in 1940s. Yet, they did not gain popularity straight away, quite the opposite, it was three decades later that the CB radios peaked in popularity.

Nowadays, we can witness that almost all truck drivers are using CB radios. Generally speaking CB radios are the most common form of vehicle-to-vehicle communication on the highways. CB radios represent an astonishingly valuable tool for travelers.

Moreover, although CB radios are relatively low-tech devices, inexpensive to buy, as well as free to use, can still provide you communication under unexpected situations.

The Best CB Radio Will Provide You Real Time and Traffic Update

You are looking for the best CB radio for your truck? Were you visiting the best truckers’ forums and yet you were not able to make the final decision?

Do not worry, later on in this article you will have the chance to read and learn more about the features of the best CB radios on the market.

Thereupon, by reading carefully the following sub-headings you will ease your search for the best CB radio.

Yet, CB radios are in high demand by the trucking industry in the USA. That is as a result of their functionality. For example, if a truck driver gets stuck in a slow-moving traffic, which every trucker has, then this low-tech device can be of his great help.

Source: www.equipmentarea.com
Source: www.equipmentarea.com

So, if you choose the best CB radio you will be able to get out of unwanted situations easily.

By communicating with the rest of the drivers that are ahead of them, they will be able to find out what the problem is, and what the best solution is, all that thanks to the best CB radio.

Types Of CB Radio

The CB truck radio is part of the history of the trucking industry, there is no second thought about it. Since you are in search for the best CB radio, first of all you should know that there are several types of it.

Before you decide about some type and model of CB radio keep in mind that buying it is nothing like buying a transfer tank, tires, or jake brakes.


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What is similar to buying CB radio and transfer tank for example, is the fact that you can find it on auction.

Speaking of the types of CB radio, further you can read and learn more about it:

Mobile CB Radio

The first type of CB Radio is the Mobile CB Radio, in fact it is the most common type of radio that you can find on the market. Moreover, the Mobile CB Radio is in a form of a small box featuring a bunch of dials and a mic attached to the front of the box.

Further, the Mobile CB Radio is positioned and attached to the front. This type of CB radio can be installed on the floor or over the dash.

Source: www.Amazon.com
Source: www.Amazon.com

To put it differently, before making your final decision about what type of CB radio you are going to choose, you will have to check how much available space you have in the truck.

Moreover, if you determine that you have the needed space for a certain type of CB radio, then the following step that you will have to take is to check if the mounting bracket can handle the weight of the radio. Also, you will have to make sure whether or not you will need an external speaker.

All in Handset CB Radio

On the other hand, we have on our disponibility as well the all in handset CB radio. This CB radio is designed to ease the work of truck drivers. The name of this type of radio itself indicates that truck drivers by choosing all in handset CB radio will have all the controls built in the handset on their disponibility.

Thereupon, all in handset CB radio is allowing to truck drivers to have the controls in just one hand.

Source: www.fjcruiserforums.com
Source: www.fjcruiserforums.com

Later on, one of the reasons why this type of CB radio is one of the most preferred by truckers is because it is easy to install, as well easy to use. All in handset CB radio is composed of a small connector box, which connects the power and external speaker, as well as the antenna.

Simply, if you are looking forward to choose the best CB radio for your truck, you can take into consideration all in handset CB radio, because it is one of the most trucker friendly CB radios.

Also one more feature that makes it to be the best CB radio is the option to be transported easily from one truck to another.

Handheld CB Radio

Handheld CB radios are somehow similar to all in handset CB radios, but at the same time similar to walkie-talkies as well. These units are old school, and are operating on batteries. Yet, the fact that handheld CB radios are old school does not make them to be non-functional, quite the opposite.

Therefore, there are some types of handheld CB radios working on rechargeable AA batteries in the radio. Also, handheld CB radios can work both with rubber antenna as well as with fixed mount CB antenna.

Source: www.youtube.com
Source: www.youtube.com

So, you must have come to the point where you are asking yourself, which is the best CB radio –handheld that you can purchase? Well, which handheld CB radio will be the best for you will all depend on your needs.

Base Station CB Radio

It is important to realize that the Base Station CB Radio is much different than the handheld CB and all in handheld CB radio. In fact, the Base Station CB radio is quite different. What makes it different is its purpose.

Source: www.Amazon.com
Source: www.Amazon.com

Thereupon, the Base Station CB Radio has a built in power supply, and is designed for an indoor and house use. If you want to get the best performance form these types of CB radios, then you will have to mount the radio antenna as high as you can. Also, what makes Base Station to be the best CB Radio is its clean footprint.

Best CB Radio Feature No.1: Single Side SSB

To put it another way, the best CB radio feature is the single side SSB. Therefore, the SSB feature is enabling the users of CB radios to access easily the channels that are not available on the standard radio.



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