Face To Face With A Truck Driver – The Other Side Of The Trucking World


A day in the life of a trucker: an opportunity to see the country and experience the trucking world.

Only if you stand face to face with a truck driver you will get the chance to see the other side of the trucking world. You will get to see that the life of a truck driver is no ordinary.


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In general, the life of a truck driver is much different nowadays than the one truck drivers were living two decades ago.

But, what in fact improved the lifestyle of truck drivers these days? What changed so dramatically?

Truck driving is not a simple occupation, but the improvements in the driver scheduling, as well as the improvement and innovation of technology, have greatly changed the way that truck drivers are living on the road.

Nowadays, truck drivers are working jointly with dispatchers and route managers. By doing so they are creating more functional routes and more time-efficient deliveries.

Just like any other profession, truck driving has pros and cons. Furthermore, in this article, you will have the chance to read some aspects and facts about the trucking world that truck drivers are living in.

Let’s take a look!

Modern Trucking: The Other Side of The Trucking World

On the other side of the trucking world, we can find the modern technology. In fact, modern technology, that is to say, the technological advancement has changed greatly the life of truck drivers. In a positive way of course.

Source: www.pnglc.com
Source: www.pnglc.com

These days, unlike in the past, truck drivers are enabled to constantly communicate with their loved ones. The modern trucking with advanced technology gadgets has created a more socially connected trucking world. Which is a great upper hand!

Moreover, if you sit face to face with a truck driver, you will see and hear that being on the road is made easier for them since they can receive e-mails, text messages, as well as video chat with their families and friends. Keeping a regular and effective communication is essential!

Thereupon, truck drivers nowadays are enjoying more benefits than truck drivers a decade ago were enjoying. But, besides having their trucks equipped with the latest technology gadgets, their trucking world is still defined by the:

Be that as it may, the road stays the most loyal truckers’ friend. After all truck drivers’ main focus is on the road, that is what keeps them alert and motivated.

1. Truck Driving Can Be Super Lonely

“Truck driving can be super lonely”, that is the statement that you will receive if you get face to face with a truck driver.

Thereupon, the other side of the trucking world is really demanding. The daily life of truck drivers includes driving shipments back and forth, and that does not include meeting a lot of people.

The only places where truck drivers get to meet people, with whom they can spend some time, is when they make breaks on the truck stops, as well as when they are loading freight and unloading freight.

Source: www.journalstar.com
Source: www.journalstar.com

As you can see, the lifestyle of truck drivers does not allow them to be home for dinner every night; there are truck drivers who stay on the road for weeks at a time. Truck driving can be super lonely because truckers are not able to lead an ordinary life.

The lifestyle of truck drivers is harsh, but at the same time, truckers do have an option to make their days go by easier and less lonely. The best choices that truckers who feel super lonely, while on the road can make, are choosing team-driving and learning how to love audiobooks.

You can choose team-driving

Team driving is the perfect choice for truck drivers who do not like to spend their days alone, as well as for the ones that want to earn more money and change their trucking world.

In general, trucking companies are paying team drivers more than they are paying the solo truck drivers. But on the other side, recruiting truck drivers for team driving is pretty hard. As a result of that, we can notice nowadays in the trucking world that husband and wife teams are significantly becoming in common.

Nevertheless, I will put my focus more on the truck drivers who want to choose team-driving in order to make truck driving be less lonely.

Source: www.trucknews.com
Source: www.trucknews.com

Must be remembered that loneliness is a perk that truck driving brings, but it is also important to realize that being a solo truck driver you will face potential hazards that come with driving long routes and facing fatigue on the road.

On the positive side, we can see that truck drivers who are working in teams, stay for a longer period of time in the trucking industry, because they are less lonely, they earn more and have many more benefits than solo truck drivers have.

You should learn to like audiobooks

Audiobooks are the fastest-growing format in the publishing industry, and as such they make the best choice for truck drivers to improve and to make their trucking world funnier.

Audiobooks listening is rapidly expanding among truck drivers who are around 25- 34-year-olds.

Source: www.keywordsuggests.com
Source: www.keywordsuggests.com

The radio was once the no.1 thing that truck drivers loved listening to, but it is not anymore. And why is that so?

Well, it is mainly because the radio is tricky. Truck drivers cannot listen to the same radio all the time because they are driving through new airwaves, which constantly brings truck drivers nervous. But on the positive side truck drivers have found out audiobooks, which relaxes them just like when they are reading trucker books.

When I spoke face to face with a friend of mine who is a truck driver, he told me that audiobooks have changed his trucking world. Audiobooks have made his days go by a lot faster than when listening to radio.

2. Besides Constantly Travelling You Don’t Get To Be a Tourist

The lifestyle of truck drivers implies constant traveling. So, in that direction, many people that are not living in the trucking world, do think that truck drivers are also able to see and experience many things on the road, but the reality is quite different.



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