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7 Benefits of Route Optimizer That Will Save You Money

The time has come; we live in the future where we have the opportunity to do the job in quicker and more efficient way. We have a technical solution that gives us accurate data at the required moment, data that makes the jobs much easier. Imagine or better… just try to remember how we once lived, how we previously struggled with the limited sources and how that in most of the cases was the main reason for missed opportunity.


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Birth of new innovations gave us better chances for success, has open the door of limitless possibilities. Now it is our turn to use these innovations in the most pragmatic way.

One of the great inventions when it comes to the trucking industry is route optimizer. Routes and conditions are the two most important segments of trucking.

In the text below I will point few benefits that route optimizer will give you!

It will shorten driving time

Time is money so save time to save money. Time is the most expensive in these modern days. We are all having our own battle against the time and without proper planning we often lose this battle.

Time is our friend but it can be our worst enemy. Route optimizer can help us to make sure that the time is always on our side.

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Customized truck routing is an option for finding short routes and also right routes for the dimension of your truck. Finding the shortest route that will be according to your dimensions is a way to achieve successful load delivery. Find the best and shortest route is time saving. Just put your weight, length, height and width and you are safe to start the journey.

I know you all heard the stories of truck drivers who hit the wrong route and they stuck under the bridge or they get lost in the living area where the law prohibits movements of trucks. These trucks suffered major damage, they lost a lot of time and on the top of everything they got a penalty.

Route optimizer is a smart device that will give you an opportunity to choose between multiple routes and for sure will save you time and money.

It chooses the best route and saves fuel

Like I said before route optimizer reduces the driving time, but to save time you need to find the shortest route from the starting point to the required location. This route management system will allow you to avoid the expenses that can kill your profit, you just need to keep track of the routes that are shortest and safest and in that way your profit protected.

Going on the shorter route is certainly proven technique to save time and fuel. If you as an owner do not care enough about the efficiency there is no one else that will. Yes, you are the one that needs to take care of the efficiency and the productivity.

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How can the route optimizer save fuel?

Truck drivers that choose route with bad conditions, longer miles or even hit a dead end, contributed for

  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Time wasting
  • Reduction of the productivity and
  • Unsatisfied customers.

The Truck drivers that choose assistance from a route optimizer and by that select the best route for the transportation contributed for

  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Reduced overtime cost and
  • They get satisfied customers

Route optimizer allows you to set specific parameters in advance. If your parameters are set to protect you from increased fuel consumption the system will alarm you when you break the parameters.


Hey! I'm George J.Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 12 secret steps how to make $950 more truck/month.

Free ebook

It is obvious, right? Going on blind can be very expensive. Be honest how many times you misjudged the situation at the moments where you were pretty sure that it is the best solution?

Route Optimizer will avoid traffic jams

One of the parameters that give positive outcome for you as a truck driver or as an owner of the trucking company is a chance to avoid traffic jams.

And if some abnormal traffic condition occurs the route optimizer will suggest another route with normal traffic conditions. The important is that you are informed on time, which gives you enough time to avoid and to use the time for productive work.

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Use the Route optimizer to

  • Improve your mileage
  • Save Fuel
  • Not waste resources
  • Get happy customers

You are not getting a positive outcome while your drivers are waiting in long lines of traffic. Be sure you are using your resources to improve the efficiency of your trucks.

Receive real time traffic information

Another advantage of the route optimizer is that you have real time driving information’s which allows you to avoid roads with bad traffic or to avoid roads with accidents.

Having the latest road conditions on your screen is as in your sleeve that will help you to find and choose the most cost effective route for you.

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Route optimizer will warn you of

  • specific traffic incidents
  • accidents and construction

The system will alert you of the traffic incidents that are coming in front of you and that will give you time to adjust your route to avoid the traffic jams, constructions and accidents that occurred.

When you start using real time traffic info you will find that the alerts and given alternative routes are very useful, you will find that route optimizer can be a super power to achieve maximum efficiency.

In case of rough winter conditions it will choose the best route

Your route optimizer is your first line informer on the highway. Being on the road many hours can be a reason for missing important road information. Or in another hand why to be exposed to stress when you can drive and relax with the device that gives you the latest information and road conditions at the right moment.

Features such as alerts and route suggestions on the right moment can save your business. In the winter, we know that roads can be frozen and slippery. Hard conditions can cause chain accidents and blocked roadways. If you don’t get the information on time you will be stuck in the middle of that chaos.

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Live vehicle tracking allows truck drivers and dispatchers to detect road anomalies on time. Through efficient routing, you can

  • Increase your customer satisfaction
  • Save fuel
  • Save time
  • Save money
  • and will give you the opportunity to increase your profits

Route optimizer can reduce toll expenses

Toll expenses are one of the biggest expenses of trucking companies. If there is a possibility to avoid them, it will be a great way to save some money. Having a system that can point the toll station is an advantage. Route optimizer will give you alternative route for you so you will have a chance to avoid that toll station.

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Why not avoid expenses if you have a chance to do that. If you have a route that can be the suitable replacement of the old one, don’t over think take the new one.



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