Deploying Freight Finder Procedures to Make More Money

7 Benefits of Route Optimizer That Will Save You Money


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However, you need to calculate the expenses and possibility that the new route might not be that short. In that case, you will spend more fuel and more time. Measure the cost and if the expenses are not too high, do not consider further go with the optional route.

Latest versions of route optimizer can avoid truck scales

Knowing the road conditions before you take the road, is always a way to make a route strategy and a way to avoid unnecessary checks and expenses. The same thing applies to the truck scales.

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You want to avoid truck scales and you are wondering how to do that? One way is to use the latest version of route optimizer. Having updated optimizer will enable taking an alternative route and to avoid the scale. Just remember scales dodging can entail level 1 inspection and a large fine if you are over passing the regulations.

Be smart enough if you want to avoid the truck scale, you can take the route that will be not so obvious for your attentions.


Going on the wrong route is a common mistake between rookies, especially in the past where all you had was just a map or your own experience. You were forced to make rough calculations of the best route or to predict the time of arrival.

The route optimizer is creating efficient routes at any time at any place. It will help you to lower the operational cost by increasing the fuel efficiency. When it comes to the customer needs you have to account every expense in order to provide the best service.

Also having mobile apps can make your life easier. For sure you are the main decision-maker and your decision is the one that counts, but for some time having a wind in our backs can make the things easier.

Take advantage of modern technology! Why use a calculator when we can calculate everything by hand? It is simple because it is much easier and much faster. Route optimizer can be your way to improving your efficiency in the time of emergencies, unexpected road accidents or traffic jams.

Enjoy the ride!



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