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Learn How To Choose The Right Diesel Fuel Tank For Truck

Finding the best diesel fuel tank for your truck is the smartest thing to do. Your expenses generally are too big to let your fuel be wasted. Small fuel leaks or fuel evaporation can increase your fuel consumption and this is unnecessary expense that will kill your profit for sure.


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Drop by drop fuel leaks on monthly or annual basis can be like a lake of wasted money. Let me say this way, the fuel tank should be your safe place for your fuel, not your worst enemy. The quality of diesel fuel tank affects directly on your fuel consumption.

Invest on the high quality fuel tank. Do not let to have additional cost for your truck, I am sure that high fuel cost and long distances are enough cares for you. Keep your fuel safe with the best diesel fuel tank, but remember you need to make a further periodical inspection of the fuel tank for unwanted damage and if some malfunction occurs, replace it right away.

What are the diesel fuel tanks made of

The trucking industry is working very hard to improve every aspect that affects on the expenses, and since fuel is the major cost in this industry, it is not strange that the primary target is exactly the fuel.

The most common materials that are used in the tank manufacturing industry are:

  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Stainless steel

Choice of tank material is made of the possibility that the material has to be cut, shaped and properly welded in order to be bonded strongly to the metal.

Aluminum Fuel Tanks

Characteristics of these types of tanks:

  • Lighter tanks bring less weight (aluminum is used to reduce the weight of the truck, 2,300 pounds in a typical tractor) and that means lower fuel consumption

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  • Aluminum is corrosion resistant
  1. Not so vulnerable to corrosion (inside the tank from low sulfur fuel)
  2. Not prone to rust and corrosion caused by moisture (outside the tank)

Steel Fuel Tanks

  • Steel is one of the least expensive fuel tank materials, but it is very strong and not so flexible for shaping or cutting

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  • Bigger weight means increased fuel consumption
  • These fuel tanks are more exposed to the corrosion or rust and that is why steel tanks should be degreased and coated after the manufacturing process is complete. In this way, oxidation and rust formation is minimized but still possible

Stainless Steel Fuel Tanks

  • Is long lived material and it is very practical for fuel tanks
  • This fuel tank will serve you well, but you need to ensure that it has enough oxygen if it is wet

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  • As long it is exposed to a fresh supply of oxygen and circulating air it will be corrosion free
  • If starved for oxygen while wet, pits or crevices will begin to appear

What do I need to consider when I am buying a fuel tank?

  1. Make sure that the new fuel tank is the right fit for the space of your previous tank
  2. Material Thickness – recommended 1/8 inch aluminum, 12 inch steel or 14 inch stainless steel
  3. Proper Weld – Weld must be ¼ inch wide
  4. Require pressure tested tank – most of the manufacturers are not testing all of the tanks individually. I mean they take random one from that production line and they are testing that one. Possible scenario, the picked one is ok on the test, but yours isn’t. Be sure that your fuel tank is pressure tested before it leave the factory and prevent your fuel to leak or drip out of the tank.

When is the right time to change one

Is my fuel tank in proper condition and when it’s time to change? Well… there is not specified period that can determine the right time for tank replacement. It depends on the material, conditions through which the truck and fuel tank have been exposed and so on.

You know your truck the best, you see your truck every day, you know the weather conditions that you bought been through and if it was harsh for you, it was harsh for the truck and the fuel tank too.

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If you have gone through cold and snowy winter maybe you need to have in mind that the poor conditions seasoned with road salt can cause damage, cracks or rust which will be a great source for fuel leaks on the tank.

For sure fuel leaks can empty your pocket, but it also can contribute to unwanted accidents. We all know the power of the flammable substance that is not handled properly. Fuel leaking from your tank is like a bomb without a safety pin, ready to explode at any time.


Hey! I'm George J.Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 12 secret steps how to make $950 more truck/month.

Free ebook

Nobody wants to put the life near that kind of danger, a little spark is enough for disaster. That is why when you notice a small malfunction on the tank reacts as soon as possible, never postpone the replacement, your safety should be always over the odds.

What is the best volume size to choose

Truck fuel tanks vary in size and of course in fuel capacity. Average they hold about 125 to 300 gallons of fuel. There are two tanks, one tank on each side of the truck. Most of the long haul truck drivers prefer to use two fuel tanks with 150 gallons each.

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The size of the fuel tank can be chosen from the type and distance of the routes. The existence of 2 fuel tanks is practical for having more fuel on the long distanced routes, but it is also developed to balance the weight of the truck. You can imagine how difficult would be if you have a 250 gallon tank on just one side. First, it is not safe to drive a not balanced vehicle.

What is the price of good diesel fuel tank

The price of the new fuel tank depends on the material and the volume size, but however the fuel tank price can vary from $800 to $2000 depending on the manufacturer and the tank capacity.

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There is another variant, to buy an old fuel tank, but if you ask me, I don’t recommend this way. Buy a new one where you have guaranty if something go wrong, don’t put your safety and your business at risk, in cost of saving a few bucks.

How long does it take to install it

Like we said before If you noticed a rust or a leak on your fuel tank, it is time to replace that tank with the new one. It is always better mechanic to do this because working with fuel that is highly flammable can sometimes be a risky job followed by unwanted damage and injuries.


However, if you decided to do it yourself, installations take few hours starting with the preparation of the equipment that you will need and continuing with the reinstallation and installation again. It is very important not to rush this process because everything should be perfectly adjusted and tested.



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