Best Diesel Fuel Tank

Learn How To Choose The Right Diesel Fuel Tank For Truck


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Safety tips:

  • Be sure that your working area is spark and flame free
  • Be sure that your working area is well ventilated
  • Have a proper container to catch the draining fuel
  • Have a fire extinguisher near you in case a fire occurs
  • Use personal protective equipment like safety goggles and gloves

Now we are ready to start:

  1. Raise your vehicle using the jack and be sure that is stable before you continue to the next step
  2. Remove the fuel pump relay and disconnect the negative battery cable
  3. Take the container and drain the fuel out of the tank, for this, you can use the drain plug if your tank has one, or if it doesn’t use the hand siphon pump and be sure that you drained the total amount of fuel from the tank. You will use that fuel later for the new tank.
  4. Take off all other parts like fuel hoses, fuel lines, straps, screws, bolts and everything that is connected to the old tank. With everything off, lower the tank safely to the ground.
  5. Now you can take the new tank and insert the fuel pump into that fuel tank, also reconnect the negative battery cable and fuel lines too. Put all of the parts that you take off before. Be sure everything is tightened and placed properly.
  6. Finally, test your brand new tank for fuel leakage and if everything is OK, congratulation, you finish the task impeccable.


Wasting fuel is not the wise thing to do when we talk about the trucking industry. Fuel is the main driving force of the company and number one cost. When the fuel is the most important factor of your business, you should treat it like gold. Spend it when it is necessary and always keep it safe and clean. Find a way to increase the productivity and to control the fuel consumption.

One of the ways to do this is to find the best fuel tank for your truck. Don’t let the tank be a Krypton for your fuel efficiency.



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