Ultimate Guide: How To Find The Best CB Radio For Your Truck

Speaking in numbers, the best CB radio feature no.1 is allowing access up to 80 channels to its users. Also, it can transmit up to 12 watts.


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Moreover, you should keep in mind that the best CB radio will have this feature and at the same time will be often highly priced. If you choose a radio with a single side SSB feature, then you will be able to communicate with other users through this feature.

Best CB Radio Feature No.2: Radio Frequency RF Gain

Hence, the best CB radio feature no.2 is listing the radio frequency RF Gain. This feature is really important because it is allowing to its users to receive clear transmissions. Yet, not only that you as its user will receive clear transmissions, but also you will be in the position to filter those transmissions.

Source: www.Ebuyer.com
Source: www.Ebuyer.com

So, if you don’t like some transmissions, in the form of weak signals, you can block it. So that you can get the ultimate smooth communication through the CB radio, you will have to block all other noise that comes from your environment.

Best CB Radio Feature No.3: Weather Capabilities

As we know, truck drivers are constantly rolling on the road. Not only that truckers are driving long routes on a daily basis, but also they are driving routes that go through regions that they are not familiar with. So, the best CB radio feature no.3- weather capabilities is here to provide them help.

Source: www.bellscb.com
Source: www.bellscb.com

Moreover, the weather updates are the utmost important when driving that is why almost all CB radios come with this feature. Real time updates can increase your safety that is one of the main reasons why you should be careful when selecting the best CB radio for your truck.

Best CB Radio Feature No.4: Backlit Display

Later on, the best CB radio feature no.4 is the backlit display. Most aware about the importance of this feature are the truck drivers who are often driving night routes. On the other hand if you are a trucker who is driving mostly through the day, then this feature won’t be of your great importance.

Source: www.aidrow.com
Source: www.aidrow.com

So, why is the backlit display so important, what is it featuring?

Well, the backlit display is featuring lighting in the display, which makes it the best CB radio feature when using it at night.

Best CB Radio Feature No.5: Public Address Capabilities

As I mentioned at the very beginning of this article, when choosing the best CB radio for your truck, you will have to consider your needs. Straight proportionally to that, you will have to keep in mind that the best CB radio feature no.5 includes public address capabilities.

So, if you are planning to address teams or groups, then the best choice for you would be a CB radio with public address capabilities. This type of radio is featuring a small external speaker which is transmitting a clear sound to a group of people.

Source: www.pinterest.com
Source: www.pinterest.com

Speaking of the external speaker, pay attention to its positioning. Almost all technology advanced CB radios have this feature.

Best CB Radio Feature No.6: Squelch Control

Squelch control is the most common feature of all CB radios. The main purpose of the squelch control is to enhance the experience of its user through regulating the signal outputs easily.

The best CB radio feature no.6 is the squelch control, that is to say it is really important for the CB radio and its user, because if a CB radio doesn’t have squelch control the user will have to listen to static transmissions.

Best CB Radio Feature No.7: Channel Scanning Capabilities

Henceforth, the channel scanning capability is far-reaching. Since truckers are on the road rolling for days, the CB radio becomes their only form of interaction with the other travelers on the road- that is to say with the outside world.

Channel scanning capabilities shall be on the first place when looking for a CB radio.

Source: www.ebay.com
Source: www.ebay.com

Thereupon, the channel scanning capabilities are enabling truck drivers to scan and connect to the channels automatically. By connecting to the channels automatically you will be receiving real time information, it is somehow similar to the way new gadgets are sending us real time tracking information.

Best CB Radio Feature No.8: Meters

Conversely, almost all CB radios come with the best CB radio feature no.8 which includes the meters.

Well, the inbuilt meters are as well important because they play important role in displaying the strength of each signal and transmission. Yet, the antenna readings can be seen through the inbuilt meters.

However, the meters will always inform you if there is any problem with the reception or with the antenna.

Best CB Radio Feature No.9: Automatic Noise Limiters ANL

Last but not least is the best CB radio feature no.9 – the automatic noise limiters ANL’s.

Therefore, the strong signal and the clear sound are the most important features of a best CB radio. So, the automatic noise limiters are working with a filter which is filtering the background noises (altogether with the static and engine noise).

However, the CB radios that have automatic noise limiters, receive strong signals from other users.

Best Rated CB Radios

All in all, as you had the chance to read, choosing the best CB radio is not a simple process to go through. That is mainly because the CB radio, although is low-tech device in general, has a lot of features, and accordingly to your needs you will have to choose the best CB radios that has the features you need the most.

Source: www.youtube.com
Source: www.youtube.com

Simply, the best CB radio is the one that has the right combination of features.

Correspondingly I have selected 4 CB radios that in my opinion are the best buys by the trucking industry so far.

So, let’s take a look!

1. Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB

The first best CB radio that I have selected to recommend you is Uniden Bearcat 980SSB.  The statistics show that this radio is in use by many truckers part of the USA trucking industry.



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