Ultimate Guide: Learn All About Jake Brake


Jake brake or originally known as Jacobs Engine Brake, is engine brake that is a retarder provider and plays a crucial part of slowing and controlling the truck. These brakes are commonly used by heavy duty trucking industry, more precisely most of Class 8 truck drivers have stated that when they are transporting heavy loads; the best and safest way to stop the truck is by using the combination of Jake brake and service brakes.


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As the 81st National Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark the Jake brake represents the best speed controller. The company that has patented this invention is Jacobs Vehicle Systems, at the same time this company is the largest manufacturer of Jake brakes.

In this article I will discuss about all facts and figures of the Jake brake, including the operational process, the rules and regulations that have to be followed, as well as part of Jake brake history.

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1. What Is Jake Brake

The Jake brake has been contemplated in the form of a primer value tool for the trucking industry. Therefore the features of this brake have led it to become the first choice of truck drivers in certain situations.

Although the Jake brake is of a primer value to people that are operating in the trucking industry, more precisely-to truck drivers, still this brake is not designed to serve as a substitution for the service brakes.



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