Top 25 Trucking Industry Influencers

Top 25 Trucking Industry Influencers

Top 25 Trucking Industry Influencers

Trucking industry influencers really offer more than simple support. They can offer guidance, humor, connections, platforms, advice and much more. They can really help shape the future of the trucking world. Ok, well trucking industry influencers at least can help you to learn more about the industry, changes, and other tidbits.

It wasn’t always so easy to get the help and information you needed. The world has really changed a lot since Prince sang about ‘1999’. Heck a lot has changed since it was 2000. Technology has really moved ahead at a rate that can make your head spin! The sad part, for most of us, when you get your device figured out, it’s already obsolete.

But there is also a good side to all these advancements. We have the ability to stay in touch with our family, friends, employers, or any other important contact. We have instant access to information, on any topic you wish. Let’s not forget GPS, digital logs, digital cameras, laptops, POD’s and a whole slew of things that was basically science fiction within recent memory.

Top 25 Trucking Industry Influencers

Another great advantage to the jump in technology is the ability to learn about anything. Yes, I mentioned the access to information. But I am speaking about going online and finding actual support both preset and in real time. There are numerous trucking forums, social media outlets, and trucking industry influencers who are full of useful information.

They are easy to find, all you need to do is:

  • Search individual websites
  • Watch YouTube videos
  • Join groups on LinkedIn
  • Like and follow pages and groups on Facebook
  • Follow pages on Twitter
  • Become part of a forum
  • Share with Snapchat
  • And about a million other such social media outlets!

Top 25 Trucking Industry Influencers

As you can see there are several ways to find and communicate with trucking industry influencers. Some are of course more knowledgeable than others. Some are even more popular than others.

So, when you seek out a trucking industry influencers (or influencers on any topic) you should do some good research first! Review a few of their articles. See what the comments are like.

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People are quicker to comment if they feel negatively towards a topic than if they feel positive. So don’t judge by one topic, review several of their articles.

Now, I have gone through a ton of the various trucking industry influencers. To be honest, there is simply no way for me to fully review every single one. So I went through and found many of the ones that seemed pretty good. Then I had to narrow the list down, or otherwise I’d never get this article completed…

Top 25 Trucking Industry Influencers

Perhaps you never considered following any of the trucking industry influencers. Or did but just didn’t know where to look. So, here is a sample to get you started. Hopefully you find one to suite your needs.

Now you might or might not agree with all of these, but this is my personal choice of people that made some important input to the trucking industry and have directly or indirectly impact for those of us in the industry.

So, without further delay here are 25 trucking industry influencers by my choice.

Top 25 Trucking Industry Influencers


1. Trucking Industry Influencers – RoadFRReight

Twitter Handle: @RoadFRReight

They created their account in 2014 and are managed by the top trucking industry influencers.  Currently they have over 3000 followers all contributing to the page’s success. There you can find topics ranging from news to regulations to even fun stuff. So check them out if you’re up for some good tweets.

Top 25 Trucking Industry Influencers


2. Trucking Industry Influencers–Women In Trucking

Twitter Handle @WomenInTrucking

They joined Twitter in November 2008 and have gained 15.8K followers so far. The Women It Trucking is a non-profit organization founded back in 2007. The president of the organization is Ellen Voie.

Top 25 Trucking Industry Influencers


This is a group that supports, encourages, and celebrates the success of women that are somehow involved in the trucking, transportation and logistics industry.


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In support of the Women In Trucking Association’s mission, they work to:

  • Encourage the employment of women in the trucking industry
  • Promote their accomplishments
  • Minimize obstacles faced by women working in the industry
  • Educate and raise awareness for women’s issues
  • Promote career opportunities for women in the industry
  • Improve conditions for women already working in the industry
  • Increase the number of women in leadership positions in the industry
  • Increase the number of women drivers
  • Serve as a resource about women working in the industry

This organization has made significant strides in accomplishing its mission, in just few short years. Woman In Trucking grows to be recognized nationwide, enjoying support of highly engaged members, committed sponsors and partners, thousands of transportation-related companies, drivers and dedicated individuals.

3. Trucking Industry Influencers – American Trucking

Twitter Handle: @TRUCKINGdotORG

Since 1933 and with more than 28,085 followers on Tweeter, American Trucking Associations (ATA) is known to be the voice of the industry. Well at least in the USA anyway.

Many experts agree that they offer a lot of valuable information and that they do stay up to date on current issues affecting the trucking industry as a whole, not just drivers or managers, but everyone They are the one America depends on most to move our nation’s freight.

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Their Tweeter account, with frequent videos, is considered to be a great resource, providing the latest news and updates in the trucking world.

Areas and issues that ATA actively pursues on behalf of the trucking industry are:

  • Agriculture & Food
  • Autohaulers
  • Cross Border
  • Energy
  • Engineering
  • Environment
  • Government Traffic
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Highway Infrastructure & Funding
  • Intermodal
  • Labor
  • Regional Carriers
  • Risk Management
  • Safety
  • Security
  • Tax & Registration.

ATA has set forth five core objectives:

  1. To position trucking as a recognized safety-first industry.
  2. To increase the industry’s efficiency and productivity
  3. To brand ATA as “The Voice of the Trucking Industry.”
  4. To provide thought leadership that engages and educates the trucking industry and the public
  5. To responsibly grow financial and human resources to fulfill our mission.

ATA works dedicated to achieve those objectives, knowing that meeting these goals will move the trucking industry and the country forward.

Top 25 Trucking Industry Influencers


4. Trucking Industry Influencers – Heavy Duty Trucking

Twitter Handle: @HDTrucking

This is a great twitter page, run by the editorial staff of Heavy Duty Trucking magazine, the fleet business authority. With over 16,000 followers, this Tweeter account tries to always stay on top by sharing up to date news and latest updates, by constantly interacting with other users. If you love a sense of humor mixed with the latest news for freight shipping and trucking then this is the account to follow and tweet.

Top 25 Trucking Industry Influencers


5. Trucking Industry Influencers – Handy Shipping Guide

Twitter Handle: @HandyShipping

One of the great things about Handy Shipping is they try to stay neutral. They have worked with both computer gurus as well as trucking industry experts to offer as much information as possible. They try to screen all listed companies and to ensure accuracy. Also they don’t charge to publish information about freight linked companies.

Top 25 Trucking Industry Influencers


6. Trucking Industry Influencers – Transport Topics

Twitter Handle: @TransportTopics

As a multimedia channel, personalized for transportation, they pride themselves as being one of the leading news outlets for the trucking industry.  Often they are the first to report about industry related topics, news, special events, and other important trucking issues.



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