Top 25 Trucking Industry Influencers

Top 25 Trucking Industry Influencers

They have been around for almost 80 years! And there are no signs of them stopping anytime soon! So far they have over 19,000 followers on Tweeter and the number keeps growing!

Top 25 Trucking Industry Influencers


7.  Trucking Industry Influencers –

Twitter Handle: @JOC_Updates

The Journal Of Commerce (JOC) has been sharing great information about the transportation business in 1827! The pride themselves as being a serious publication, rooted in the spirit of early day shipping of cargo.

But now as the technology advances so does their way of getting the message out. From print to social media, if it’s great industry related information you’re after, you have come to the right place.


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They have 18,000 followers on Tweeter, they are not just delivering the latest news but they do it with stile! There is always some rich pictures and graphics to liven up your shipping news!

8.  Trucking Industry Influencers – Supply Chain Digital

Twitter Handle: @SupplyChainD

Supply Chain Digital provides a good mix of information, news, and even special events geared towards the supply chain and trucking professionals. These guys offer both shared and original content from serious topics to fun tweets and so much more. So with almost 24,000 followers they must be doing something right, check them out and see for yourself!

Top 25 Trucking Industry Influencers


9.  Trucking Industry Influencers – Truck Matters

Twitter Handle: @trkmatters

Truck Matters has over 10,000 followers and are an entertaining source for all your trucking information and news. They ride themselves with trying to connect the truckers of the world!

One their site you’ll find story and links to wide variety of topics. Many of these topics are geared towards those entering the trucking industry, but long time drivers can benefit as well for their vast assortment of articles.

10.  Trucking Industry Influencers – Transport. 4 America

Twitter Handle: @T4America

Transport 4 America is a bit different than some of the trucking industry influencers. They are an alliance of various business, civic leaders, and others from across the nation. Their goal is to help grow the industry but getting better transportation investments, which will greatly benefit American cities and suburbs alike.

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Here you find industry experts offer all the relevant and industry related news and information. Also they pride themselves in encouraging local, state, and federal agencies to pursue policies that would greatly help the industry, and their communities.

Top 25 Trucking Industry Influencers


11. Trucking Industry Influencers – Truckers News

Twitter Handle: @truckersnews

Trucker News is just that, an outlet offering a wide variety of news and articles geared for the trucking and transportation industry.  They scour the internet and other sources to find the best information to share with their 15,000 followers tuning in to learn more about everything from laws to employment opportunities.

They even offer some fun stuff; after all they can’t be serious all the time.  In the fun stuff they have the usual jokes but also recipes and other useful tips. Another great thing about them is they actively interact with their followers.

Top 25 Trucking Industry Influencers


12. Trucking Industry Influencers – Port Technology Int

Twitter Handle: @PortTechnology

Port Technology International is a little different than most on this list. They are more geared towards the technology and offer technical journal every quarter.  They are also a popular online news outlet as well. Offer news and updates about shipping, terminals, and other things often from an international perspective.

Top 25 Trucking Industry Influencers


13. Trucking Industry Influencers – CDLLife

Twitter Handle: @CDL_Life

CDLLife is a website geared towards offering every piece of advice you can imagine, in regards to the trucking industry. They offer relevant news, updates on regulatory positions, and even tips on how to eat better. Another good thing about them is they also offer information regarding the advances in technology and health advices. So, there is little something for everyone.

Top 25 Trucking Industry Influencers


14. Trucking Industry Influencers – Cargo Business News

Twitter Handle: @CargoBusiness

Cargo Business News is more than just media and events. They offer you all the tools you’ll need for the transportation world. Some say they offer the most up to date industry related news and information you can find.  However they are more about presenting the information that actually engaging their followers. It is still recommended to check them out.

Top 25 Trucking Industry Influencers


15. Trucking Industry Influencers – TransportStatsVerified

Twitter Handle: @TransportStats

They are “The Bureau of Transportation Statistics -Federal source for transportation numbers”.

This is a source for getting all the transportation related stats. They offer a lot of other valuable information besides thing relating to the trucking industry, but they are wealth of knowledge all the same. If you are trying to find something this is the site for you. They have over 10,000 followers.

Top 25 Trucking Industry Influencers


16. Trucking Industry Influencers – Overdrive Magazine

Twitter Handle: @OverdriveUpdate

Overdrive is a great resource especially geared towards owner-operators. They offer a wide variety of great information, news, updates, and other industry related topics.

What is so cool about them they offer a lot of real world industry related stories that you might otherwise never hear about. They also post tons of article that offer support to those working in the industry, to learn the ins and outs that otherwise isn’t available.

Top 25 Trucking Industry Influencers


17. Trucking Industry Influencers – Anthony FoxxVerified

Twitter Handle: @SecretaryFoxx

This is the official Twitter account for the U.S. Secretary of Transportation. Well, you had to know we would include at least them. After all where would the trucking industry be with them?

They have over 70,000 followers and growing which is big, especially for a government agency. They actually engage with their followers and share a wide variety of industry news, as well as other transportation related information.

Anthony Renard Foxx is born on April 30, 1971. He is an American politician currently serving as the United States Secretary of Transportation, a position he has held since 2013, and he was confirmed by a 100-0 vote in June 2013.

Top 25 Trucking Industry Influencers


18. Trucking Industry Influencers – Joe Bonney

Twitter Handle: @JosephBonney

Joe is a senior editor for the Journal of Commerce. Like so many of the writers there he is great source for gaining knowledge regarding the ins and outs of the trucking industry. He deals a lot with logistics and the actual shipping of freight from pace to place. He also shares a wide variety of great informing from other areas.

Top 25 Trucking Industry Influencers


19. Trucking Industry Influencers – American Shipper

Twitter Handle: @AmericanShipper

American Shipper is so much more than just a news outlet representing the USA. It’s a b-to-b media covering global logistics and t hey pride themselves as an organization covering the globe.



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