Top 10 Truck Lift Gates You Can Buy On The Market

Top 10 Truck Lift Gates You Can Buy On The Market

Top 10 Truck Lift Gates You Can Buy On The Market

Truck lift gates are the most important and the most necessitate special equipment that every truck should have installed. Therefore the aim of truck lift gates is to ease the process of pickups and deliveries, and not only that lift gates can ease the process, but also with their implementation the process becomes faster.

If you are engaged in the trucking business it would be crystal clear to you what I mean when I say that purchasing the right truck lift gate is not easy at all. Nowadays there are all different types of lift gates on the market, but still the final choice is not simple. And why is that so?

That is a result of numerous facts and figures that have to be taken into consideration, starting from the type of the truck that you own up to the size of the loads that you are planning to transport.

However, the crucial thing that plays the most important role if the truck lift gate would make the perfect match is determining the exact type of truck before buying any truck lift gate.

As a truck owner or fleet owner you should have in mind that when you go in purchase for truck lift gates you should have already taken measures of the truck, because truck lift gates can vary a lot dependently from the truck.

Also point often overlooked- the size of the loads that you are planning to transport. The process of determining the size of the loads starting from light up to heavy-duty is of great importance. First of all determining the size of the loads can help you in deciding what kind of platform size you would need.

Therefore, after doing detail researches I have found out that the following 10 truck lift gates altogether with their manufacturers are one of the best for Class 8 trucks:

1. Palfinger -MBB C 1000 E Truck Lift Gates

2. Hiab-DEL S1000 Truck Lift Gates

3. Zepro-ZR 15/20 Truck Lift Gates

4. Waltco-RGL Heavy Duty Truck Lift Gates

5. Anthony Lift Gates-MTU- GLR Truck Under Lift Gates

6. Morgan Corporation-Railway Model Truck Lift Gates

7. Tommy Gates-Bi Fold Truck Lift Gates

8. Maxon Liftgates-GPSLR Truck Lift Gates

9. Leyman Lift Gates-LPS Hide -A-Way Side Lift

10. Thieman-AATVL 20 Truck Lift Gates

1. Palfinger – MBB C 1000 E Truck Lift Gates

If you are working in the trucking industry, then you should know that the search of cost-effective lifting solutions is not that easy. There are a lot of manufacturers of truck lift gates worldwide but not all of them are offering innovative and reliable solutions.

Therefore, Palfinger would make the perfect match if you are looking for truck lift gates since it is a company which is manufacturing products with lifetime excellence. Palfinger is a worldwide manufacturer with locations in over 130 countries, their lifting solutions can find its place in :

Truck lift gates are made in order to ease the work of the truck drivers and the whole process of loading and unloading. There are numerous types of lift gates such as:

  • Truck Mounted Forklifts;
  • Tail Lifts;
  • Access Platforms;


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Palfinger is offering wide range of lift gates for class 8 trucks, but still there is one lift gate that turned out to be the bestseller of this company- the MBB C 1000 E.

Therefore the MBB C 1000 E is an ecologically friendly fork lifter, it is one of the best-selling products of the company Palfinger. This truck lift gate is ecologically friendly because it has the following features:

  1. It works on environmentally harmful hydraulic oil;
  2. This truck lift gate has lower CO2 emissions;
  3. MBB C 1000 E is efficient in the use of energy;
  4. Also this truck lift gate makes less noise emission;

With its consistent level of performance the MCC C 1000 E would make the perfect match is you are looking for truck lift gate which is simple to operate. In addition to the truck lift gate there is a remote controller, the controller is easy to operate, and also it offers safe and reliable use.

Moreover, this lift gate has automatic locking; it enables the truck driver to lock the lift gate during the process of operation. Also this lift gate is controlled and operated with 6 channel technology. So the truck driver can operate the hydraulic stabilizer, the lighting, and shutter door with ease.

2. Hiab- DEL S1000 Truck Lift Gates

Hiab is one of the best worldwide manufacturers of truck lift gates, this company has wide network of more than 100 countries. Therefore the products of Hiab can be found in South and North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, as well as in part of Asia.

Top 10 Truck Lift Gates You Can Buy On The Market

As we can see Hiab is producing in large quantities and this company is able to meet the demands on the market worldwide. Being one at the leader position in this industry Hiab is providing on road transportation and delivery.

Hiab is mostly manufacturing its products for:

Henceforth as I said before Hiab is producing one of the best truck lift gates, and the best truck lift gate that this trucking company is producing for Class 8 Trucks is – DEL S1000. What makes this truck lift gate so unique is that it is lightweight and simple to use, at the same time it is lifting the loads really quick.

DEL S1000 will serve you really good and will definitely meet your lifting and transportation needs; also another great feature of this truck lift gate is that it has protection against the weather conditions. Having a protection against the weather condition means that the operation process will be easier as well as there will be no need for often and constant repairs.

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Moreover, this truck lift gate is easy to install and it can meet the needs of:



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