Power Only Loads - Great Way To Increase Profit

Power Only Loads – Great Way To Increase Profit

Power Only Loads- Great Way To Increase Profit

Remarkable and extraordinary at the same time the trucking service of power only loads is an amazing means to increase the profit. If you are engaged in the trucking industry for long time or even-though for a short time you would know for sure how mush the trucking industry is improving lately.


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In the past few years the trucking industry has finally achieved stability. By and large with the stability trucking industry has witnessed excessively increasing of the profit. Therefore, more profit means more work, as well as new trucks and new improvements in the trucking industry. To be realistic there are some trends or lets say it better services in the trucking business that have been present from the past but lately those services have achieved to raise to a way higher level in the trucking industry.

One of those trucking services that has been present in the past – although it wasn’t that omnipresent is the power only load transportation. Actually this transportation service is so simple but yet very amusing. All that you need to enter the businesses of power only load transportation is a truck that will provide power.

But what caused the spread of this trucking service? Why it wasn’t so popular in the past? To particularize the power only load transportation has made a huge ‘boom’ in the trucking industry lately and that is due to the profit that this service brings. By operating with power only loads you won’t have to be stuck in the situation where you have to give additional money in order to buy trailer, nonetheless the trailers and loads will be provided to you by the shippers and by other kind of customers.

Power only loads not only that it increases the profit but also it allows an easier operation and transportation process for the truck drivers. With this service the truck drivers will not have to be put in the position to load the trailers and to get them unloaded when on the destination point. So the clients that are going to ask for this kind of transportation service will have to prepare- that is to say to load the trailers on their own and the truck driver with the power provider truck is going to go and just pick that trailer, and of course deliver it to the destination point.

Furthermore in this article you will be able to read more about power only load transportation and to see how the whole process is done.

What Is Power Only Load

There are numerous trucking services that can be found in the trucking industry, therefore if you are tired from transporting your loads in the old and conventional way- by leaving your loads to get loaded and unloaded by different trucking companies until they reach the final destination, know that nowadays those days are gone.

Power Only Loads- Great Way To Increase Profit
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Luckily the trucking industry is advancing and straight proportionally the transportation services are improving. Power only loads is definitely one of the best improvements in the transportation services, since this transportation service is way more time-efficient than the conventional way of transporting loads, also in the same time this transportation service could increase your profit.

Power Only Loads- Great Way To Increase Profit
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Moreover, you must be asking yourself what is power only load? What does this service include and what makes it better than the conventional way of transporting loads? The real answer is that the process of power only load transportation includes a truck and a truck driver, nothing more nothing less. Therefore, the customer provides the truck driver with a loaded trailer with products, after that the process of transportation is direct- the driver hits the road straight to the final point.

However, there are a lot of reasons why power only load is better than the conventional way of load transportation. First of all power only load allows faster and safer load transportation and it is cheaper than the conventional way of transportation. Yet the power only transportation is not limited to a single trailer shipment that is so because the providers of this transportation service are always ready, and they can provide you with team of drivers- it all depends from the size of the loads as well as from the number of trailers.

Power Only Loads- Great Way To Increase Profit
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To put it another way the power only load is not dedicated and focused on only one type of trucks, accordingly the trucks have adjustable fifth wheel that allows the trucks to fit any type of trailer. Power only load transportation is also not limited when it comes to the size of the loads, they can transport even oversize loads.

Most often the power only load is being requested for:

First thing to remember for power only loads is that these loads are previously prepared by the customers, also the customer provides the loads altogether with the trailer. That is exactly why I say that this transportation service is one of the safer, because the customer loads the goods in the trailer and those goods do not get unloaded until they reach the final destination.

The transportation service Power Only Loads will save you time and money at the same time, as well the safety level that this service provides is amazing. Yet another key point to this transportation service are the truck drivers, each of them must have previous experience with handling the Power Only Loads. All truck drivers that are operating the Power Only Loads should know how to handle with different kind of loads starting from drive equipment up to medical equipment. Also the truck drivers should have in mind that they must meet the rules and regulations given by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration -FMCSA.

Power Only Loads From Carrier Perspective

From the viewpoint of the carrier the power only loads transportation can bring immense profit, and unlikely from the other transportation services this one brings profit on a regular basis. In the event of power only load transportation the carrier saves money by reducing their costs that owning a trailer brings, starting from the monthly leasing costs and the monthly insurance costs.

Power Only Loads- Great Way To Increase Profit
Source: www.powersourcetrans.com


Power only load carriers are always prepared and ready to meet the demands of their customers, considering that there might be trailers loaded with let’s say blood donations, medical equipment that need direct transportation to the final destination. Power only load carriers do not own any trailer and by that they increase their profit by providing only power services to the companies and people that need trailer, truck, and portable machinery transportation.

Being in the position where the carriers are providing only power services, that is to say that they are providing the trucks and are finding power only loads on boards, makes them save money by reducing their costs like insurance of the trailer. Also at the same time the drivers that are operating with power only loads are way happier than the ones that are performing conventional transportation. That is so because the power only loads require that the shipper has prepared the trailer with the loads that has to be transported and it hands out ready for the transportation process to begin.



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