Power Only Loads - Great Way To Increase Profit

Power Only Loads – Great Way To Increase Profit


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Nonetheless from the perspective of the carriers it is crystal clear that they are offering the most experienced drivers that know to get the job done in the most professional way possible, because to be sincere both from the carrier perspective as well as from the shipper perspective the virtue of safe transportation is of a great importance. As well from the point of view of the truck drivers that are operating with the service of power only load transportation, almost all of them say that they have finally achieved pay satisfaction and are doing only their job, without any additional duties that are not paid and that take them time like in the old way of transportation.

Power Only From Shipper Perspective

Power only is a transportation service which is made to assemble the whole process of load transportation faster and in cost effective manner, both for the carriers and for the shippers. Point often overlooked is that from shipper perspective when in the position of owning more trailers than trucks, shippers are led towards the power only shipping option, which turns out to be more practical and profitable for them.

Another key perspective why the power only operation brings benefits to shippers can be seen in the case when the shipper owns trailers that are not supposed to be moved for some period of time. If found in that kind of situation, it is way more beneficial for the shipper to transport the trailer by arranging a power only carrier who is going to provide him a truck and the needed services.

Power Only Loads- Great Way To Increase Profit
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Therefore if we take a closer look at the shipper perspective, we can see clearly that owning and running a tractor most of the time in their business might be considered as a luxury. That is so because the shippers usually have trailers that are being engaged in the business constantly and owning as large fleet of truck as it is the fleet of trailers would bring them enormous additional costs.

Also on the other side, it is not profitable for the shippers to buy trucks and to loose additional money for monthly insurance of the trucks or for lease costs, for example if they have mostly trailers that are designed for job sites- for offices or for equipment storage. Withal there are also shippers that are in need of transportation of:

  • Heavy Equipment- that is usually rarely moved;
  • Run Specialized Equipment;
  • Transportation for special occasions-such as exhibits and promotions;

As we can see from shipper perspective owning and running a tractor is not necessary and it won’t bring them profit, quite the opposite if they buy trucks their costs will raise, whereas the power only services are the perfect match for them.

Power Only Loads- Great Way To Increase Profit
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In conjunction with the transportation needs there are even some shippers that require transportation of ultimate heavy machinery and loads, but still that is no problem for the power only carriers since they have the needed equipment. Even in this kind of situation from the point of view of the shipper the power only transportation is still the most cost-effective solution that can be found in the transportation industry nowadays.

What Is The Benefit Of Power Only Loads

To be sincere power only loads do bring numerous benefits. When I say that power only loads bring benefits I mean it both for the carriers and for the shippers. You might be wondering how do they make it possible- to make profit in both ways? In fact the answer is very simple- they are focused on what they are doing the best and they are going in that direction by achieving success and constant profit.

Power Only Loads- Great Way To Increase Profit
Source: www.renegadetransportation.us


Let’s say that you are a shipper that needs and plans to transport some kind of loads, for example you are planning to transport heavy trucking equipment, or machines that haven’t been moved often- if that is the case the trucking service of power only loads will make the perfect match for you and will bring you benefit at the same time. By benefit I mean profit, and how are you going to make profit? You will make profit in the simplest way –by arranging the perfect carrier that will give you fair transportation rates.

Henceforth, the operation of power only loads is way easier to truck drivers and brings benefits for both the carriers and the shippers, and the receivers of the loads. There are numerous benefits of this transportation service- Power Only Loads, starting from the point of view of the carriers and the shippers, for them this transportation service delivers big profit, whereas from the point of view of the receiver this transportation service allows them to get the needed loads in time-efficient manner and with the ultimate speed.

Therefore, the welfare of this transportation service also brings interest among the drivers- the carriers, since the power only loads bring them the benefit of higher salary. In comparison with the conventional transportation services the power only loads are being transported in a safer way and faster than every other load.

How To Find Power Only Boards

As the newest technology is advancing, the ways and means to find loads in the trucking industry are more available than before. In the past if you were operating with power only loads you would have to face with the challenge of finding it on your own, and when I say finding it on your own I mean that back then the power only boards were not available. The people in the trucking industry in the past were in a tougher position when it comes to finding the load, they were able to do that trough communication with friends and colleagues.

Nowadays a lot of things have changed in the trucking industry, we can see how this industry is advancing and how it is improving in all directions. Therefore, if you are in the trucking business and you are operating with power only loads, the easiest way to get to new loads is through visiting power only boards.

Power only boards are available all the time, the only thing that you will have to do is to get in front of the computer and to google some power only boards. The power only boards are kept updated constantly, all the time there are shippers that have loads that have to be transported and are providing their information like location, kind of loads, the final destination where the loads should arrive.

Thereupon, for you as a carrier the whole process of finding loads will be made a lot easier with the power only boards. One of the most reliable power only load boards are:



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