10 Best Truck Driver Forums in the USA

10 Best Truck Driver Forums in the USA

Truck driver forums have grown in popularity. People like being able to find the information they need, from an industry professional.

People not only come looking for answers, they offer advice, share stories, vent, and even make new friends. That is why the truck driver forums are so popular.

You can find on these truck driver forums pretty much everything you want to know, with only few clicks on your computer. From where to find cheep Diesel, to tips on how to increase your truck driver salary, and even a list with the best trucking companies to work for or  even  a local CDL jobs list. It goes so indeed that you can find things you never knew about trucks and truckers!

10 Best Truck Driver Forums in the USASource: www.swtdtblog.blogspot.com

The one thing with the trucking industry, it is well regulated. There are numerous agencies involved in overseeing the safe operation of commercial vehicles on America’s highways. No one should argue the importance of safety, but some will argue it has become over burdened with regulatory agencies. Some of which include:

Though some feel they get in the way of progress, most know that they are necessary. The various truck driver forums are filled with posts (both good and bad) about them. Remember, most are just doing their job.

Speaking of which let me get on with mine. I have reviewed many forums and blogs and found that there are literally hundreds of blogs! But these seem to offer useful and/or entertaining information on the topics truckers care about. So in no special order here is a list of perhaps the 10 best truck driver forums.

1. Truck Driver’s Forums, NADA Commercial Truck Blog

For the first in our list of truck driver forums I chose the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA).

They proudly promote themselves as an organization that “represents the interests of new car and truck dealers to the public, the media, and Congress and vehicle manufacturers”.

Now, even do they do post blogs in every category associated with the automotive industry, however, the reason I chose them as one of the best truck driver forums, is because of their Commercial Truck Blog.

It offers wide variety topics, for those in the trucking industry.  They offer industry related event and news, market analysis with forecast, vehicle related information, and a whole lot of other topics.

10 Best Truck Driver Forums in the USASource: www.etrucking.com

2. Truck Driver’s Forums, Truck Law Blog

Now I know most people might not think of lawyers when they think about truck driver forums, but the Truck Law Blog offers many great topics written by transportation lawyers from the Anderson and Yamada, P.C., law firm.

They boast that they have “focused on transportation law and legal issues locally, regionally, and nationally since its founding in 1982”.

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Considering all the laws and regulation associated with this industry I thought it only right to include some expert legal advice. They have kept current on all the many trends affecting the industry.

Their truck driver forums offer posts about various legal news, rules/regulations, and also a lot of helpful information for the trucking industry.

10 Best Truck Driver Forums in the USASource: www.blog.directcapital.com

3. Truck Driver’s Forums, The Trucker’s Report

When it comes to truck driver forums, The Trucker’s Report claims to be largest trucking related blog anywhere. For being big, I really don’t know, but for being popular – they really are. This is like some of the other forums but it really gets to the heart of the matter by covering most any topic.

They offer information from how to become a truck driver and all the CDL requirements and medical exam to free truck driving schools, to what to do when you retire. Their truck driver forums cover the entire topics in between as well. So if you’re looking for information about various big and small trucking companies, how to protect the freight, tax services for truckers,  truck insurance tips and  issues,  freight charges, even the best tires to buy then you should sure check them out.

10 Best Truck Driver Forums in the USASource: www.thetruckersreport.com

4. Truck Driver’s Forums, Ask The Trucker

Trucking veteran and professional Allen Smith has been writing truck driver forums and blogs about a wide variety of topics.

He willingly shares his vast years of experience with anyone who wishes to learn more about the trucking industry and/or becoming a truck driver and starting an OTR career. If you have a question just, – Ask The Trucker!


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Many of his topics are geared towards people wanting to enter the profession. In his truck driver forums he’ll answer questions and offer guidance.

He has been known to write a lot about the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) in his truck driver forums, along with many of the other regulatory agencies. His blog allows those new to trucking business or seasoned veteran, like himself, to post questions.

10 Best Truck Driver Forums in the USASource: www.thetruckersreport.com

5. Truck Driver’s Forums, One Girl Trucking

They used to say “it’s a man’s world”. Well not anymore and One Girl Trucking is here to prove it with her truck driver forums. Blogger Bethany is a female truck driver and is a third generation trucker. She loves to share her experiences, but not with a woman’s perspective, but from a professional’ point of view.

She writes about many of the things truckers must deal with everyday. From Peterbilts to current trucking industry events in the USA (like example the Monster truck show), she covers a little of everything. Need some meal ideas while out on the road? What about a new truck mattress or new bed for trucks? Needing some new gadgets or 4 legs companions on the open road? She has even few tips for better truck driver health. Check out her blogs and see what she has to say!

10 Best Truck Driver Forums in the USASource: www.bestresumeguru.com



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