10 Secrets To Find Best Local CDL Jobs

What is meant by Local CDL jobs? Well that is quite simple; getting hired as a truck driver or other vocation that involves specialized free and paid CDL training to operate commercial equipment. There are numerous opportunities if you are up for it.

Keep in mind driving isn’t for everyone. Often there are long days, depending on the route, you’ll spend time away from home. You will have to operate your truck in all kinds of weather.

There are the other drivers to contend with and the law enforcement officials. Speaking of which, the commercial driving/trucking industry has numerous rules and laws (local, state, and federal).

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So why would someone consider this career field? -Because it is still one of the best jobs out there. OTR job is not easy but for truck drivers with a few miles under their belt, there is plenty of money to be made.

This is one of the few career fields that you are truly free. Of course you have a boss and customers to answer to, but you can set your itinerary, stop when you want, turn on your favorite truck radio and play your music (as loud as you want), and the truckers fashion and dress code is usually more relaxed and comfortable.

CDL jobs are a great opportunity to see the nation and to travel the open roads. But if you are more of a home body, that is ok. Many of the opportunities are right there in your local area.

Many industries need licensed truck operators. Delivery drivers, warehouse workers, bus drivers, and even many of the folks who work on the tarmac need a CDL.

So if you are looking for some adventure, and don’t mind spending time with yourself, than looking into local CDL jobs might be the right choice.

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1. Attend the Proper Driving Schools and Have a License

There aren’t too many well paid jobs that will just hire you straight off the street. But most local CDL jobs pay fairly well driver salary (of course the more safe miles you acquire the better, your salary should increase).

But before you can look for local CDL jobs, you need to have a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). There are many CDL requirements that you need to fulfill. It takes several weeks of proper training, practice driving, and passing CDL skills testing, (ex: CDL Air Brake test). The testing is broken down into three parts:

  • Basic controls exam
  • Vehicle inspection (ex: CDL Air Brake test)
  • Road test

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There are many paid and free driving schools that offer you the training. And you do have options of how to pay (as it can be expensive).

You have the option of paying the school yourself, getting picked up by a company that will deduct the driving school cost from your salary, and in a few cases they might reimburse you now that there is a big shortage of truck drivers.

Just like most industries the federal government regulates the requirements for obtaining your CDL. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has the responsibility of overseeing all this. Then of course each state has its own rules, as well as the individual companies.

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This may sound overwhelming, but it’s not. Every industry and company is relatively the same. According to the FMCSA, the basic eligibility requires are:

  • You should be over 18 years old, to operate locally.

Or: You should be over 21 to:

  • Operate commercial vehicles crossing state lines.
  • Operate a vehicle transporting hazardous materials.
  • Have no felony convictions
  • Pass the Department of Transportation (DOT) physical

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2. Understand the Recruitment Process

People get into trucking for a variety of reasons. Many were drivers in the military. Others grew up around commercial equipment.

Many that were already connected with the trucking world somehow just had a dream of leaving the trucking office behind, taking to the open road and enjoying the freedom of living as a truck driver.

Whatever your reason you need to know the steps to getting the local CDL job.

Most companies use online third party resume and application services. What this means is that you must go online fill out a profile, submit your resume, application, and supporting documents.

These will be prescreened and sent to the appropriate hiring manager.

Usually you will get a confirmation email. If they are interested you’ll get a follow up phone call, asking to set up an interview. HR managers are in a constant search for the best truck drivers in USA.

10 Secrets To Find Best Local CDL JobsSource: www.drivingambitioninc.com

Trucking, and many other driver, jobs are a bit different than other companies, as they may actually hire directly from their locations.

Regardless, it is common practice to review an applicant’s information, references, driving record, DOT physical, drug test, and credit history before making a selection.

3. How to Make a Great Looking Resume

Ok, so you got the CDL, and you have a better understanding of the modern hiring practices, now comes the hard part. -Selling yourself. That is what you must do in order to get a recruiter to consider you.

The number thing any hiring manager will ask for is your resume; a basic rundown of your professional working history.


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A good resume must have several key points. The problem is that not all recruiters agree on how it should look and the basic format changes. So focus on things like proper grammar and spelling.

It should be in chronological order, including all your education and relevant licenses and endorsements. Try to keep it two, no more than three pages.

Briefly explain gaps, such attending CDL school. DO include your name and contact information. Do NOT include personal information like birthdates or social security number.

Remember the point of the resume is to sell yourself to the recruiter. So make it sound good. Do not lie.

Make sure your references will actually give you a good reference, and that you have their current information. Once it’s all done, go out and find one of the available local CDL jobs!

10 Secrets To Find Best Local CDL JobsSource: www.drivingambitioninc.com



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