Learn How To Get Paid CDL Training

Learn How to Get a Paid CDL Training In 10 Days

Few careers offer paid training as an option. Usually you must pay for it yourself, and as everyone knows the cost of any training program can be expensive. Because of this, if you’re going to fork out the money to pay for schooling/training you want to know it will benefit you in the long run. Often though there is no guarantee.


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That is why you should know your options. So with that said, we’ll be covering something everyone likes, getting paid for training, actually, paid CDL training to be exact. You might be asking, “Is getting a CDL worth it”? The simple answer is: Yes very much so!

With so many college grads leaving school with little or no employment opportunities, it can be scary entering the job market. The job opportunities just aren’t very plentiful in most sectors. The trucking industry however, seems fairly secure.

Why that is you probably ask yourself? The simple answer really is: freight, cargo, merchandise, equipment, food stuff, etc. all needs to be transported. Sure it has its ups and downs, like any industry, but these items still need to be transported. And in order things to be transported, what you need is truck drivers.

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But before that can happen, you need to know the steps and related requirements to be a truck driver. No matter what industry you are a part of, or trying to get involved with there are numerous things you need to know about it. You have the usual list of questions:

  • Salary
  • Hours
  • Location
  • Benefits
  • Etc.

These are just a few of the concerns, if you’re wishing to work for an organization or planning to start your own business. The trucking Industry is no different. There are tons of things to know before you pursue this career. These are usually handled at the company level. But, there are other governmental requirements as well.

What are some of the requirements?

  • Legal
  • Regulatory (federal, state, and local)
  • Required training and licenses

To name a few; But don’t worry it isn’t that bad, not really. When you do a little research, and attend the proper training you will see that actually most of it is easy to sort through. The hardest part is the first step.

What is that step, you ask? Besides deciding to be a trucker? -Researching truck driving schools and licensing CDL requirements. In order to be a truck driver you will need a CDL, a Commercial Driver’s License.

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Just like a regular driver’s license, expect to be tested. This involves both a written and driving portion. You will of course need to get access to a commercial vehicle for this. How does one get a truck? Unless your family has a trucking company of their own, your best option is attend a CDL truck driving school. Well, actually your best option is to find a way to get paid CDL training.

Is that hard to do? No, not really. As long as you find a program that fits your schedule and needs. You will also need to meet all the requirements. Be available for the entire duration of the program, unlike college there’s no cutting class.

CDL training can get expensive. Remember you need to cover the cost of the program and living expenses during the program, this can add up to thousands of dollars. What are your options?

As I said, paid CDL training is most likely the best option if you don’t have thousands to spend.

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What is Paid CDL Training or Company Sponsored?

Well, it is exactly that. Paid CDL training is when a company will sponsor you during the training, cover the cost of the training. They don’t usually cover your living expenses, though some might offer additional assistance. However, they will cover all cost related to the training and most even include the actual CDL licensing.


Hey! I'm George J.Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 12 secret steps how to make $950 more truck/month.

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There are a couple of different ways companies cover the paid CDL training cost. Some reimburse you for the training, after you have successfully completed the course and gotten hired. Others cover the cost of the training, but they deduct the cost of the training from your salary. And lastly, many companies will completely cover the full cost of the training without any payroll deductions.

With that said, there are still several things to consider when researching a driving school, offering paid CDL training. Location is the first one, if it isn’t local be sure you can cover the cost of transportation, food, and lodging during the CDL training program. Most of these companies require a contractual obligation, typically twelve to twenty-four months. If you break the contract or get terminated, you might still owe the remainder of the paid CDL training program.

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What Are The Requirements to get Paid CDL Training?

The requirements to get into a company offering paid CDL training is fairly standardized from state to state. Though each state has their regulatory agencies overseeing the trucking and transportation industry at their level, they must adhere to all the federal guidelines.

Typical requires are:

  • Over 18 or 21 to drive interstate (haul freight across state lines)
  • Good driving record
  • Pass criminal background check (no felonies in last 7 years)
  • Pass drug test
  • Pass credit checks
  • Have verifiable references and employment history
  • Pass the Department of Transportation (DOT) medical/physical exam

Individual companies might have other organizational requirements. They might require additional endorsements (this allows you to haul hazardous or other specialty freight). They might require team drivers. They may even require a certain amount of additional training.

Either way, getting paid CDL training is a great option.

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What Is the Paid CDL Training Program Duration?

This really depends on where you take the course.  I know that seems like an obvious answer but different schools run different lengths of time. Most paid CDL training programs run between 3 and 6 weeks depending on the size and scope of the training.

If you are willing to pay for the school and then hope to get picked up by a company, you have a few options. Some of the private training schools might promise it in a shorter time (two weeks) but you get what you pay for. Community colleges often offer the CDL program but they can run a full semester.


Hey! I'm George J.Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 12 secret steps how to make $950 more truck/month.

Free ebook

Paid CDL training is the best option because, they aren’t going to waste money and time to push students through the program just to have them fail the driving test or have an accident. Also they will cover their various organizational needs and requirements. Many will include whatever specialty endorsement training they need their drivers to have.

One other thing is that most states require a two week window where you can get your learner’s permit and when you can actually take the test. This allows you to legally practice and drive, as long as a CDL licensed driver is with you (just like when you were 15).

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