Fuel Theft Calculator

Fuel Theft Calculator – Stop Losing Money

The trucking industry has a major part of US economy because generates 5% of USD GDP or $700 Billion/Annually. The trucks across the USA spending 13% of all purchased fuel in one year and the calculations are $130 billion. The fuel is the biggest expense in every trucking company and if it is not managed well it can be catastrophic for the profit. Fuel Theft Calculator can help you to discover the amount of money that you are losing every month by using the Smart Fuel Cap.


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The business is hard enough without additional costs and every dollar is valuable to stay in business. The profit margins are not so great lately, in fact, they are lower than 5 %. This means that when you cover all of your expenses from $1 million annual earnings your profit drops in $50,000.

Fuel Theft Calculator will give you information how much money you will save with using antitheft solution which will allow you 100% control over the fuel. The Fuel Theft Calculator will produce information for the:

  • Average Monthly Savings / Fleet
  • Maximum Monthly Savings / Fleet
  • Total Yearly Savings / Fleet

That is why you need to find a way to cut your costs, lower your expenses and stop fuel misuse. Since your biggest expense is the fuel you need to protect it from Siphoning or other types of fuel frauds that are secretly killing your profit.

What is Fuel Theft

When all of your expenses are covered with bills and buy the book everything is spent by the rule well… that my friends is as the result of the creativity of the thieves to find a way to cover their dirty work. They become professionals and developed a chain of cooperators so the fuel theft becomes a very well developed system of fuel fraud. There are so many ways of how the fuel is stolen from the fuel tank and some of them are very creative ways I must admit.

Fuel Theft Calculator
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