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Fuel Theft Calculator – Stop Losing Money

The trucking industry has a major part of US economy because generates 5% of USD GDP or $700 Billion/Annually. The trucks across the USA spending 13% of all purchased fuel in one year and the calculations are $130 billion. The fuel is the biggest expense in every trucking company and if it is not managed well it can be catastrophic for the profit. Fuel Theft Calculator can help you to discover the amount of money that you are losing every month by using the Smart Fuel Cap.


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The business is hard enough without additional costs and every dollar is valuable to stay in business. The profit margins are not so great lately, in fact, they are lower than 5 %. This means that when you cover all of your expenses from $1 million annual earnings your profit drops in $50,000.

Fuel Theft Calculator will give you information how much money you will save with using antitheft solution which will allow you 100% control over the fuel. The Fuel Theft Calculator will produce information for the:

  • Average Monthly Savings / Fleet
  • Maximum Monthly Savings / Fleet
  • Total Yearly Savings / Fleet

That is why you need to find a way to cut your costs, lower your expenses and stop fuel misuse. Since your biggest expense is the fuel you need to protect it from Siphoning or other types of fuel frauds that are secretly killing your profit.

What is Fuel Theft

When all of your expenses are covered with bills and buy the book everything is spent by the rule well… that my friends is as the result of the creativity of the thieves to find a way to cover their dirty work. They become professionals and developed a chain of cooperators so the fuel theft becomes a very well developed system of fuel fraud. There are so many ways of how the fuel is stolen from the fuel tank and some of them are very creative ways I must admit.

Fuel Theft Calculator
Source: www.telogis.com

The art of fuel theft is that it cannot easily be traced especially if you as a company monitor and control your fuel expenses only through fuel bills. You will never know that you were a victim of a scam if you not use a fuel management system/SMART FUEL CAP which will measure the amount of fuel that goes into the fuel tank and give you a chance to compare that amount with the quantity that is on the bill.  Fuel Theft Calculator can open your perception of the fuel consumption for your fleet.

Who is Stealing Fuel

Believe me, when I tell you that the fuel should not be trusted to anyone. The only one that you can trust that will not abuse, it’s you. Yes, you read this correctly, the only trustworthy person is YOU the man who is paying for the fuel.

You are the person that will open the Fuel Theft Calculator and will try to get information about the monthly fuel cost and the money that you can save with using a fuel management solution. Who will do this besides you the man you is paying for everything.

Fuel Theft Calculator
Source: www.mochaholic666.wordpress.com

Fuel for the trucking Industry is worth more than gold. Can you move your truck with gold? No, you can’t but you can move the truck with fuel because it is only floating force that enables your operations. The fuel consumption is determined by your earnings.

Who is stealing the fuel? That is more than 35K worth of question.

  • The fuel is stolen from inside company factors which are the truck drivers
  • And outside factors like Thieves

How they are stealing? They have creative ways to harm your profit. Let’s say the company truck drivers.

  • Have fuel card to pay the fuel that they purchased at a gas station
  • They made close connections with the workers on the gas station
  • Instead for pouring 100 gallons that they paid with the fuel card bill they will pour 50 gallons and they will split the money with the worker on the gas station
  • They will put the fuel in a can without even opening the fuel cap of the tank and sell the fuel to another person for lower price, but they will put the money in their pocket
  • They will park close to other truck and pour the fuel in theirs fuel tank but pay with company fuel card
  • The worst of all, the truck drivers will just the swipe the fuel card and pour not one sip of fuel but will take money in return

Fuel Theft Calculator
Source: www.telogis.com

Can you notice some of these scenarios in the bills that you are getting, of course, NOT. Because, everything seems is covered by the book. You are managing your expenses by the bill but steal the fuel consumption is to the roof.


Hey! I'm George J.Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 12 secret steps how to make $950 more truck/month.

Free ebook

That is why our Smart Fuel Cap exists to fix these problems with 100% control of every fuel drop that you are paying. Also, using the fuel theft calculator will give you heads up of the money that you are saving every month and add those savings to increase your profit.

The outside factors are:

  • Road by fuel thieves who will siphon the fuel out of the fuel tank leaving the truck without fuel to go to the nearest gas station.
  • Owner operators who parked near the company trucks and siphoning the fuel directly to their fuel tank

What is the Potential Damage

With our clients’ feedback, we get results that after using our Smart Fuel Cap and calculate the new fuel expenses with the Fuel theft calculator they get improved results in the fuel consumption

  • On average they Reduced the Fuel Monthly Bill by 8% across Their Entire Fleet
  • And Maximum Recorded Fuel Saving among Our clients is 20% in Team Operated Class A Trucks

So the damage is actually this amount of money that you are allowing to slide off your hands. With using our Smart Fuel Cap you will turn these expenses to an actual profit. Open the Fuel Theft Calculator and calculate the damage that these factors are causing for your company and have in mind that these dollars could be in your pocket.



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