How To Choose the Best Fuel Anti-Theft SolutionHow To Choose the Best Fuel Anti-Theft Solution

How To Choose the Best Fuel Anti-Theft Solution

Something businesses and drivers overlook is protecting their fuel tank. They also fail to properly monitor their fuel usage. Sure you’ll focus on securing and protecting your load and sealing your trailers. You’ll even make sure the cab is locked, with the security system turned on. But, what about your fuel tank? Why is that so important to protect?


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With all the ever changing regulations by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration FMCSA, fees and all those other industry related expenses you can’t afford the high cost theft adds to the operation. But it isn’t just theft in the sense of someone purposely stealing something.

Basically there are two ways that someone steals from your company. Either they simply take the item and come up with ways to make it hard to track (like failing to turn in receipts). Or someone waits until no one is looking and takes the item.

How To Choose the Best Fuel Anti-Theft Solution 1

So what does this have to do with the trucking industry? Am I speaking about freight being taken from the truck? No not right now, this time I am speaking about your fuel. If a trucker has been driving all day gets to a lot late at night and parks his/her truck in the shadows, it can be real easy for someone to simply come over and siphon out their fuel. And this does happen quite frequently.



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