How To Choose the Best Fuel Anti-Theft SolutionHow To Choose the Best Fuel Anti-Theft Solution

How To Choose the Best Fuel Anti-Theft Solution

Something businesses and drivers overlook is protecting their fuel tank. They also fail to properly monitor their fuel usage. Sure you’ll focus on securing and protecting your load and sealing your trailers. You’ll even make sure the cab is locked, with the security system turned on. But, what about your fuel tank? Why is that so important to protect?


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With all the ever changing regulations by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration FMCSA, fees and all those other industry related expenses you can’t afford the high cost theft adds to the operation. But it isn’t just theft in the sense of someone purposely stealing something.

Basically there are two ways that someone steals from your company. Either they simply take the item and come up with ways to make it hard to track (like failing to turn in receipts). Or someone waits until no one is looking and takes the item.

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So what does this have to do with the trucking industry? Am I speaking about freight being taken from the truck? No not right now, this time I am speaking about your fuel. If a trucker has been driving all day gets to a lot late at night and parks his/her truck in the shadows, it can be real easy for someone to simply come over and siphon out their fuel. And this does happen quite frequently.

On the other hand, all a person has to do is say they used ‘X’ amount of fuel, but lost the receipt. Or fill their tank and add a couple gallons to portable containers and jerry cans. This too is a common problem, internal theft accounts for more loss than external.

Remember, there are numerous ways around the tracking of fuel. I am just throwing out a few examples. The point is that fuel is one of the many expenses that are found in the trucking industry. What are some of the others expenses?

  • Insurance (driver, truck, and cargo/industry related)
  • Maintenance (of the vehicles, trailers, and other truck equipment)
  • Staff (payroll, taxes, insurance, training)
  • Other industry related equipment (laptops, GPS, I Pad’s, cell phones and all the gadgets)
  • Other costs (permits, licenses, fines and tickets, fees)

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So it is very important that you do everything you can to cut cost wherever possible. The problem is that not everything is controllable. If the price per barrel of oil rises, then so does the price per gallon at the pump. That can add up, especially if you have an entire fleet to fuel.

That is why it is so important to get an anti-fuel theft system.

Fueloyal has designed an integrated software and hardware system that was developed for this very purpose, to eliminate fuel abuse, misuse and theft in the trucking industry.

Fueloyal’s Smart Fuel Cap was engineered to ensure that the fuel you buy actually does go into your tank. How? It measures the amount of fuel that’s been added to your tank and compares this with the actual billed amount (the receipt). But another great feature is that our locking fuel cup will prevent unauthorized tampering (removal) of the device. An alarm will alert your organization if this were to occur.

If that wasn’t good enough Fueloyal’s dual layer anti siphoning protection will guarantee to prevent the fuel from being improperly removed. Our unique design was produced to eliminate someone from disabling or removing the device from the tank. Not many can guarantee that!

The best anti-theft systems you choose should encompass key factors:

  • It should be able to guarantee to protect your fuel 100%
  • It should be easy to install
  • It should be inexpensive to install
  • It should not interfere with your operation, during installation
  • It should be impossible to bypass

Fueloyal’s Smart Fuel Cap is the best choice when it comes to fuel saving and ant-theft and can do all the above.

How To Choose the Best Fuel Anti-Theft Solution 3

Try to find one that will protect your fuel 100%

Perhaps right now the prices of fuel are fairly reasonable. Will they stay that way? Even if they do, or hopefully the price drops more, wouldn’t you like to save on your expense anywhere you can? Of course you do. Everyone likes to save where they can. Of course there are times when you simply can’t, but most of the times if you shop around you can.


Hey! I'm George J.Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 12 secret steps how to make $950 more truck/month.

Free ebook

We all leave in time where saving money is somewhere on the top of our daily chore list. Regardless if we are speaking about our businesses, personal life, shopping for something big like house , truck, car…… or something that will have a big impact of our life. All we care about and want is to find the best deal and save the most that is possible.

At list I am that way, don’t know about the rest of the world but if you are….I don’t blame you at all. Leaving in this world where dynamic, saving and insuring yours and your business future is a priority, is not a bad thing, it is a wise thing to do. Having so many options to choose from gives us the possibility to save and find what the best is for us.

How To Choose the Best Fuel Anti-Theft Solution 4

Your fueling expenses are one of many factors that affect your business. Fueloyal’s system will eliminate fuel misuse and theft, by both monitoring it and preventing tampering. It is estimated that in the United States approximately 10 billion dollars per year worth of fuel is either stolen or otherwise unaccounted for. That comes to about $1700.00 per truck, per month!

Of course those are just estimates, but even if the real figures were half that number it adds up, and fast. I am sure you could come up with a better way to use that additional money than by fueling someone else’s truck.

How hard it is to install?

Many of the fuel systems that are available today are rather cumbersome, perhaps not in actual physical size of their device. The problem is all the steps involved to set it up, running wires through your cab. Hooking recorders and tracking devices, then running everything back to your system.



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