How To Choose the Best Fuel Anti-Theft SolutionHow To Choose the Best Fuel Anti-Theft Solution

How To Choose the Best Fuel Anti-Theft Solution

This can be a real time consuming mess. It can take several hours leaving your driver with an unexpected day off. Plus because of this, freight isn’t being delivered. Now just imagine if you have an entire fleet?

Well fortunately Fueloyal was designed with the trucking industry in mind. With our system your trucks will be back in service quicker than it takes to refuel! 30 seconds of your time and you are good to go!

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Check the installation cost

We have all been there; you buy a new device and then come the other costs. The number one cost most people encounter? Installation! That’s right you go out and buy the latest and greatest device, but can’t do anything with it until it gets installed. But, it gets worse. Not only do you have to have someone else install it, they charge you to do so.

Who likes to pay to be inconvenienced? No one I know.

That is one of the greatest things about Fueloyal’s system. There is no need to worry about the technician and installation fees. Why not? Because there are none! That’s right; we never charge for installation, anyone can install it on the truck in a matter of seconds.

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What is the time required to install and what is the downtime?

As I often say technology is great. It has helped to prevent so many headaches and even speed up processes. However the downside to this great achievement is often the time it takes to set-up, install programs, download operating systems and install the equipment. With many of the systems that are available today that might mean taking your truck or even your fleet out of service for several hours or more.

Who can afford that?

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At Fueloyal we understand that any time you’re not driving and hauling loads you’re losing money! That is the great thing about our unique system. It is low cost and requires little time to install. How is this possible? Well unlike other systems you don’t need to modify your fuel tank, or rewire your truck. Ours is a standalone device, everything is built directly into it.

The best part is you don’t need to set up appointment for technicians. Our system is so easy you can do it yourself and in less time than it took to read this!

Is it hard to disable and bypass?

Many of the systems that are available on the market today are not durable. Their electronic systems are easy to bypass and the device themselves are easy to remove. What good it is it go out and spend the money to get a system, take your trucks out of service (losing time and money) to then have that system breached? Completely no good at all! And what’s more you then have to replace the damaged equipment. Depending on the type of equipment, they might not even replace it.


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Not with Fueloyal. We guarantee all our products and services. Our system’s all internal steel construction is designed to eliminate vandalism. As a matter of fact we guarantee that it’s 100% dependable and both tamper and siphon proof. Not many in the industry can make that claim.
So stick with Fueloyal’s fuel theft solution – the system that is tamper proof and siphon proof.


As we all know there are so many cost associated with doing trucking business. These vary from internal like staffing, office/operational, and vehicles/equipment, to external as licensing, insurance, and even fuel. The thing with these costs is that some are controllable and some are not.

You might not be able to control cost like licensing fees. However, you can control the cost of rent and even find lower insurance premiums. And there are other ways you can control cost, shopping bulk, following maintenance schedules and controlling loss (theft).

Fueloyal might not be able to eliminate the cost of doing business, but we can eliminate you added cost incurred through theft of fuel. Contact us today and let us show you how.

Have you ever been a victim of theft? Had your fuel siphoned out while you were stopped? What is your fuel theft solution? Share your stories with us today.



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