Discover Secret Tips How To Prevent Diesel Fuel Theft

The biggest expense every trucking company operating Class 8 fleet of trucks has is fuel. Up to 35% of all company money goes on fuel and due to nature of the business it is very hard to control what is exactly happening with the fueling process or what is happening when the truck is parked on a parking lot.

On average those big trucks will spend up to $2.000 a week on fuel and let’s face it is very hard to notice if someone is stealing $100 worth of fuel per week. Well that is $5.000 worth of fuel stolen per year and I’m sure you will agree with me that is a lot of money to lose just per one single truck.

There is a few very important obstacles that make fuel a resource that is very hard to control. Saying that most of the money goes on fuel makes it very valuable resource to control and companies could face great loss of money if the some misuse is happening.

So why is it so hard to control the fuel expenses?

The simple answer to this question would be that you are not there. You don’t see the trucks, you don’t see the drivers you are never present. Trucks just drive across the country and the only thing you see is the fuel bill.



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