Free And Paid Online Load Boards: 8 Most Important Questions And Answers

So, you are about to go online for your first loads. That’s great, but do you know where exactly to look for? Does it even matter? Should you go for free or paid loads? How to choose the best matches for your business? What to expect from that deals?

Obviously, with so many options out there, you will have tons of question on your mind.

That is also one of the reasons why I organized this article in Q&A form.

The focus is on the most common issues you’ll be dealing with when you decide to use online load boards.

In this text you will find the answers to the most important ones, including pros and cons of online load boards, top recommendations, tips to get it right and much more.

Let’s start.

#1 Are the loads boards the best choice for me?

If you are starting a trucking business then load boards are definitely the way to get things going, but always keep in mind that load boards are not long term solution.

Maybe you are assuming that, with such a free, fast and efficient system, there must be a catch. Unfortunately you are totaly right, and it’s more than just one thing.



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