10 Things to Know Before Buying Custom Truck

10 Secret Things to Know Before Buying Custom Truck

Today I’m going to briefly cover the basic of a custom truck. Before I do, keep in mind the commercial trucking industry covers so many aspects. It isn’t just transportation. Many organizations have need of commercially rated vehicles.


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These range from work trucks to buses to construction vehicles to farm equipment and even military trucks. And there are many variations in between. It all depends on the actual type of work your organization does. Unlike yoga pants, one size doesn’t fit all.

10 Things to Know Before Buying Custom Truck
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Many companies need to have a custom truck for their business needs. Customization of vehicles has been done for as long as cars and trucks have been on the road. Most of these are done by aftermarket shops, businesses that specialize in turning factory production vehicles into something more.

1. What is Meant by a Custom Truck, What Does it Look Like

A custom truck is simply any truck (or other vehicle) that has been modified from the original manufacturer. They can be:

  • Hook lift Truck Bodies and body parts
  • Van Bodies & Box Trucks
  • Dump Truck Bodies
  • Service Truck Bodies
  • Utility Truck Bodies
  • Big Rigs (Semi)

10 Things to Know Before Buying Custom Truck
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People customize them for a couple of reasons such as; to improve performance, to better meet business needs, and to personalize their truck. Sometimes the customization can be simple things like aftermarket rims, grill, stacks, truck mirrors,  fuel tanks, seats; basically anything to improve the look and feel of the vehicle. Other times it is to meet a specific need, like creating specialty boxes found on most commercial utility vehicles.



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