Top 10 Essential Truck Supply Elements For One Truck Driver

Have you wondered what truck supply elements you need on the road? Do you ever wonder, should I take this truck supply or the other one? Sometimes the dilemma struggle is real. It happens to every human involved in the trucking business. With the help of the future trends in the trucking industry, the trucking […]

10 Secrets to Know Before Buying a GPS With Back Up Camera

What is the big deal with a GPS with back up camera? Further, why is GPS with back up camera the hot technology piece lately? It is definitely something to give a thought about. Let’s find out. We have spotted GPS truck devices and we know their features and why are they important. However, a […]

Ultimate List Of 25 Things You Need To Know About Telematics

Have you ever heard of the term telematics? What is telematics? To begin with, it is a term that you are going to hear more often in the future. Let me take a wild guess. You probably assume that it has something to do with technology. We all do. And it most certainly does. But […]

Discover If Truck Driving Is The Right Job For You

There are people who are afraid of trying truck driving. The questions go from ‘Is truck driving right for me?‘, to ‘Is truck driving safe’ etc. Regarding this matter, I am giving you an opportunity to learn more about driving a truck in order to make it easier for future truckers. You can learn more […]

10 Secret Things to Know Before Buying Custom Truck

Today I’m going to briefly cover the basic of a custom truck. Before I do, keep in mind the commercial trucking industry covers so many aspects. It isn’t just transportation. Many organizations have need of commercially rated vehicles. These range from work trucks to buses to construction vehicles to farm equipment and even military trucks. […]

Innovative Self Driving Trucks : Tehnology and Consequences

Innovations usually mean replacing human work in some way. That’s generally a good thing, especially when it makes hard working day easier. It’s always been like that. Some of the hardest work used to done by humans are, thankfully, replaced by machines. But what if the new solutions result in marking too many workers as […]