Ultimate List Of 25 Things You Need To Know About Telematics


Have you ever heard of the term telematics? What is telematics? To begin with, it is a term that you are going to hear more often in the future.

Let me take a wild guess.

You probably assume that it has something to do with technology.

We all do. And it most certainly does.

But the question is: What does telematics do?

Further, how it contributes to the world of technology and the trucking industry as well?

Continually, does it have anything to do with the regulations of The Department of Labor (DOL) or Department of Transportation (DOT)?

Although people think that it does not, on the contrary, it does.

According to the regulations of the above-mentioned regulations as well as the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), the businesses are allowed to track vehicles.

1. What is Telematics?

Telematics is a branch of the information technology that provides long-distance transmission of computerized information.

To emphasize, it is an integrative field which encompasses the telecommunications, vehicle technologies, road transportation, road safety etc.

Furthermore, the telematics is the process of the following:

Source: www.pinterest.com
Source: www.pinterest.com
  • Sending, receiving as well as storing information with the help of telecommunication devices
  • The use of the telecommunications and informatics for a control of the vehicles while on the move
  • Global Navigation Satellite System Technology (GNSS) is integrated with the computers and mobile communications

2. What is Telematics, Similar Word But Different Technology

As shown above, telematics refers to the informatics ability to transfer communications. Furthermore, as shown above, the term is a noticeable combination of information and telecommunication.

To be more specific, it is associated with vehicle tracking, including cars, trucks, or buses. Moreover, it refers to the technology used in order to manage the world of trucks and other vehicles on the roads.

Source: www.telematics.com
Source: www.telematics.com

The term itself involves the following:

  • GPS Tracking
  • Hardware and Software
  • Costs Low
  • Safety Improvement

GPS Tracking

The technology can benefit fleet management and incorporate with the best truck GPS tracking.

The global system is comprising a network of the space satellites that actually communicate with a receiver which is ground amazing.

Astonishing, isn’t it?

The GPS determines the user’s location based on the measurement of the distance between and the ground and various satellites.

Source: www.fleetmatics.com
Source: www.fleetmatics.com

Hardware and Software

The telematics system includes tablet and computer sized devices. These devices can be carried or placed in the truck cabin of a truck.

Continually, the software is facilitating quick data exchange and then transforming the streams of telemetry into a piece of usable information.

The dispatchers and the managers are then analyzing the results and make decisions in order to manage the truck’s activity.

Costs Low

As you may already know, the fuel is an extreme expense. For this reason, telematics provides an opportunity to the trucking companies in the US to manage the expenses precisely.

Source: www.webtechwireless.com
Source: www.webtechwireless.com

Correspondingly, with the fuel consumption reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses and company’s carbon footprint reduces as well.

Furthermore, Telematics could also be a reason to become a member or get recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Safety Improvement

In addition, telematics improves the driver’s safety. In this way, it provides quick location search in case of an emergency.

Moreover, it is also helpful for alerting unsafe practice. Thus, the drive intervenes and succeeds in the process of safe driving.

It is a proof that no matter if you drive dry van truck, semi-trailer truck or flatbed truck, this wireless system is a road savior.

3. Who Invented Telematics?

Telematics is a term which not only has a strong meaning but it has a strong contribution in the world of technology.

Source: www.lopinion.fr
Source: www.lopinion.fr

Once the telematics was invented, the technology itself changed. Thus, it changed the future of the trucking business as well.

Since day one, this invention continues to impact the progress of the industries, also including the trucking industry.

4. History of Telematics

The origin of the term telematics comes from the French ‘telematique’. The term was first introduced in the period of the 1970’s by Simon Nora and Alan Minc.

Accordingly, the first introduction of the word appeared in a report made to the French Government on the subject of computerization of society.

As the years flew by, who knew that the wireless system would play a huge role in the trucking business.

Source: www.bibliobs.nouvelobs.co
Source: www.bibliobs.nouvelobs.co

This technology is not only beneficial for the local CDL driving but most of all for the OTR trucking.

To make it clear, telematics is known as any technology which has integrated the use of the telecommunication, information and communication technology.

Due to its function which is transferring information through the telecommunications, the term has got its written and definition form.

Source: www.umbvirtual.edu.co
Source: www.umbvirtual.edu.co

To put it in a different way, the word is a combination of the words telecommunication and Informatique – telematic.

What is important to remember is that the original meaning of the term is used in the fields of the academic theories.

On the other hand, in the commerce means vehicle telematics. Accordingly, this improves the efficiency of a particular vehicle.

5. What is Telematics Technology?

The term actually refers to the vehicle telematics where information about a location or speed is sent. Additionally, this information is sent from vehicles to remote computers.

Continually, it involves processing of the driving data and it is the latest technology implanted in the truck driving industry.

Source: www.confused.com
Source: www.confused.com

To put it in another way, it is used to implement insurance and increase the respect of safe driving regulations.

Furthermore, if you own a telematic scorer, it sends information to the insurance provider and they are determining the driving score.

In addition to this, the telematics comes in few device types:

  • A Small Black Box
  • Mobile applications
Source: www.confused.com
Source: www.confused.com



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