Top 10 Trucking Companies In Arkansas


The very beginnings of the trucking industry in the State of Arkansas were noticed in 1919.

Back then Harvey Jones was the very first person to buy a Federal brand truck, later on, that truck served: Springdale, Fayetteville, as well as Rogers.

Mainly, the trucking industry from way back in Arkansas was mainly engaged in serving the agricultural industry. Most frequently transported goods were: cotton, gravel, sand, lumber, and so on.

A point often overlooked is that the Shippers and Carriers Association of Arkansas was in fact established few years after the development of the trucking industry in this state. Later on, the name of this organization became Arkansas Trucking Association- ATA.


Since the trucking industry was developing and increasing fast, the trucking companies in Arkansas were in need of professionally trained truckers.

For that reason, the Arkansas State University- Newport and the Mid-South Community College in West Memphis launched a pilot initiative for driver training; which was really imperative.

Nowadays, there are many trucking companies in Arkansas that are providing noteworthy load transportation solutions.

Furthermore, in this article, I have provided you useful information about the 10 trucking companies in Arkansas (that I consider are offering the best services to their customers).

Let’s take a look!

1. Rich Logistics

Been looking for a trucking company that provides premium logistics services?

If so, I would like to present you Rich Logistics, which in fact is one of the leading trucking companies in Arkansas.

The first thing to remember is that this trucking company is providing trucking services that include: expedited freight, less-than-truckload, as well as a truckload.

Moreover, as one of the top 10 trucking companies in Arkansas, Rich Logistics is offering industry leading on-time service, and cost-savings for their customers.


Thereupon, Rich Logistics has a fleet that consists of 600 power units. Also, all trucks that this trucking company possesses are equipped with satellite tracking as well as with ETA’s.

In general, their fleet includes:

The main reason why I want to recommend you this trucking company is not just because it is ranked as one of the leading trucking companies in Arkansas, but because of the fact that their truck drivers are averaged over 99% with on-time deliveries.

Their truck drivers achieved this success thanks to the good training that they have gone through. I must not forget to mention that they are using special tactics to stay awake while on the road.


What makes the services that Rich Logistics is offering even more captivating, are actually the trucks freight rates. This trucking company is offering competitive truck freight rates (class freight codes).

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If you decide to choose to become a client of this trucking company you will get increasing your profit potential on every truckload.

2. TLI Transco Lines

TLI Lines being led by the best line-technology trained staff (which shows 100% loyalty) has managed to become one of the top 10 trucking companies in Arkansas.

In the foreground, TLI is providing transportation management in:


This trucking company was incorporated in 1984, in Russellville; TLI’s headquarter still stays in Russellville. The good location and position of its facilities allow TLI’s truck drivers to have easy access. The easy access is enabling the truck drivers to enjoy all complete amenities that they are in need of.

It is important to realize that all truck drivers that are part of TLI’s team have obtained Class A CDL driver’s license, as well as the needed endorsements.

To put it another way, the reason why TLI is ranked as one of the top 10 trucking companies in Arkansas, can be seen via the awards that this company is constantly winning for the services that are offering to their clients.


Transco Lines has a fleet that consists of 350 power units and 700 dry van trailers. The leaders of this trucking company can proudly say that they are providing ultra-modern assets for their truck drivers.


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Not only that, this company as one of the best trucking companies in Arkansas can be proud of the superior services that they are offering to their customers.

3. CalArk

CalArk was incorporated in 1975; since its incorporation, this trucking company is led by integrity, honesty as well as by a never-ending commitment to their customers. Nowadays, this trucking company is experiencing continual growth, straight proportionally to that it became one of the best trucking companies in Arkansas.

As one of the leading trucking companies in Arkansas, CalArk is offering the following services:

  • Full Truckload;
  • Door-to-door services;

Also, it is important to mention that CalArk is, in fact, serving forty-eight states (plus Mexico).


The leaders, as well as the truck drivers that are part of this trucking company,  are always focused on their clients’ satisfaction. What they have managed to do is go above and beyond every client’s needs.

So, if you are in need of a trucking company that knows how to get their job done- that is to say to transport your loads in a safe and time-efficient way, then you shall give a chance to CalArk. By choosing this trucking company, you will get reliable service and good freight rates.


In addition, CalArk is also able to provide to their client’s warehousing services. Their warehousing services include many distinct benefits and competitive advantages to their clients; Central Arkansas Warehousing and Distribution Facility.

In the light of being one of the top 10 trucking companies in Arkansas, CalArk is showing consistent performance, is utilizing the latest technology in the trucking industry, as well as is recruiting only the best people.

4. Comstar Enterprises Inc.

Comstar Enterprises was incorporated in 1995, back then this trucking company became part of the trucking industry with only 15 trucks and a handful of customers.



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