Top 10 Trucking Companies In Arkansas


The very beginnings of the trucking industry in the State of Arkansas were noticed in 1919.

Back then Harvey Jones was the very first person to buy a Federal brand truck, later on, that truck served: Springdale, Fayetteville, as well as Rogers.

Mainly, the trucking industry from way back in Arkansas was mainly engaged in serving the agricultural industry. Most frequently transported goods were: cotton, gravel, sand, lumber, and so on.

A point often overlooked is that the Shippers and Carriers Association of Arkansas was in fact established few years after the development of the trucking industry in this state. Later on, the name of this organization became Arkansas Trucking Association- ATA.


Since the trucking industry was developing and increasing fast, the trucking companies in Arkansas were in need of professionally trained truckers.

For that reason, the Arkansas State University- Newport and the Mid-South Community College in West Memphis launched a pilot initiative for driver training; which was really imperative.



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