Top 50 Fleet Management Software Companies in US


Fleet management software is one of the most important technological innovations that have emerged in the trucking industry.

Hence, a fleet management software is a computer software helping trucking companies to fulfill successfully their duties, starting from loading- point A to delivery- point B.

Thereupon, the fleet management software has been programmed to store, gather, and process as well as monitor the overall fleet’s activity.

Further, in this article, you will have the chance to read and learn more about the top 50 fleet management software companies in the US.

Let’s take a look!

1. Fueloyal

Fueloyal is one of the leading fleet management software companies in the US. It is a company built on trust, ingenuity, and idea of making the transportation industry better and more efficient.

It is a fleet management software company that prides on their ability to think outside the box. Simply said they take an idea and turn it into a tangible product or solution. Such as is the case of their first innovation – the Smart Fuel Cap.



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