The Right Approach to Combat the Trucker Shortage Issue

There are numerous approaches that trucking companies can take in order to combat trucker shortage issues. But, the first and foremost important is making truck driving be performed in a positive environment in which truckers are feeling valued. Trucking companies can find their right approach to combat the trucker shortage issues in many different ways. […]

100 Interesting Facts About ELD Mandate

When it comes to the ELD mandate, I am sure you will all agree with me that there are a lot opposing, reverse and contradictory opinions out there. Having said this, people have all kinds of opinions regarding the mandate! Continually, for some, it’s just another rule and regulation on the list with “obeying stuff”, […]

Top 50 Fleet Management Software Companies in US

Fleet management software is one of the most important technological innovations that have emerged in the trucking industry. Hence, a fleet management software is a computer software helping trucking companies to fulfill successfully their duties, starting from loading- point A to delivery- point B. Thereupon, the fleet management software has been programmed to store, gather, […]

ELD Mandate: Exclusive Release Date Finally Discovered

During the last few weeks since we published our All About ELD Mandate blog post we received a lot of inquiries about the exact date when will ELD Mandate take effect. And finally the date is set by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for the 16th December 2017. This way they are ensuring that all […]

Introducing Electronic Logbook: ELD Mandate Disaster

Say goodbye to using the paper logbooks for tracking Hours of Service (HOS). Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is publishing final rule of ELD mandate, most likely on November 30th. After all delays, it’s really happening this time. It’s a major change in transport regulation and you need to get yourself ready for it. […]