100 Interesting Facts About ELD Mandate

When it comes to the ELD mandate, I am sure you will all agree with me that there are a lot opposing, reverse and contradictory opinions out there. Having said this, people have all kinds of opinions regarding the mandate!

Continually, for some, it’s just another rule and regulation on the list with “obeying stuff”, while others find it as a demanding and disturbing thing that will interfere with their usual daily routine.

Furthermore, most people, including me, do not like changes. This is due to the drastic changes made in the previous years.

Moreover, I am not saying that there are no benefits in changing and updating your resources and ways of doing things, but I personally do not like and have a hard time with changes, even if they are for the better!

To continue with, I am sure many people are like me, and can’t see clearly the bigger picture and the good that comes with deploying new technology and upgrades such as the ELD.

For instance, there is an old veteran driver and a rookie driver comparison. To emphasize, the first will most likely have difficulties adjusting to the new Electronic Logging Device Mandate.



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