Truck Drivers Share Real Terrifying Road Stories and Testimonials

Have you ever heard truck drivers’ road stories?

We all have heard one.

But have you heard the most spooky road stories by truckers?

Imagine being an over the road truck driver which is experiencing the highway challenges alone.

Now imagine driving on an endless highway alone, at night.

It is a bit scary, right?

Sometimes driving is not safe, especially if you drive at night. In addition to this, there are road stories told by truck drivers and are really terrifying.

Hitting the endless roads alone is not easy and there are the truckers’ spooky stories to prove that.

Living on The Road

Having a life as a truck driver is not easy. On the contrary, it is dangerous and high demanding.

Sometimes it seems to be harder than it actually is.

As you may know, truck drivers need to cope with the following regulations:

  • The Department of Labor (DOL)
  • Department of Transportation (DOT)
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB)

However, sometimes obeying the FMCSA rules or PHMSA regulations is not enough in order to avoid a particular accident or trouble on the road.

This is the main reason why leading a lifestyle as a truck driver is taken at a satisfactory rating by the heroes.

Having said this there are those truck drivers who embrace the truck driving despite all the flaws.

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To put it in a different way, they convert the intolerable into tolerable besides everything.

On the subject of this, this is important mostly in the extreme situations just like the spooky road stories of drivers would tell.

The Top Road Stories of Truck Drivers

There are millions of truck drivers in the United States and one in three of them, always has the best road stories to tell.

To be precise, if you have the chance to sit with at least 5 truck drivers, you will be listening to road experiences for an entire day.

Some are good, some bad and some creepy testimonials.

Having said this, truck driving has its drawbacks but more importantly, it has perks.


There are those that are worthy of your time in order to hear the ending, especially the terrifying ones.

Having said this, it is probably entertaining to listen to these road stories. However, is it the same when you are the one in the middle of the happening?

I assume that it is something that one has to experience.

Here are some of those road stories that will have your attention to the fullest.

The Hanging Man

An anonymous truck driver shares one of his road stories and this one seems to be rather different than the regular trucker’s testimonials.

Over the road (OTR) truck driver was heading back home after 2 weeks spending on the highways and completing his route.

In order to get back home faster, the truck driver decided to take a shortcut through an isolated road area.


Although he had previously heard about the stories happening in the area, he decided to go the road at 3:40 am in the morning.

He was driving the road for about an hour expecting for something paranormal to happen but the road was still untroubled.

The driver calmly continues to drive on the road until he gets to an area with old trees on one side of the road.

As many long-haul truck drivers who keep truck accessories, he was keeping his radio on. As he gets closer to the trees area, a static starts crackling through the speakers.

Hearing this, the driver already starts to feel chilly when suddenly he sees a man hanging from a tree on one side of the road.

Then the driver stepped on the truck brakes and when he looked through the rearview mirror he saw the man still hanging there.

Continually, he got out of the truck to see what is happening but the man wasn’t there.


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Then he got back in the truck and turned the wheels on. When he looked back at the rearview mirror again, he was there again hanging.

He thought it would be better to increase the speed and not look back. After experiencing this, the anonymous driver thinks shortcuts and abandoned roads aren’t that good of an idea.

– Anonymous

The High Desert

A truck driver was finishing his route from Albuquerque to Socorro and he was experiencing long exposure truck lights.

“It was extremely dark,” the driver says.

He was driving for a few miles more he noticed someone standing on one side of the road.

As the driver passes him, he noticed his full figure since the lights fully illuminated him. Continually, the driver states that nothing about the guy seemed natural.


The posture of the guy was weird and he was wearing a gray suit, not to mention about his face.

The driver continues “His face had a mask on or something.  For half a second, the driver closed his eyes and he noticed he was looking at him.

The headlight of the truck was blinding him and he still was looking at me, not the truck. It really was creepy.

Thankfully, he was just standing there he did not make something out of the ordinary. It is definitely one of my spookiest road stories to tell.

– The Driver Who Frightens of the High Desert

The Lost Time

Here is one of the road stories of truck drivers driving a route in Nevada.

The driver says he is perfectly familiar with the routes in Nevada and the highways, even with the sky above.

Regarding this, he says he had never seen such inexplicable things as the ones he saw that night.

He continues: “lights were changing directions fast and were taking off at a blinding speed but they were mute.

The driver has seen lights previously in a particular area of Nevada but he had never seen something like this.



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