10 Over The Road Challenges For New Truck Drivers


According to social media, road challenges are considered as adventurous and fun, however, is it equally fun for the inexperienced, new truck drivers? Hence, every road challenge is different and there are several factors included, that actually explain it.


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1. Long Time Away from Home

Being away from home is difficult, even for young generations, although they want to get away from home. Just think how the older generations would feel, once they separate from their families? In some way, is dissimilar from the times when you are young.

Now imagine how new truck drivers feel? It is very unalike from their previous life, in fact, it is a whole new cycle of lifestyle. Comparatively to other jobs, truck drivers have to spend a long time away from home. This routine is due to their tough schedule.

If the trucking job’s rules and your desire to stay close to your family are equally important, a compromise can be made. Regardless, of the routine and the trucking hours, look for the route that is near your home. For example, try local driving job which actually allows you to live home. Additionally, your job will be to drive the route and go to sleep back at home.

Source: paymentfactoring.com
Source: paymentfactoring.com

On the other hand, look on the positive side of this. How to do that? Well, you can look for those kinds of companies, that have less strict driving and schedule hours. Thus, you can avoid all of the loneliness, the stress, the sitting in the truck, the back pain and you get to be more with your family.

As a result, search trucking companies that let you decide when you want to take the driving route.The first thing to remember is that there are truck companies that call you before any driving route comes along. They ask you whether you can do the route or not. If you do, you are on the road for the next three months, if not, you stay home. Thus you are not obliged and you can organize your time yourself.

2. Sitting All Day and Driving

Sitting all day causes many damages to your body. Formerly, it is hard for those who work in the office, taxi drivers, not to mention truck drivers. It may not be a problem for the new truck drivers, but after a while becomes bad.

In addition, you need to sit for 1-2 hours total and then make a pause from driving because the back needs movement. Therefore, whenever you see a gas station or a truck stop, use it as a pause to stretch legs or for walking. Even if you do a simple stretching, you can get the blood streaming down your body.

Source: www.joc.com
Source: www.joc.com

In effect, there are driver cushions that eliminate the back pain. These are good if you drive at a never-ending highway and you are unable to make a pause. The benefit of a seat cushion is that it is made ergonomically. This means that not only it eases the back pain, but gets the circulation flow to your legs.

Having a seat cushion while you drive is important. It is mostly beneficial for the long-distance terminals and not having a place to stop or take a rest.

3. New Truck Driver’s Schedule

Although people say everything is a habit, sometimes is hard for the truck drivers to make a habit out of the “never ending” driving hours. Sometimes people say that working as a truck driver is a choice, just like any other job. According to me, for some people is a necessity.

For instance, some new truck drivers need money because they have a family to watch over or bills to pay, just like everyone else. But sometimes, things must be done, although some may look at it as a sacrifice.

The schedule may be one of the biggest road challenges for new truck drivers. It is tough, and is extremely hard, especially at the beginning of the service which is the first three months. They need some time in order to cope with their work schedule, just like any other human has to do it with their new job.

Source: www.downtoearth.org.in
Source: www.downtoearth.org.in

The schedule is essential for the new hires because they need to prove to the trucking company they work for, that they are a reliable and suitable hire. They have to respect all of the rules that the company has. They have to respect several rules of the contract they sign:

  • The working hours
  • The services
  • The time for delivery
  • The time for “Hometime”

On the other hand, this may be an adventurous lifestyle for the new truck drivers. It can be a huge step to start living on their own and start paying their own bills. This is due to the reason that, every first job, no matter the hour schedule, brings you joy once you take the first salary.

Of course, the flaws that this job has can be numbered, but you have to always look on the bright side of life. And after all, which job’s schedule is perfect?

4. Coping With The Hours Of Service Regulations

Each trucking company is different in contracts and rules, and the hours of service as well. Sometimes, there are situations of truck drivers where they have freedom and diversity. On the other hand, there are times when they must obey the hours of service regulations.


Hey! I'm George J.Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 12 secret steps how to make $950 more truck/month.

Free ebook

Henceforth, obeying the HOS refers to those new truck drivers which deal with driving commercial motor vehicle (CMV).  According to FMCSA, this type of vehicle includes several directions:

  • Weighs 10.001 (or more) pounds together with the load
  • Transport hazardous materials

All of this information may be tough for the new truck drivers to cope with, but everything takes time, right? Same as the schedule, the HOS has its road challenge weight. Sometimes, with their tough schedule, the drivers have to deal with a few rules:



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