Semi Truck Mud Flaps – 10 Things You MUST Know


Semi truck mud flaps, or semi truck mud guards are flaps that are providing ultimate protection to the truck, as well as to the other vehicles that are on the road.

Thereupon, the mud flaps come in all sizes, designs and shapes, some drivers prefer them ribbed, some prefer them smooth and decorative. Nowadays, on the market we can see and find numerous patents for different kind of mud flaps and brackets.

If we take a glimpse into semi truck mud flaps’ history, we can see that the first man that invented, but unfortunately did not patent his invention, is Oscar Glenn March.  He was an inventor who had received around 87 awards for his innovations and achievements.

The main reason, or better said  inspiration for his innovation was the aim to protect the delicate cargo. Back then, the wheels of the big rigs contributed in a great measure for cargo damaging, which was done by kicking rocks, mud, water as well as debris.

Hence, I have dedicated this article to the 10 most important things that everyone in the trucking industry should know about semi truck mud flaps.

Let’s take a look!

1. Semi Truck Mud Flaps Purpose

Semi truck mud flaps can also be found under the name of mud guards. These truck mud flaps, or mud guards have a unique purpose, which is providing ultimate protection to the vehicle from any flying debris.

Not only that mud flaps are providing protection to the truck, but also they are providing protection to the other vehicles that are engaged on the roads, altogether with the passengers, as well as other road users.

Thereupon, mud flaps can also provide protection to the semi truck from salt and other corrosives; thanks to the flaps these corrosives will stay off the truck and trailer.


Later-on, if we take a closer look at the protection that the mud flaps are providing, only then we could understand the purpose of the laws and regulations that most states in USA have. As I said, every state has its own set of rules and regulations in regards of mud flaps’ usage that every truck driver must comply with.

Unfortunately, there are truck drivers that are not respecting these rules and regulations, and straight proportionally to that they get tickets for not having one; that is the moment when truck drivers get to ask themselves the question- Where the mud flaps rules are?

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In my opinion, truck drivers that are not using truck mud flaps are not doing that because they want to disobey the rules and regulations that the State in which they are driving has issued, but they are doing that because they are not used to implementing this hardware truck accessory- which in fact is more of a need than it is accessory.

2. Tractor Mud Flaps And Trailer Mud Flaps

In general tractor mud flaps, and trailer mud flaps not only that they have the same purpose, but in fact their design and size is quite the same too. We are all aware of the fact that mud flaps can act like all-star goalie that can save the truck and the need of keeping the paint pristine.


Tractor and trailer mud flaps provide protection of the dings, dents, as well as chips that can damage the paint of both the tractor and the trailer, and by that mud guards are saving truck drivers’ time and energy.

However, the installation process of both tractor mud flaps and the trailer mud flaps is done in the identical same way.

3. What Are Mud Flap Brackets And Types

Mud flap brackets, or better said mud flap hangers, play a crucial role in the installation and security process of the mud flaps. The manufacturers of mud flap brackets are mostly producing them from spring steel.


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Thereupon, the mud flap brackets have a unique advantage- they can accommodate semi truck mud flaps of all sizes. The kit that comes altogether with the mud flap brackets includes:

  • Mud flap hangers;
  • Adjustable Flap Clips;
  • Mounting brackets;
  • Cotter pins;
  • Mounting hardware, and
  • Brackets of course;

It is really important to note that mud flap brackets must undergo through several tests, such as is the test of OEM specs, by implementing the SAE test methods.


There are few types of mud flap brackets:

  • Straight Square Bar Triple Coil;
  • Straight Square Bar;
  • Angled Triple Coil Square Bar;
  • Angled Square Bar;
  • Offset Square Bar;

4. Customized Semi Truck Mud Flaps

Pretty nearly most of the trucks are equipped with conventional mud flaps, but still there are truck drivers that rather prefer customized semi truck mud flaps.

Some truck driver prefer customized semi truck mud flaps because by that they can advertise their trucking company, whereas others want their semi truck mud flaps only to match the color of the truck.


Nevertheless, customized semi truck mud flaps also come in polyethylene or better said rubber material as well as aluminum. In general the companies that are manufacturing the customized mud flaps give to their customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for 2 years; that goes for the imprinted versions.

5. What Are The Top Semi Truck Mud Flaps Manufacturers


Well, you might already know that one of the top semi truck mud flaps manufacturers are in fact the leading truck manufacturers; or more precisely one of the leading top semi truck mud flaps manufacturers are:


Freightliner is one of the leading truck manufacturers; in fact the best nationwide trucking companies have fleets that are composed of their trucks. This truck manufacturing company is part of the trucking industry for more than 75 years, and is constantly showing quality innovations.


Thereupon, this trucking company not only that is manufacturing one of the best trucks, but also it is manufacturing best quality semi-truck mud flaps.

Mack Trucks

Mack Trucks is the largest manufacturer of heavy-duty Class 8 trucks. This company is also manufacturing engines, transmissions, as well as semi-truck mud flaps.



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