Semi Truck Mud Flaps – 10 Things You MUST Know


Semi truck mud flaps, or semi truck mud guards are flaps that are providing ultimate protection to the truck, as well as to the other vehicles that are on the road.

Thereupon, the mud flaps come in all sizes, designs and shapes, some drivers prefer them ribbed, some prefer them smooth and decorative. Nowadays, on the market we can see and find numerous patents for different kind of mud flaps and brackets.

If we take a glimpse into semi truck mud flaps’ history, we can see that the first man that invented, but unfortunately did not patent his invention, is Oscar Glenn March.  He was an inventor who had received around 87 awards for his innovations and achievements.

The main reason, or better said  inspiration for his innovation was the aim to protect the delicate cargo. Back then, the wheels of the big rigs contributed in a great measure for cargo damaging, which was done by kicking rocks, mud, water as well as debris.

Hence, I have dedicated this article to the 10 most important things that everyone in the trucking industry should know about semi truck mud flaps.



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