Semi Truck Mud Flaps – 10 Things You MUST Know


Moreover, Mack’s Trucks and mud flaps are sold in more than 45 countries worldwide, and most of their Class 8 trucks come altogether with installed mud flaps. Mack’s original mud flaps can be found in their official dealerships.


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Kenworth have entered in the truck manufacturing industry in 1923. This company thanks to their good reputation for craftsmanship, their engineering excellence, as well as thanks to the durability of their trucks have managed to be ranked as one of the top Class 8 truck manufacturers in the world.


Speaking of their quality and durability, I must mention that Kenworth is manufacturing one of the most durable mud flaps. In general, their mud flaps come altogether with the trucks, but these flaps can be also bought from their official dealerships.


CAT is a company that is constantly developing new advanced technologies in order to meet the demands in the trucking industry, but also to help the productivity and efficiency of the people that are using their trucks and parts.


Since we are speaking of semi-truck mud flaps, I must not forget to tell you that this company is also manufacturing this kind of flaps that come altogether with their trucks.


Scania is without a doubt one of the rare truck manufacturers that has managed to manufacture one of the widest ranges of sustainable transport solutions. Moreover, this company is present in over 100 countries worldwide.

6. Usage And Specification Of Semi Truck Rubber and Sheet Metal Mud Flaps

Henceforth, on the market, we can find two basic material styles of mud flaps, the rubber mud flaps, and the sheet metal mud flaps. If we take a look for an instance at both mud flaps styles we can see that there is not a big difference between them. Both mud guard materials are durable and bring longevity to trucks’ wheels.

Moreover, the rubber-composite mud flaps are durable enough to last through any weather and road condition. Yet the rubber compound of the mud flaps is resistant to rupture under tension. Likewise, the rubber composite mud flaps are flexible and by that they bring the needed rigidity in regards of the debris. These mud flaps are able to:

  • Reject rocks;
  • Reject mud, as well as
  • Moisture;

On the other hand the sheet metal mud flaps come in two types, manufactured with stainless steel and aluminum. These types of mud flaps do provide the needed protection but still, they are mostly used for decoration use.

7. State Requirements for Semi Truck Mud Flaps

So, without further ado, I would like to present and bring closer to you the state rules and regulations for mud flaps.

Although there are no federal rules for the usage of mud flaps, many states in the USA have decided to issue and maintain their own rules. Still, there are few states that do not have any mud flaps regulations.


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Yet, I will dedicate this sub-heading to the states that do have rules and regulations for mud flaps usage, thereupon these rules and regulations are being issued by state’s Department of Transportation. It is good for you to know that these rules and regulations are being issued periodically and must undergo through revisions, as well as through other details.


Furthermore, you can see the details about the mud flap rules and regulations that each state has issued:

  • Alabama– Semi truck mud flaps should cover the rear wheels, and by that these covers shall provide protection from gravel, as well as from other materials;
  • Alaska– In Alaska the rules and regulations are strict, so if you are driving in this state then you should know that trucks that do not have fenders, mud flaps, as well as any other snit-spray devices are not allowed to drive on their highways;
  • ArizonaArizona’s Department of Transportation has set strict rules about the usage of mud flaps, but not only that, in this state there are also specific rules and regulations that each truck driver should respect when it comes to the installation of these protection providers.
  • Arkansas– In Arkansas every truck must have attached mud flaps, that is to say any kind of flexible material. The mud flaps shall be installed directly on the rear or rearmost wheels;
  • California– In California each vehicle must have fenders, covers, flaps as well as splash aprons with the purpose to minimize the spray or splash of the water or mud;
  • Connecticut– If you are transporting loads in Connecticut then you should have in mind that your truck shall be equipped with suitable metal protectors or substantial flexible flaps behind the rearmost wheels.
  • Delaware– In Delaware it is prohibited that semi truck vehicles operate without suitable metal protectors or substantial flexible flaps behind the rearmost wheels of the vehicle;
  • FloridaFlorida’s Department of Transportation has also set rules about the usage of mud flaps. Each semi truck shall have flexible flaps on the rearmost wheels, all that with the purpose to prevent or to minimize the splash or the spray of water or mud.
  • Georgia– In Georgia each vehicle no matter if it is a bus, truck, trailer, or semi-trailer, shall have suitable metal protectors or substantial flexible flaps. Yet there is exception only for the local haul pulpwood trucks as well as for the local haul waste collection dumping trailers;
  • Hawaii– The same rules and regulations that I have listed for the previous states go for Hawaii too; each truck shall have protective devices;
  • Illinois– Illinois is yet one more state whose Department of Transportation has issued strict rules and regulations for mud flaps as well as for the other additional protection gear;



Likewise, in addition you can see the rest of the states that have set flat mud rules and regulations:

Idaho Montana Pennsylvania
Louisiana Nebraska Rhode Island
Maryland Nevada Tennessee
Massachusetts New Hampshire Texas
Michigan New Jersey Vermont
Minnesota Ohio Virginia
Mississippi Oklahoma Washington
Missouri Oregon Wisconsin

8. Where To Buy New Semi Truck Mud Flaps

There are a lot of locations where you can find and buy new semi truck mud flaps, but you must remember that not all locations can provide you with the best quality and durable flaps.



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