INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Most Popular Truck Driver Cat Breeds

The lifestyle that truck drivers are leading implies driving long miles on the open road, and to be sincere with you, it can get lonely from time to time. But, truckers have found out a simple solution. These days we can encounter many truck drivers who choose to bring their cat with them on the […]

10 Tips To Find Perfect Truck Driver Boots

A wide range of truck drivers does not fully pay an attention to the truck driver boots. Additionally, truck drivers have different truck driving jobs including different regions. Correspondingly, people are not buying expensive shoes just because they want to wear a brand. More importantly, they are having them for the feet safety. Generally speaking, lots of […]

Semi Truck Mud Flaps – 10 Things You MUST Know

Semi truck mud flaps, or semi truck mud guards are flaps that are providing ultimate protection to the truck, as well as to the other vehicles that are on the road. Thereupon, the mud flaps come in all sizes, designs and shapes, some drivers prefer them ribbed, some prefer them smooth and decorative. Nowadays, on […]