Semi Truck Mud Flaps – 10 Things You MUST Know

Semi truck mud flaps, or semi truck mud guards are flaps that are providing ultimate protection to the truck, as well as to the other vehicles that are on the road. Thereupon, the mud flaps come in all sizes, designs and shapes, some drivers prefer them ribbed, some prefer them smooth and decorative. Nowadays, on […]

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Truck Stop Prostitution – Gigantic Myth or Reality?

Truck Stop Prostitution - Gigantic Myth or Reality?

In my previous articles I tried to include every factor that was connected with the trucking business and the truck driver life but now I want to take another perspective of the trucking world and that is the truck stop prostitution. Living in a shell far away from the dark side of the world we […]

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How To Do A Perfect Truck And Trailer Wash

How To Make A Perfect Truck And Trailer Wash

Truck wash or trailer wash will help u get on the road looking good. At the same time truck and trailer wash when done properly and regularly, can lead you to less truck maintenance costs. Did you know that in fact truck wash or trailer wash can help u keep your truck in good condition? […]

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Learn 10 Exclusive Tips To Attend Truck Auction


Source: Truck auctions are the places where we can buy new and used trucks that can meet our needs. Truck auctions are held all over the world , but mostly in USA. As trucking business is constantly developing and becomes more stable and profitable ,straight proportionally we can see more and more auction houses […]

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20 Things To Check Before Buying Used Semi Truck

Red truck moving on a highway

Buying a Semi Truck is never easy especially when you want to buy used semi truck. When you are buying a new semi truck it is easier because you don’t have doubts’ about the functionality of the truck and the equipment. However in most of the cases many people are choosing to buy used semi […]

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