How To Do A Perfect Truck And Trailer Wash

Truck wash or trailer wash will help u get on the road looking good. At the same time truck and trailer wash when done properly and regularly, can lead you to less truck maintenance costs.

Did you know that in fact truck wash or trailer wash can help u keep your truck in good condition? Yes , truck and trailer wash can add life to your truck.

And now you must be wondering how is that possible? That is a real fact , and it is so because when doing a proper, regular and professional truck and trailer wash , in case if there is corrosion on some part of the truck , the truck washer will get rig of it. Surprisingly there are trucks that can resist engine wash, which is the perfect way of prolonging any defect that might occur to it.

How To Make A Perfect Truck And Trailer Wash

So when possible , while on the road , take a break and take care of the truck – “your home on the road” should always be shiny. Maintain your truck shiny, impress people on the road ,and at the same time impress yourself by seeing that truck wash or trailer wash is mush more than just getting rid of the dirt from the truck.

Why Is Truck Wash So Important

In general as I mentioned before in the introduction of the article , truck wash is of great importance first of all in adding life to it and secondly in meeting the hygienic requirements.

The first important point- What do I mean by adding life to the truck? While in use for a long time, and after miles and miles spend on the road, it is highly possible that corrosion might occur to the truck.

Either to the truck cabin , to the engine, some other parts of the machinery part of the truck , up to the trailer. So from my experience I would like to give you a very important advice – Do a regular truck wash, whenever you have the chance.

Secondly, when it comes to meeting the hygienic requirements , truck wash plays a crucial role. In order for you as a truck driver to stay healthy u must do truck cabin wash at least once a week. You cannot imagine what kind of bacteria can be found in the truck cabin if you leave it longer than a week without a wash.

As well as a truck driver , besides taking care of your own health you must have into consideration the health of your customers and the people that are going to receive the goods that are being transported.

By doing this, you will build a good reputation transportation company in the trucking industy, that is for sure.

Don’t Forget To Do A Trailer Wash

Furthermore, as you care for your own well being the same way you should care about the well being of your customers and the people that are going to receive and consume the goods that you are transporting. This is especially important if you are in the business of food transportation.

How To Make A Perfect Truck And Trailer Wash

We are all aware how strict are the rules and regulations for food transportation. And there is a very good reason behind those strict rules and regulations.

Do you ever wonder what would happen if you don’t do a trailer wash regularly? I will tell you- if you don’t clean the trailer after each transportation, the worst thing possible can happen, more and more bacteria will stick in the trailer.

More bacteria can cause only one thing , which is contamination. And I bet that you don’t want your company to be known for that.

Simple as that, do a regular trailer wash and everyone is going to be happy and satisfied. You as a truck driver will be safe and sound, the owner of the company will be proud because his trucks are in the best possible condition- non- contaminated , and the customers will remain healthy and will become your regular clients.

Please keep in mind that trailer wash shouldn’t be done fast. Trailer washing should be performed with a lot of care and attention. The best choice is to let this part to the professional trailer washers. So keep your trailer clean and drive with pride and confidence.

Difference Between Trailer Wash And Trailer Washout

Wondering if there is a difference between trailer wash and trailer washout? Which one is the best choice for you? The correct answer is yes, there is a difference between trailer wash and trailer washout. Dependently from the goods that you are transporting in the trailer can determine in a great measure which one is the best choice for you.

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If you are wondering which are the different steps of trailer wash and trailer washout , I will explain it to you further in the article. Now to begin from the fact that trailer wash is done in order to disinfect the exterior and the interior of the trailer. When doing the trailer washing more attention is paid to the exterior of the trailer.

Whereas trailer wash is mostly for the outside of the trailer , the trailer washout is dedicated to the detail disinfection of the interior of the trailer. The difference of doing a trailer wash and trailer washout is that:

  • When performing trailer wash on the inside , it is done with the regular procedure plus disinfectant that is not that strong, and that just is not enough for achieving the ultimate clean trailer.
  • Similarly the trailer washout is performed like the trailer wash , except that there are few advanced methods of cleaning the trailer and that stronger disinfectants are being used.

Trailer Wash

Trailer wash is done in order to disinfect the exterior and the interior of the trailers. In order for the trailer to be in a good condition it should be washed regularly and in that process should be included rinse of the floor. How often trailer wash should be done depends mostly from the type of goods that it is transporting.

How To Make A Perfect Truck And Trailer Wash

For example- If a truck is transporting food , it is the best to do trailer wash after each transportation. That is so because the rules and regulations for transportation of food and drinks are very strict and rigorous.

Trailer wash is commonly done in 5 steps:

  1. Firstly, the interior should be rinsed. That goes for both decks no matter if one of the decks was not used.
  2. Secondly soap should be applied accordingly to the label instructions, to both the exterior and the interior surfaces;
  3. The washing should be done from the top going down. First the exterior is washed and after that the interior, including the ramps and shovels, as well as the dirty and clean boxes.
  4. It is a “must” to apply disinfectant to all exterior surfaces firstly and after that the same process is done to the interior surfaces.
  5. The disinfectant should stay as long as it is written in the label instructions. After the contact time finishes , both the exterior and the interior surfaces should be washed;

It is good to note that after washing, the trailer should be left to drain off the excess water. There is always option for heat assisted drying.

Trailer Washout

Trailer washout is of a great importance since trailers are barely ventilated. The air flow of the trailer depends from the speed of the vehicle. Trucking companies all across USA are transporting all kind of goods, and they should pay attention for the environmental and health criteria.

How To Make A Perfect Truck And Trailer Wash

In order to do so trucking companies and truck drivers should perform regular truck wash. That includes trailer wash and most importantly trailer washout.

You must do a trailer washout regularly in order to have micro-environmentally clean trailer. By having micro-environmentally clean trailer you will build a good reputation for your transportation company.

The process of trailer washout can be done in 7 steps:

  1. Before starting the washout, the person who is doing it should check and reassure if there is any odor in the trailer;
  2. If there is no odor and contamination in the trailer a mixture of Quat is made. Before starting the procedure the concentration of Quat should be checked;
  3. Both the container walls and floors should be washed away with water from the city water supply;
  4. The next step after washing the container walls and floors , they should be sprayed with Quat solution;
  5. Later , an inspection should be done , in order to see if the trailer is washed perfectly;
  6. The person that is doing the washout should record the process of washout in the container inspection form;
  7. After the inspection if everything is fine and the washout meets the criteria , the driver should be issued an invoice.

Special Types Of Truck Wash

Nowadays you can find all different truck washing companies that are offering special types of truck wash. These special types of truck wash can be:

  • Mobile Truck Wash;
  • Semi-Truck Wash;
  • Brush Truck Wash;
  • Self-service Truck Wash;
  • Live Cattle Truck Wash;
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These truck wash services differ a lot. You can read about the main features of these services further in this article. Read and choose which service is the one that suits you best.

Mobile Truck Wash

When you are considering using a mobile truck wash you should take into consideration two things:

  • Your property ,and
  • Your neighbors;

Since your property is very important to you and the good relations with your neighbors, when choosing mobile truck wash, you should do it carefully. Before choosing a mobile truck wash company you should do a good research about the reputation of that company.

How To Make A Perfect Truck And Trailer Wash

Mobile truck washes are providing the following services:

  • Truck scale cleaning;
  • Ice removal from the footings;
  • Heavy equipment decreasing;
  • Aluminum brightening;

Mobile truck wash is one of the least expensive methods of truck washing. Most of the mobile truck washes are equipped well and are able to wash hundreds of vehicles a day. Mobile truck washes perform the washing on concrete and pavement.

After finishing the process of washing, the mobile washing company collects the water from the surface. Another positive thing about mobile truck wash companies is that they can do the washing thorough the whole day. They can perform the washing in the early morning, during the day, late at night.

Mobile truck wash companies are using biodegradable soaps and brushes that won’t scratch your truck. As well some companies are providing the service of cosmetic cleaning.

Choose a mobile truck wash in order to get your wheels, rims, windows, and mirrors shiny.

If you we’re wondering about the quality of the work that mobile truck washes are offering are good, now you can be sure that it is. These mobile washing companies are offering high quality service and at the same time they are caring for the environment- are environmentally friendly.

Semi Truck Wash

Semi-Truck washes are an effective way to brighten up your truck. This truck wash differs from other truck washes because it is usually automated washing system. Automated truck washing system offers a better and deeper cleaning than other types of washing systems. This system will leave your truck sparkling.

How To Make A Perfect Truck And Trailer Wash

Automated truck washes are using biodegradable chemical application, that washes quickly all the dirt that is on your truck.

Semi-truck washing can be done in a few ways: touch free design, custom design and full maintenance design.

The specialty of touch free design system is that during this process brushes are not used. This is the most un-harmful way of washing your truck. If you are using this type of truck washing you might be able to reduce the maintenance costs.

How To Make A Perfect Truck And Trailer Wash

Custom design is what most truck companies prefer. They prefer this type of truck washing because the truck washing company can adapt to your requirements. With custom design washing you can include parts of truck washing techniques from each washing service that the company is providing to its customers.

Truck maintenance design washing for sure will meet your needs for washing your truck. A really good thing for this kind of truck wash is that it won’t take a lot of time. The employees in the washing companies that are offering these services are trained in a way to pay attention to get the work done in a short period of time but still to make the truck shine bright.

Therefore, mostly truck washing companies have a drive in through truck wash system. In order for your truck to get the maximum from this truck was system is to drive slowly about 1-2 feet per second.

Brush Truck Wash

Brush truck wash is the oldest method of washing the truck, it is considered as an “old school method”. With this method every inch of the truck can be cleaned well.

The good sides of the brush truck wash are that the process of cleaning includes:

  • Presoak;
  • Hand Brushed;
  • Roller Brush System can be included;
  • Spot-free rinsing;

Being the oldest washing technique doesn’t mean that it is the safest. By safest I mean , safe for the paint of the truck. As a precaution I would like to give you a small tip that means a lot- be really but really careful when choosing the truck washing company if you are choosing washing your truck with brush. And after you choose it always ask what kind of brushes they use.

How To Make A Perfect Truck And Trailer Wash

Still if you want to wash the truck by yourself , I will give you few examples of what kind of brushes is the best for you to use:

  1. Truck wash brush with polystrene bristles – These type of brushes are staple set and have a foam block which is usually covered by protective bumper;
  2. 5 level truck wash brush – The aim of this brush is to clean and clear all the angles of the truck. With this brush you will be able to scrub and clean on the places where other brushes cannot reach;
  3. Super Soft Brushes – These brushes are made with flagged bristles, that are always surrounded around the surface of the brush. That will help you a lot in washing your truck perfectly.

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After reading the pros and cons about brush truck wash , it is up to you if you are going to choose this washing process for your truck. However , pay attention on the brushes. Brushes can do the perfect cleaning but as well they can make damage if wrongly chosen.

Self Service Truck Wash

Self-service truck wash is the most economical and environmentally friendly type of wash. At the same time this type of washing uses the least water in comparison to the other types of truck wash.

How To Make A Perfect Truck And Trailer Wash

Self-service truck washes are open 24/7 and are typically coin-operated. Every self-service wash has reliable equipment, so there is no need for you to bring brushes or sprays. Most of the washes have advanced spray-wand and brush technology.

What is specifically about self-service truck wash is that they are charged by the minutes. If you want to wash your truck in a cost- effective way, than I would recommend you the self-service type.

Self-service truck wash is done in 5 stages:

  1. Pre-soak – The first stage of washing the truck is made especially for very dirty trucks. In takes away the road dirt.
  2. Wash – Besides washing the outside of the truck, you should pay attention to the inside. The best time to vacuum the truck cabin is before you start rinsing the soap. Otherwise you can fill the cabin with water.
  3. Foam Brush – First of all you will have to clean the foam brush, because it might contain sand or mud from the previous washes. After doing that you can activate and use the foam brush.
  4. Rinse – You should do this stage carefully but at the same time quickly. Rinse is used for rinsing the soap from the truck.
  5. Wax – The wax is in a form of light coating material. The wax is used for the final stage of the washing process, because it makes the truck shiny.

Live Cattle Trailer Wash

Cattle trucks are the ones that are transporting livestock- animals, for those reason cattle trailers should be maintained clean constantly. Bio-security measurements and sanitizing the transportation equipment is a “must”.

How To Make A Perfect Truck And Trailer Wash

Live Cattle Trailer washing is done by using:

  • Pressure Wands;
  • Soap;
  • Degreaser;
  • Disinfectant;

According to me, while you are searching for a live cattle trailer washing company you should have into consideration, that the company you are going to choose has high standards of bio-security.

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Since live cattle trailers are transporting animals, the people that are doing the washing should have a disease risk management. That is really important, because although the animals that are being transported are vaccinated and healthy, there is always a chance of exceptions.

When choosing the washing company for your cattle trailer, reassure yourself that the employees have undergo vigorous trainings and orientations.

Very important point of finishing the washing process is the disinfection- never forget this final touch.

If you are an owner-operator and you choose to wash your cattle trailer you should perform these steps:

  • The First Step includes using a hose instead of pressure washer;
  • In the Second Step you can use a car wash soap and warm water;
  • Third Step consists of washing the upper walls- In order to wash them you can use tall reach brushes;
  • In The Forth Step after washing the soap you can start the disinfection process;

How To Make A Perfect Truck And Trailer Wash

Never set for anything less than protecting your cattle trailer with the highest standards of bio-security. That way the customer, you, and the company will remain happy, transporting healthy animals in safe trailers.

How To Find A Best Truck Wash Near You

To be sincere with you, finding the best truck wash near you isn’t that easy. And you might be asking yourself how come when there are truck wash companies wherever you look? Yes, that’s right , there are a lot of truck wash companies around you , but not all of them are offering good services.

When choosing the best truck wash near you , you will have to play smart and do a research in order to find which one is the best for your needs. In case if you are in your hometown and you want to wash your truck before hitting the road, than in that case the decision for truck wash company wont be difficult , since you already know which ones are offering the best services.

In case you are on the road , and in a town that is not that familiar to you, you know the easiest step. Turn on your internet and do a google research. On the map the truck wash companies will immediately pop up. Visit their website, see the services, experience, and prices. As well a good thing is to visit a trucker forum , and read about the experience of other truck drivers.

What Are The Best Location For Truck Wash

We are all aware that as the trucking industry is increasing , straight proportionally is increasing the need of truck wash companies. In USA there are a lot of truck companies. Some of these companies are existing on the market more than 10 and 20 years, and are leaving legacy behind them. Also there are a lot of truck wash companies.

How To Make A Perfect Truck And Trailer Wash

So when you have so wide choice of truck wash companies , you must be wondering which is the best location to wash your truck. Furthermore we will provide you with our choice of the best truck washing companies where you can bring your truck and make it shine bright.

Therefore, one of the best truck washing companies in the USA are: Blue Beacon Truck Wash, Eagle Truck Wash, Little Sister’s Truck Wash, and Danny Truck Wash.

Furthermore you can take a look at the information that I have about these truck washing companies. After reading these information and facts you will be able to make a conscious decision and to choose where you are going to wash your truck and trailer. Each of these companies has it’s own specialty and it’s own positive services. The choice is yours.

Blue Beacon Truck Wash

The choice of truck washing companies is wide, and choosing the right truck wash company sometimes can be really hard. This choice can be very hard because some truck washing companies have employees that are not careful and might scratch your truck. That is not the case with Blue Beacon Truck Wash.

How To Make A Perfect Truck And Trailer Wash

Blue Beacon Truck Wash has started working in this industry 40 years ago. Throughout all these years it has build a good reputation. Blue Beacon Truck Wash has more than 100 location across US and Canada, those locations are open 24/7 .

This truck washing company provides the following services:

  • Truck washing;
  • RV washing;
  • Washout;

It is good to know that Blue Beacon Truck Wash does not provide sanitation guarantees as well as guarantees for removal of residue from the loads that the truck was transporting previously.

Blue Beacon Truck Wash have gift certificates for their loyal customers. And another good thing about this company is that they have solutions for your expenses. They are doing that via :

  • BAS-Beacon Authorization Systems;
  • Voucher Authorization;

How To Make A Perfect Truck And Trailer Wash

They do the process of washout with complete rinsing of the inside walls, the floor,and the door. Only in case if the customer wishes the walls of the truck to stay untouched they will do so. Another good feature is that they are providing access to the biggest rigs. Non- Box trailer washout is also available but it is very challenging because of their difficult access.

Eagle Truck Wash

Located in ten locations all over USA , Eagle Truck Wash company is constantly keeping their customers satisfied. This truck wash company is Eco-friendly and is offering more than the simple washing of trucks and washouts of trailers.

How To Make A Perfect Truck And Trailer Wash

Eagle Truck Wash for the process of washing is using cold and hot water rinse . But they do not offer Certified slips and tags.

Besides washing trucks this washing company provides washing services for :

  • Non- Hazardous Tankers;
  • Graders;
  • Specialty Trucks;
  • Snowplows;

How To Make A Perfect Truck And Trailer Wash

Not every washing company offers quality hand washing of the truck , but Eagle Truck Wash is. They will make your truck , trailer and tires shine bright. They can brighten up the aluminum parts of the truck . As a final touch of the washing procedure they are offering shield protectant wax.

Little Sister’s Truck Wash

You have heard about Little Sister’s Truck Wash company , you know that it has a good reputation ,but you don’t know for how long it has been on the market? It is among the oldest truck washing companies in USA and is on the market since 1990.

If you are looking for a truck wash company that is still washing the vehicles on the same old fashion way like in the 90’s, then Little Sister’s is the right location for your truck.

How To Make A Perfect Truck And Trailer Wash

Once you go to Little Sister’s Truck Wash , and when you get reminded of the old fashion way of truck washing , you will never consider going to another truck washing company. Their old style truck washing allows detail wash of every part of the truck , and they make it shiny like it was the first day when you bought it.

This truck washing company is providing additional services to washing trucks:

  • Steam Cleaning;
  • Decreasing and CAT scales;
  • Polishing Wheels and Tires;
  • Hand Washing- with soft brushes in order not to scratch your truck;

How To Make A Perfect Truck And Trailer Wash

Little Sister has locations in : Eloy,Az. ;Barstow, CA; Fontana,CA ; Hesperia,CA ; Thousand Palms, CA. Also this company is Eco-friendly and is using biodegradable soap.

They are doing the washing without harsh chemicals that can cause damage of the paint. Hand dry is another feature that they are providing and that makes them special nowadays.

So go to Little Sister’s Truck Wash and get your truck shiny cleaned with elbow grease.

Danny Truck Wash

There are many truck wash companies and stops in USA , in fact each state has at least 90 well established truck wash companies. Among the best truck washing companies in the USA is Danny Truck Wash Company. This company is based in Arizona and are the only public JPA certified wash facility.

How To Make A Perfect Truck And Trailer Wash

This truck wash company is offering it’s services for more than 20 years. What their services include:

  • Truck and Tractor Trailer Wash;
  • Mag Chloride Rinses;
  • Acid Wash;
  • Spray Wax;
  • Washouts;

If you go to wash your truck in Danny Truck Wash be sure that they will be able to provide you everything that you can wish for, starting from quick cleaning to complete detail cleaning. As well their facilities are offering multiple of washing services in full time.

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Yet another great feature about this company is that they offer their multiple washing services for all price levels. So dependently from your budget you can choose which service will suit you best.

If you are looking for extra services – like washouts, you can find it in their facilities. Moreover this company has specialized in engine and chassis decrease. Likewise the wax services for shiny trucks are available. Now you can choose between wax spray or hand wax, but straightforward there is price difference. Set your budget and see which service you can afford.

If you want to go in Danny’s Truck Wash, know that they have 2 locations in Phoenix, Arizona and 1 location in Avondale, Arizona.

What Is The Price Of Truck Wash

Professional truck wash procedure has a different range of prices. The prices can vary a lot , dependently which services you are going to choose for your truck. As well there are a lot of truck wash companies and you can find all different price lists.

Some of the companies are more than 40 years in this business and they are protecting themselves from the competitors by providing ultimate services that will make your truck shine bright, but in return their prices are higher.

Whereas there can be found new truck companies that provide services for a much lower price, but the service might not be as good as in the oldest truck washing companies.

So be aware that you can find a company where you can wash your truck for 5 to 10 dollars and other companies where it will cost you much more 50 to 80 dollars.

Standard Or Quick Truck Wash Price

Choosing a standard truck wash or a quick truck wash can make a difference in the wash price but also in the quality of the washing.

Standard truck wash has included washing of the cabin and the trailer in the outside and inside. As well washing the wheels and adding bright shine with the help of wax- the magic light coating that will help shed dust and dirt away from the truck. It includes pre-soaking, washing, foam brushing, rinse and wax. The price for the standard washing can vary from $150 up to $200, including all these steps.

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While the quick truck wash price is much lower since it takes less time and by this procedure the truck is not going to be that shiny but it will be clean. The price for quick truck wash varies from $30 to $80.

Detailed Truck Wash Price

As I said before , truck wash prices might vary from few factors , such as the truck washing company,or the services that you are going to ask for.

So after you decide which services you are going to need in order to get your truck clean and shiny, the detail truck wash prices might be similar to these:

Regular wash of tractor might cost you


Washing the Trailer might cost you around


Flatbed trailer wash might be around


Car hauling trailer might cost around


Washing a dump truck might be around


In case if you like additional spray wax it will cost you additionally around


Washing each wheel costs around


Battery boxes washing varies from – up to

$40 to $150

As you can see I have set this price-list as an example how much an average truck washing might cost you. Straight proportionally , additional services will cost you more money. Remember to check the price-list before you leave your truck for washing.


To sum up, both truck wash or trailer wash are really important , washing represents one of the main means to maintain your truck. Having a truck that shines bright speaks a lot about the trucking company as well as for the truck driver. It plays a big role about the reputation of the trucking company.

Truck wash or trailer wash are done in different ways, and using different methods. In this article I have explained everything about a perfect truck and trailer wash . Starting from washing procedures , up to the truck washing companies and the price-list for the services that most of the companies are offering.

So as you could read ,clean truck and trailer are a “must” if you want to keep yourself healthy and keep a good safety rating of the company. In comparison with truck and trailer washing more than 10 years ago, nowadays we can say proudly that it has evolved. The evolution of truck wash has brought new technology and use of Eco-friendly substances for the procedure.

If you have any additional information regarding truck and trailer wash please share it with us.