How To Do A Perfect Truck And Trailer Wash

Truck wash or trailer wash will help u get on the road looking good. At the same time truck and trailer wash when done properly and regularly, can lead you to less truck maintenance costs.

Did you know that in fact truck wash or trailer wash can help u keep your truck in good condition? Yes , truck and trailer wash can add life to your truck.

And now you must be wondering how is that possible? That is a real fact , and it is so because when doing a proper, regular and professional truck and trailer wash , in case if there is corrosion on some part of the truck , the truck washer will get rig of it. Surprisingly there are trucks that can resist engine wash, which is the perfect way of prolonging any defect that might occur to it.

How To Make A Perfect Truck And Trailer Wash

So when possible , while on the road , take a break and take care of the truck – “your home on the road” should always be shiny. Maintain your truck shiny, impress people on the road ,and at the same time impress yourself by seeing that truck wash or trailer wash is mush more than just getting rid of the dirt from the truck.

Why Is Truck Wash So Important

In general as I mentioned before in the introduction of the article , truck wash is of great importance first of all in adding life to it and secondly in meeting the hygienic requirements.

The first important point- What do I mean by adding life to the truck? While in use for a long time, and after miles and miles spend on the road, it is highly possible that corrosion might occur to the truck.

Either to the truck cabin , to the engine, some other parts of the machinery part of the truck , up to the trailer. So from my experience I would like to give you a very important advice – Do a regular truck wash, whenever you have the chance.

Secondly, when it comes to meeting the hygienic requirements , truck wash plays a crucial role. In order for you as a truck driver to stay healthy u must do truck cabin wash at least once a week. You cannot imagine what kind of bacteria can be found in the truck cabin if you leave it longer than a week without a wash.

As well as a truck driver , besides taking care of your own health you must have into consideration the health of your customers and the people that are going to receive the goods that are being transported.

By doing this, you will build a good reputation transportation company in the trucking industy, that is for sure.

Don’t Forget To Do A Trailer Wash

Furthermore, as you care for your own well being the same way you should care about the well being of your customers and the people that are going to receive and consume the goods that you are transporting. This is especially important if you are in the business of food transportation.

How To Make A Perfect Truck And Trailer Wash

We are all aware how strict are the rules and regulations for food transportation. And there is a very good reason behind those strict rules and regulations.

Do you ever wonder what would happen if you don’t do a trailer wash regularly? I will tell you- if you don’t clean the trailer after each transportation, the worst thing possible can happen, more and more bacteria will stick in the trailer.

More bacteria can cause only one thing , which is contamination. And I bet that you don’t want your company to be known for that.

Simple as that, do a regular trailer wash and everyone is going to be happy and satisfied. You as a truck driver will be safe and sound, the owner of the company will be proud because his trucks are in the best possible condition- non- contaminated , and the customers will remain healthy and will become your regular clients.

Please keep in mind that trailer wash shouldn’t be done fast. Trailer washing should be performed with a lot of care and attention. The best choice is to let this part to the professional trailer washers. So keep your trailer clean and drive with pride and confidence.

Difference Between Trailer Wash And Trailer Washout

Wondering if there is a difference between trailer wash and trailer washout? Which one is the best choice for you? The correct answer is yes, there is a difference between trailer wash and trailer washout. Dependently from the goods that you are transporting in the trailer can determine in a great measure which one is the best choice for you.

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If you are wondering which are the different steps of trailer wash and trailer washout , I will explain it to you further in the article. Now to begin from the fact that trailer wash is done in order to disinfect the exterior and the interior of the trailer. When doing the trailer washing more attention is paid to the exterior of the trailer.

Whereas trailer wash is mostly for the outside of the trailer , the trailer washout is dedicated to the detail disinfection of the interior of the trailer. The difference of doing a trailer wash and trailer washout is that:

  • When performing trailer wash on the inside , it is done with the regular procedure plus disinfectant that is not that strong, and that just is not enough for achieving the ultimate clean trailer.
  • Similarly the trailer washout is performed like the trailer wash , except that there are few advanced methods of cleaning the trailer and that stronger disinfectants are being used.

Trailer Wash

Trailer wash is done in order to disinfect the exterior and the interior of the trailers. In order for the trailer to be in a good condition it should be washed regularly and in that process should be included rinse of the floor. How often trailer wash should be done depends mostly from the type of goods that it is transporting.

How To Make A Perfect Truck And Trailer Wash

For example- If a truck is transporting food , it is the best to do trailer wash after each transportation. That is so because the rules and regulations for transportation of food and drinks are very strict and rigorous.

Trailer wash is commonly done in 5 steps:



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