Unclaimed Freight: Huge Savings Opportunity

Unclaimed Freight Huge Savings Opportunity 1

Unclaimed freight, often referred to abandoned freight is simply. It is cargo that for whatever reason no one has claimed. It happens all the time, cargo is shipped to a dock and there it sits. The unclaimed freight just sits there in the way collecting dust. Why is that?

In some cases unclaimed freight is referred to damaged freight that was damaged during transport. Sometimes the damage itself is very small or even almost invisible but buyers or sellers don’t want to sell it and for that reason they call it unclaimed. These days when you hear unclaimed freight most people will think on furniture.

Cargo or goods can become unclaimed freight for a good number of reasons. However not all of the reasons will make good sense. Some might even think it is simply laziness or carelessness. So what are some of the reasons?

Well here are some of the more common reasons:

  • The cargo was forgotten, simply fell through the cracks.
  • Perhaps a company updated its inventory system or switched carriers.
  • There could have been a changeover of staff handling the shipping department.
  • The company could have been the subject of a merger or downsizing.
  • Maybe they went out of business altogether.
  • Perhaps the owner passed away.
  • The owner(s) could have been going through a divorce.
  • There could have been a legal claim placed on the cargo.
  • It could have been part of an investigation but deemed to be not a part of the bigger operation.
  • It could have simply been shipped to the wrong place and the paperwork lost. I am sure there are at least a dozen other reasons.

Unclaimed Freight Huge Savings Opportunity 1
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But as you can see it can happen. It might not even be anyone’s fault. Well, I guess ultimately it is always someone’s fault, but it could have been an honest mistake, a computer error, or mix-up.

Now comes all the follow-up questions:



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