7 Tips To Buy Cheap Truck Wheels

Truck wheels as a part of equipment that most trucking companies take for granted are not something most people care about. Simply we are used to high standards of durability and there is never time to think about truck wheels or even be bothered with wheels at all.


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Most of the companies don’t even check what is the condition and is there any small cracks or any fine tuning requirements to be done – they just imply drive and drive until something goes wrong and causes truck to pull over of the road or gets sucked on some truck stop in the middle of nowhere.

7 Tips To Buy Cheap Truck Wheels

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Fortunately there is some things that can be done in advance so that expensive truck down time and expensive repairs are avoided. Repairing a wheel in while on the road can cost as twice over the regular price you can find at your company area. But there is nothing that can be done because you are in the urgent situation.

For that reason I created a small list of 7 things to have in mind when finding yourself in situation that you need to replace the truck wheels either according to your scheduled maintenance plans or if that happens unexpectedly somewhere on the road.

1. Buy Truck Wheels In Advance Not When Is Urgent

It would be really good for you and for your company if you could plan your purchases in advance. I know what all of you think now – the money and cashflow sometime don’t allow you to behave in this way. And you are 100% correct.

Some types of trucking business and especially Class 8 Trucking business in some periods of slow season that can happen in February – April area create a lot of challenges when it comes to keeping your cashflow positive.

7 Tips To Buy Cheap Truck Wheels

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If you can behave in a way or if you can invest some additional time into creating parts purchasing plan that will predict those slow season time slots but still allow you to stock few truck wheels in your company office it can mean a lot for you. It can also save you a lot of money in addition because if some unexpected situation develops you can promptly react and send it on the truck location for replacement. This could save you up to $300 – $400 per truck wheel.

2. Buy At Least Few Truck Wheels At Once

If you can buy multiple truck wheels at once you can get yourself some discount or free delivery or maybe free installation or something. I know sometimes it is not easy to invest money in equipment that is not immediately used but there is a math that supports this way of doing business. Simply by buying few truck wheels you can negotiate the terms you wouldn’t normally could by buying just one.

7 Tips To Buy Cheap Truck Wheels

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Any way try to think in this way to buy in bulk and secure yourself some saving. All of us now that when we are going to Costco we can expect some pretty low prices on some products and the same goes here as well so buy in advance buy bulk and save money.

3. Check Online Stores For Truck Wheels Prices

All of us are slowly over the last few years switching to online purchasing and online stores like Amazon, Alibaba and others. But the fact is that even though we are switching to online stores in our personal life as a trucking company owner or employee we are still in old age and prefer not to use the online stores as a place to buy our parts.


Hey! I'm George J.Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 12 secret steps how to make $950 more truck/month.

Free ebook

Some online stores selling car and truck parts have become quite huge and the parts they sell are really good quality parts that you can rely on. By selling some of the trusted and checked parts from A list suppliers they managed to build a reputation in this world.

7 Tips To Buy Cheap Truck Wheels

Remember when we all had issues in buying from Amazon well the same thing is happening in truck parts world but much faster and generates really cool results. Check online world and buy your truck wheels and save some money.

Also there is few things I would like you to pay attention when buying your truck wheels so please pay attention to this details:

When buying online always buy from trusted sources
If something looks too good to be true it probably is unless from trusted seller
Don’t buy something overseas. You could face huge additional cost due to size and weight of wheels
Try to verify that they have goods on stock and that delivery time is reasonable
Check in details product description. Some small differences can be a cause of bad fitting

4. Buy Truck Wheels Made Of Steel

When we talk about trucks and trucking industry in general most of the companies really don’t have some special passion for the type of truck wheels and design of the wheels they have on their truck. I know some of you guys and especially owner operators have a passion and like to spend time carefully choosing which wheels to upgrade on their truck and find that important.

7 Tips To Buy Cheap Truck Wheels

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Me personally happen to be just like one of those guys like you. But here in this article I will focus on majority and those are trucking companies and company drivers which randomly change the truck wheels when they need to do it or when the situation forces them to do it.

Truck wheels made of steel have multiple benefits compared to the aluminum ones or also very popular chrome style truck wheels. On today market you can find hundreds of styles and design but only very few of them hold the largest market share so we would be right if we say that market is quite boring in largest proportion.

Benefits of truck wheel made of steel:

Price is of course one of the biggest advantages. Simply they are cheaper.
Steel has better durability during winter (salt and snow) conditions.
Steel truck wheels can be repaired if needed while aluminum almost never can.

5. Open The National Truck Wheels Account With Huge Retailers

Getting a company account with the big retail chains or getting their company card could be very helpful and generate huge savings for your company. Some of them have different policies so it would be good to make a small research in advance prior you need to change your truck wheels.



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