Truck Driver Recruiters : 10 Unrevealed Secrets Every Truck Driver Should Know


Trucking industry is going through the process of slight changes, and those changes have brought numerous improvements in the trucking operations, one of those improvements is the incorporation of truck driver recruiters in the process of hiring new truck drivers.

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Therefore the role of truck driver recruiters is to go through the process of selection of potential truck drivers, and based on the requirements of  particular trucking company to choose the best candidate out of all candidates that have applied for that particular job opening.

Nowadays it is not that easy to find and hire truck drivers because of the shortage of drivers that is present in the trucking industry for more than a decade. Although the lack of truck drivers can be seen as a treat that can jeopardize the US economy, it didn’t led the trucking companies out of business. In that manner professional truck driver recruiters are more than welcomed by trucking companies because they know how to select the best truck drivers out of all candidates that have applied for the open job positions.

Hence, I have dedicated this article to truck driver recruiters and to the 10 unrevealed secrets that every truck driver should know before going on a interview.

Let’s take a look!

1. What Is Truck Driver Recruiter?

Recruiters are the ones that should and that can target the most skillful truck drivers, and not only that, they can also engage them into the most effective measurable way, and to find the most suitable open job position that their skills would be ideal for.

Truck driver recruiters are well aware that the trucking industry nowadays is facing driver’s shortage and that has made most of the recruiters to act carefully and consciously with the truck drivers that are applying for a particular open position in trucking companies.

Although the recruitment process is marketing in essence, still it isn’t done like B2B and B2C marketing strategies, and that is so because this marketing process that truck driver recruiters are using has a lot to give to the the truck drivers that are looking for a job.

In that point of view truck driver recruiters have a lot what to offer to the candidates, and they can also help them a lot in many points of view.

2. How Can Truck Driver Recruiters Help You

Truck driver recruiters are of a great help both to trucking companies that have open job positions and to truck drivers that are looking for a new job.


Moreover, truck driver recruiters are in the position to satisfy all candidates even the ones that are the most selective. From time to time truck driver recruiters even state that if the candidate has very specific criteria it is easier for them to find the most suitable job for that candidate, in comparison to other candidates that are willing to accept to get hired by any trucking company nationwide.

Therefore the best way that recruiters can help candidates is by finding the environment that would be the most appealing for them. Not to forget truck driver recruiters should work in accordance to the United States Department of Labor, and to find truck drivers that will comply their work by the rules and regulations of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

At the same time candidates are the decision makers too. In order for the recruiter to be able to help the candidate in the best possible way it is of a great importance that they reveal their true face to the recruiter, that is to say to reveal their real skills and truck driver experience.

3. Types Of  Truck Driver Recruiters

The people that are operating in the trucking industry have witnessed all ups and downs that trucking industry has gone trough in the past years. Those ups and downs have brought innovations and changes to trucking companies, truckers, as well as to owner-operators in regards of the process of operation.


Therefore when I say that there have been implementations of new innovations and changes in the trucking businesses-I refer to changes and innovations that are affecting almost every branch of the trucking industry. It is crystal clear that one of the newest implementations that the trucking companies and truckers are witnessing are the truck driver recruiters.

No matter if you are an experienced truck driver, or you are a truck driver that is new in the trucking industry, you might get caught in the situation where you can get a call from different type of recruiters, and that can be confusing since there are more types of recruiters.

In order to ease your process of seeking job without getting confused in such situations I have dedicated this part of the article to the following three different types of truck driver recruiters that you might encounter :

1. In-House Recruiters

In-house recruiters or better known as internal recruiters are more and more common in the trucking industry in the last few years. But first I would like to explain to you how these recruiters function and equally important why does these recruiters are called in-house recruiters.


These recruiters are called internal or in-house recruiters because they are employees of the company that is providing the job opportunity that you have applied for. Therefore they are representing your potential employer.

Moreover, in-house recruiters know the best the company that they are representing, and thereupon they have a one-dimensional view of the overall market. The main reason why these recruiters have one-dimensional view is because they are mostly acting in the interest of their employer and not of the candidate’s interest.

Still this type of recruiters are the best when it comes to:

  • Advising;
  • Coaching;
  • Mentoring;

2. Field Recruiters

Just like In-house recruiters – Field Recruiters are engaged in and are responsible for the process of recruitment, including the research period altogether with the interviews and the screening of the candidates from the overall databases. All types of recruiters are aiming for the same result which is to identify and recruit the best candidate.


 What makes field recruiters different from in-house recruiters is that they are employed by the company that is looking for a truck driver, but they are mainly working from home. Besides the regular duties that every recruiter has which include researching, interviewing and recruiting candidates , the field recruiters must also complete all paper work. Likewise these recruiters have to attend truck shows, truck stops, as well as other events that are concerning the trucking industry.

In addition field recruiters are maintaining a network of contacts that later-on serves in the process of identification of the potential qualifiable truck driver.



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