Top 25 States By Number of Trucking Companies

Top 25 States By Number of Trucking Companies width=

What will happen if the trucks stop moving in the USA? U.S. mail will freeze in the first 24 hours after 48 food stocks will start to be critical, the same goes for the gas stations and their fuel stock.

In just 1 week the clean water will be on level 0, to be more precise in 21 days in America everything will be frozen.

Well this scenario never happened and never will in the USA because:

  • The trucking industry is the backbone of the USA economy with 70% involvement;
  • More than 15 million trucks are on the streets of America;
  • 9 million employment in the trucking industry, and 3.5 million belong to the truck drivers.

Officially listed trucking companies in the USA are more than 1 million, with around 500 billion miles a year – almost half of the mileage goes on Class 8 Trucks. All these facts can show how much the trucking industry is important in the USA, every transportation goes by trucks.

From dock containers, furniture from the store/abroad, food and drinks, clothes and everything that you can imagine is transported by TRUCKS.



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