Top 25 States By Number of Trucking Companies

Top 25 States By Number of Trucking Companies width=

What will happen if the trucks stop moving in the USA? U.S. mail will freeze in the first 24 hours after 48 food stocks will start to be critical, the same goes for the gas stations and their fuel stock.

In just 1 week the clean water will be on level 0, to be more precise in 21 days in America everything will be frozen.

Well this scenario never happened and never will in the USA because:

  • The trucking industry is the backbone of the USA economy with 70% involvement;
  • More than 15 million trucks are on the streets of America;
  • 9 million employment in the trucking industry, and 3.5 million belong to the truck drivers.

Officially listed trucking companies in the USA are more than 1 million, with around 500 billion miles a year – almost half of the mileage goes on Class 8 Trucks. All these facts can show how much the trucking industry is important in the USA, every transportation goes by trucks.

From dock containers, furniture from the store/abroad, food and drinks, clothes and everything that you can imagine is transported by TRUCKS.

As I mentioned before, USA has more than 1 million trucking companies, every state has their based trucking companies with different some bigger some smaller. California, Texas, Florida, New York some of the biggest and best states for trucking companies with a huge number of trucks and expensive loads for transportation.

Top 25 States By Number of Trucking Companies width=

After comparing all 50 states and the number of trucking companies listed in, on the research that I’ve made this is the list of 25 States with the biggest number of trucking companies.

25. Oklahoma


Top 25 States By Number of Trucking Companies width=

Did you know that Brad Pitt was born in Oklahoma? Yes he was, as well a lot of other celebrities such as James Garner – TV star, Mickey Mantle – Baseball player, Carrie Underwood – Country singer and more. A lot of things and facts are related with Oklahoma, some of them are:

  • The first meter for parking worldwide was first installed in Oklahoma, 1935
  • This stated has the biggest number of tornadoes compared with the other states
  • Astronauts? Biggest number are from Oklahoma

Also, Oklahoma became rich from oil, but besides the oil they have a lot of other industries that are developed – natural gas production is the latest revolution in Oklahoma.

They are oil and gas rich, and they need somehow those goods to be transferred as well minerals, so they have 27,000 trucking and transportation companies and are 1 of the 5 states that are best states to have/operate a trucking company.

Top 25 States By Number of Trucking Companies width=

Oklahoma’s most famous trucking company is Yellow transportation Inc, this trucking company has started as taxi company and nowadays has the best-qualified drivers with driver salary of $17 per hour. Pretty awesome!

24. Oregon

Do you know where is located the deepest lake in the USA? That honor goes to Oregon and the Crater Lake – formed more than 6,500 years ago. Beside the lake Oregon’s proud is the biggest cheese factory in the world The Tillamook.

Top 25 States By Number of Trucking Companies width=

 They have their unique flag, more than 60 breweries, also an amazing fact is that the “Nike” logo was designed by Oregon student, Springfield – Oregon is the Simpon’s famous city and more.

Top 25 States By Number of Trucking Companies width=

One of the Top 25 Refrigerated Trucking Companies is May Trucking with one of the operating centers in Salem – Oregon, and more than 1000 trucks. They can transport everything that you need from food and beverage to meat and refrigerated food – that is their main specialty.

23. Nebraska

Top 25 States By Number of Trucking Companies width=

 Lincoln, the capital of Nebraska named after the President of U.S. Abraham Lincoln, is the 37-th listed state in United Stated back in 1867.

State of waterfalls, more than 90, capital named after President, the founding of the biggest fossil of Malamute in Lincoln City.

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Nebraska is the unique state with available job offers and giving chance to everyone, Crete Carrier is a trucking company that is hiring felons providing them with good salaries as well health, dental and vision insurance.

With a fleet of around 15,000 vehicles, Crete Carrier is one of the not so many companies that hire felons and gives them a place on the list Trucking Companies That Hire Felons.

22. Iowa

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Between Mississippi and Missouri rivers is where Iowa is located. Home of wonders, Olympic athletes, ice cream home, 99% can read – really impressive and also the largest truck stop Iowa 80 is located in Iowa.

One of the interesting facts about Iowa is that the number of hogs is bigger than the population of Iowa, 3 million is not at all small population number.

CNNMoney listed Iowa, more precise city in Iowa – Ames as the best place to live, as well this state is most safe from all states to live in.

21. Missouri


Top 25 States By Number of Trucking Companies width=

Did you saw the St. Louis Arch? Well you can not miss it with his 630 feet high is the highest monument in U.S.

Did you ever have cave dinner? Missouri is in the only place in the whole US that has cave restaurant and can offer you a different experience than an expensive restaurant.


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They are also proud of America’s main street – Routh 66, which every American know it – it is part of the history.

With roots since 1922 and Routh 66 crossing through Missouri developed their vehicle industry, and with 30,000 trucking companies are 21st country by a number of trucking companies. Prime Inc. one of the best trucking company nationwide is based in Springfield, Missouri. With more than 4,000 vehicles and operation through all states, Canada and Mexico and with average driver salary of $30,000 per year.

20. Alabama

Sweet home Alabama …. Lynyrd Skynyrd were inspired by Alabama for this song. Alfabeticly first State – Alabama, and also first rocket sent to the moon with astronauts in it Apollo 11 was built in Alabama.

Top 25 States By Number of Trucking Companies width=

Alabama is the only state that has in possession natural ingredients to make iron as well the main in the iron industry with supply.



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