Top 25 States By Number of Trucking Companies

Besides the tourism, New Jersey is the biggest vegetable producer as well distributor. With 45,000 trucking companies in New Jersey like Mecca and Sons Trucking Co. Inc., MJD Trucking, Ho-Ro Trucking (one of the best trucking companies in New Jersey) New Jersey streets daily are overloaded with.

10. Illinois


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Chicago Bulls, Chicago White Socks, Chicago Bears – yes, they have famous teams in NHL, NBA, MLB and plus they have Superman’s home.

Illinois is the flattest state in all 50 states, and some part of it goes even below sea level. With the good position of the state they can grow everything on their land, and are one of the biggest fruit and vegetable producers.


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78% of the goods are transported with almost 50,000 trucking companies as Beelman Truck Company, Midwest Transport Inc. and one of the best Chicago trucking companies Two Men and a Truck, Chicago Intermodal, C.H. Robinson Chicago Central and much more.

If you want to drive in Illinois you really need to be a good driver, lots of confusing streets and heavy traffic are everyday view.

9. Wisconsin


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Lakes, nature, hugest production of cheese and of course milk are just a few words for Wisconsin. 15 % of all United States milk is from Wisconsin transported with more than 60,000 trucking companies and a lot of trucks on daily bases – fresh milk in every home.

8. Minnesota


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Hope you didn’t stick in this road condition? Yes, every winter in Minnesota look like this. So, wait for the spring to visit Minnesota, there are a lot of things that can be seen starting from the boating and enjoying in a lot of lakes that are positioned in Minnesota.

Everything is transported trough Minnesota, around 600 million tons, and this state can be proud to have the 5-th biggest highway as wall one of the biggest trucking companies as C.H. Robinson Worldwide to make sure that Minnesota during winter bad driving conditions has all supplies to function normally.

7. Pennsylvania


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Home of chocolate, Liberty bell, famous sports teams, universities – connection dot Pennsylvania. New York, Ohio, Maryland are surrounded Pennsylvania as one of the biggest steel manufacturers. Almost 70,000 trucking companies are helping manufactured steel to go national wide and some worldwide. One of the best trucking companies in Pennsylvania are:

6. Michigan


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Lots of ski resorts, lighthouses (more than 100), fishing as well sailing are the things that Michigan is famous for.

Back in 1893, Henry Ford engineer from Michigan from his car experiment made a huge Ford Motor Company, with the factory to build a car in 98 minutes and made the revolution in the motor industry. We all know where FORD stands today, no need for explanation.

Michigan as a state since 1900 is home for business related with cars, engines, trucks so 76,000 trucking companies listed in Michigan is not just like that. Michigan have one of the best trucking companies as:

5. Georgia


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Thank you, Georgia, for our beloved drink – Coca Cola. Yes, it was suddenly invented in Atlanta, by pharmacist John Pemberton and for our luck we have it today every day every home.

Besides the Coca-Cola (not that is a small thing) Georgia is the main state that manufacturing and export peaches and with 82,000 trucking companies they do it pretty fine.

Well Coca-Cola and peach transportation? Of course, lots of trucks, especially this day Coca-Cola ones nicely decorated with Santa on them.

4. New York


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Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Hamptons, Yankees …. Everything in New York. Did I mention Niagara Falls? Yes also in New York.

With a population of over 8 million, New York is the really crowded place, lot’s people of the street, lot of vehicles, never is boring in New York.

This state is one of the biggest importers of goods – everything needs to go in New York, and it is really hard to drive to and trough New York. More than 105,000 trucking companies are doing this every day and the truck drivers that know how to drive in New York are the drivers with best salaries.

3. Florida


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Beach time? Yes, you found your perfect destination – Florida. Not a beach fun? Well there is the solution for you in Florida, you can go to Disney World or if you don’t want even then for NASA you can’t say no.

In Florida, everyone will be satisfied, there is no winter there so just short sleeve pants and a t-shirt and you are ready for summer vacation in winter – so awesome.

That good sunny weather is not just for the beaches, Florida is the biggest producer of citrus fruits in USA and 2nd worldwide. Lots of trucking companies are involved in distributing a load of fruits with some of the best trucking companies in Florida are:

The officially listed trucking companies in Florida are almost 110,000 – a huge number of companies that work in a bit hard conditions – roads and every time Florida’s trucking companies are searching for drivers.

2. Texas


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World’s first rodeo was in Pecos, Texas in 1883 and since than who’ve been to Texas should not miss a rodeo.

Beyoncé is from Texas? Exactly, and not just her Selena Gomez, Usher, Hilary Duff, Jim Parson and much more – Howdy to all of you.

Texas is the second state by size with 695,662 km2  which is half of the size of Alaska the USA biggest state. More than half of this state size is used for farming which is unique for Texas as well as cotton, wool, sheep.

With 130,000 listed trucking companies they are the second state by number in the USA with the best trucking companies such as:

1. California


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Arnold Schwarzenegger governor? Yes, in Hollywood as a real not actor he was the governor 2003-2011. They have the Kardashians as well all Hollywood actors every day as normal neighbors.



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