Top 25 States By Number of Trucking Companies

Besides the iron industry, Alabama is a well-known state in the trucking industry with 20,000 trucking companies that serve trough all states in any field that you need. Perdido Trucking Service LLC, RWH Trucking, Cooke Trucking Company are just a few of the best trucking companies in Alabama.

19. Virginia

Did you know that eight American Presidents were born in Virginia? Yes, exactly. Virginia is the birthplace of:

  • George Washington
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • James Madison
  • James Monroe
  • William Henry Harrison
  • John Tyler
  • Zachary Taylor
  • Woodrow Wilson

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And what about Pentagon? Pentagon is ranked as world largest office with more than 6 million square feet size. You can imagine how many people were working on this project, starting from engineers, supervisors, construction builder, trucking companies ( in 2016 listed more than 35,000) the total of human to build this huge project is enormous.

Virginia states that has a lot of history, central quarters, Presidents born in Virginia but is ranked as a state that is the worst for trucking, unfortunately.

18. Ohio


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I really don’t know from where to start for this state. Neil Armstrong ring a bell? Yes, the first man that stepped the moon is from Ohio. Steven Spielberg, Halle Berry, Thomas Edison, Sarah Jessica Parker are part of the famous people from Ohio.

This article is for best states by a number of trucking companies, and Ohio is the 18th with more than 35,000 trucking companies. One of the best are:

All of the trucking companies are following the regulations of FMCSA, but you need to be very careful when you are choosing trucking company in Ohio – the list is long so choose from the best trucking companies that Ohio offer. The choice is yours.

17. Colorado

World biggest oil reserve is under the Rocky Mountains and after his extraction Colorado will become the hugest source for oil.

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The all state is at a high altitude, more than a half roads are above 10,000 feet high, and Colorado is having their famous “Million Dollar Highway” or Route 550 wich goes trough the mountains and it is really good and satisfying driver experience.

Well, for the truck drivers this road we can not put it as “experience” they are struggling here, and even with this road Colorado has more than 40,000 trucking companies, and very experienced truck drivers daily on Route 550.

16. Maryland


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So, you want to go out of Washington D.C and relax a bit? The perfect solution is Maryland. What will you do there? Everything you want starting from:

  • Sailing – Maryland is the world’s famous sailing place
  • 9-layer desert – long year of tradition and now is state desert
  • National Harbor – perfect romantic dinner place


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Well, Maryland is next to D.C on a distance 30 miles, so a lot of traffic pass through Maryland daily as well a lot of trucks to transport the good to and from D.C.

Maryland has almost 42,000 listed trucking companies that every day go to D.C as the main destination and the rest of the states as well.

15. Indiana


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Which address do you put on the letter to Santa? Of course, Santa Claus, Indiana as 500,000 more believers in Santa every year are sending to Santa in Indiana.

Except for Santa in Indiana, it is a birthplace of a lot of famous people as Michael Jackson and Jackson 5 of course, Axl Rose and much more.

The idea for gasoline pump as well making a gasoline pump is from Indiana. Indiana relationship with manufacturing industry is since ever. Indiana uses the 42,000 trucking companies to transport 80% of all manufactured good, statistics by Indiana Trucking Association. One of the biggest trucking companies is Celadon Group Inc which hires 4,000 people, with a fleet of 3,000 tractors and 8,700 trailers.

By percentage in Indiana 1 of 14 jobs are in connection in the trucking business, which means around 200, 000 of the Indiana population are working in the tracking industry, and still there is a shortage and there is always open job position for truck drivers.

14. Kentucky


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Hungry? We are so lucky to have them more than 70 years and everything started in the small kitchen in Louisville, Kentucky.

You think I said everything about Kentucky? You are wrong. What about the bourbon? Maybe the horse races? Exactly. Everything is connected with this state, best bourbon, oldest horse race even the Happy Birthday was written from 2 sisters from Louisville, Kentucky.

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A lot of business are developed in Kentucky, and for each of them there is the need for transportation, so Kentucky with 43,000 trucking companies is the fourteen state by a number of trucking companies.

13. North Carolina


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Yes, this view you are getting while driving in North Carolina in autumn. It is beautiful view and experience with a lot of tree colors on the road, the North Carolina roads are taking your breath away.

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Beside the famous road views this state is also known for the production of tobacco, textile, furniture and they have the best trucking company worldwide Old Dominion Freight Line with 200 operation centers and fleet bigger than 25,000 vehicles.

12. Washington


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Cup of coffee? Seattle, is a birthplace for this famous coffee chain Starbucks which is worldwide famous and put the standard how coffee should taste and look.

With 7 million people living in Washington, they have one of the biggest subways.

This state is the biggest manufacture of apples, raspberry, cherries pears – and with 45,000 trucking companies they are dividing to all other states and supply them with this fruits and one of the best refrigerated trucking company Interstate Distributor with a fleet of more than 1,500 vehicles.

11. New Jersey


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With more than 70 resorts that are open 4 seasons every year, New Jersey is a famous touristic place and lead this state to top 10 richest countries.



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