Top 10 Trucking Companies In Virginia


The purpose of this article is to help you while searching for the best trucking companies in Virginia. If you are located in the Southeastern part of the country and searching for a trucking company that can transport your freights thought Virginia, this article will be from huge help.

Virginia is the 35-th largest state in the USA, with a total area of 42.775 square miles. This state has a midway position between New York and Florida, representing South gateway state.

According to the recent highway statistics, Virginia highway system is the third largest in the USA with road system of 70.000 miles.

Interstate Highways are part of Virginia roads, which are allowing this state to be connection dot between north-south and east-west U.S.

Interstate 81, one of the longest highways in Virginia, is the most used road for north-south transportation with daily traffic of more than 85.000 vehicles. Most crowded for daily uses is Interstate 295, a highway which represents bypass from Petersburg to Richmond, with the average daily traffic of 100.0000 vehicles.



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