Top 10 Trucking Companies In Virginia


The purpose of this article is to help you while searching for the best trucking companies in Virginia. If you are located in the Southeastern part of the country and searching for a trucking company that can transport your freights thought Virginia, this article will be from huge help.

Virginia is the 35-th largest state in the USA, with a total area of 42.775 square miles. This state has a midway position between New York and Florida, representing South gateway state.

According to the recent highway statistics, Virginia highway system is the third largest in the USA with road system of 70.000 miles.

Interstate Highways are part of Virginia roads, which are allowing this state to be connection dot between north-south and east-west U.S.

Interstate 81, one of the longest highways in Virginia, is the most used road for north-south transportation with daily traffic of more than 85.000 vehicles. Most crowded for daily uses is Interstate 295, a highway which represents bypass from Petersburg to Richmond, with the average daily traffic of 100.0000 vehicles.


Nowadays, every freight transportation in the Southeastern part of USA goes through Virginia and that makes Virginia be one of the states that have worst traffic nationwide.

Virginia has more than 35,000 officially listed trucking companies, the fact that makes the search for a trucking company in this state very difficult.

Before choosing a trucking company in Virginia, you need to take into consideration all criteria that the trucking company has. Therefore one of the criteria that you really need to pay attention to is the percentage of car crashes that happen during the year.

After taking into consideration all pros and cons of the trucking companies in Virginia, and giving thought to the criteria that include fleet size, annual mileage as well as the number of truck drivers, finally, you can see the list of the top 10 trucking companies in Virginia starting with the 10-th up to the first.

10. Thompson Trucking Inc. 

With a reputation of the safest and most reliable trucking company in Southeastern region, Thompson Trucking is trucking company specialized in waste and bulk materials hauling.

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Thompson Trucking fleet comprises more than 100 tractors and 450 trailers for transportation of several types of cargo across the country. This company can provide a wide range of freights transportation to their customers, such as:

  • Garbage;
  • Steel containers;
  • Construction equipment;
  • Farm supplies and
  • Haz-mats.

All companies on the southeast that have waste transportation needs, are customers of this company; from agricultural producers, construction companies, cement companies etc.

If we take into consideration the importance of this trucking service to the society, then you will understand why they are listed as one of the best trucking companies in Virginia.

9. Fleetmaster Express Inc.

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Fleetmaster Express is a trucking company with really interesting history. This company joined the trucking industry in 1987 when they’ve been hired from large chain grocery for hauling freights from store to store with only two refrigerated trailers.

Nowadays, this company is a leader in the temperature-controlled trucking services nationwide, with a fleet size of 300 trucks and more than thousand trailers.

Besides the headquarter in Roanoke, Virginia this trucking company as well has offices in the following states:

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Fleetmaster Express hauling services are supported with 15 terminals across the country. With this terminals, the temperature-controlled freights delivery is time-efficient, and of course, they are money savers for the customers.

This trucking company has the best group of truck drivers which are fully professional and dedicated to the customer needs.

As one of the best trucking companies in Virginia, Fleetmaster Express is trucking company which is serving the American market for 30 years. With an annual mileage of 20 million and without recorded crashes in 2015, this trucking company can transport any refrigerated freights across the USA according to your needs.

8. Lawrence Transportation Systems Inc.

If you been searching for a trucking company that is specialized in residential or commercial moving then your search stops here – Lawrence Transportation is the company that you’ve been searching for.

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Since their establishment in 1932, this company kept their main trucking service – residential and commercial moving till today. Nowadays, this company is having a large fleet, composed of 325 tractors accompanied with different types of trailers ready to support a wide range of freights transportation.

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When comes to loads transportation, Lawrence Transportation is offering these services:

  • Dry Van Services – full truckload freight transportation or LTL transportation;
  • Flatbed Services – allowing choice between small or large shipment;
  • Container and
  • Inter-modal

Since the beginning, this company went through a lot of changes but they stayed consistent in their service and prices. Their continual growth has put them in the position to be able to cover all 48 states through 21 terminals.

By providing family-oriented trucking services, this company has family-oriented truck drivers, dedicated to their customers and ready to help in every situation. This company as well is investing into the truck drivers education, with courses and seminar visits during the years.


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Lawrence Transportation is the company that you want to have in hand while moving across the country, there is no better choice than this trucking company.

With their dedication to the customers and serving the USA market in residential or commercial moving across the country, they definitely are deserving their place on this list as one of the best trucking companies in Virginia.

7. Owens & Minor

As a leader in healthcare services, Owens & Minor is an international trucking company that specialized in medical supply transportation.

Back in 1880, Richmond was the center of medication wholesale in the South part of the USA. The whole idea of establishing this kind of trucking company which will do medical supplies transportation started from there.

This company was established in 1882 in Richmond, Virginia and since then Owens & Minor are serving the American market.



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