Top 10 Trucking Companies In Virginia

1. UPS Freight

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UPS Freight is part of the largest United States transportation company UPS. This division is based in Richmond, Virginia and represents a division that is in charge for global freight delivery in more than 200 countries worldwide.

The UPS history is well known, they started as small messenger company and today they are the largest transportation company worldwide with more than 15 million daily deliveries.

United Parcel Service is the largest trucking company worldwide that covers not just USA and Canada, they are also serving more than 220 countries around the world.

The UPS fleet mainly is contained of the regular “package car” used for daily packages delivery. Besides this “regular car”, UPS in their fleet are having more than 6,000 tractor-trailers called “feeders”.

These UPS trailers are with different lengths. The smallest-shortest trailers called “Pups” are 26 feet long. This company as well is having longer trailers called “Rails” which are with the length of 45, 48 and 53 feet long, a variety of trailers that are allowing all kind of cargo transportation.

UPS is taking care for the image of the company, so these “feeders-tractors” are painted in brown and the trailers in gray – the trademark color of UPS.

UPS is not just keeping their name with the look of the vehicles, they are as well choosing one of the best manufacturers of their tractors. The “feeders” fleet is mostly made by Navistar or Mack, and some of them are Ford, Sterling, and Freightliner.

With the “feeders” you can transport variety of freights, such as:

  • Building materials;
  • Vehicles;
  • Food and drinks;
  • Agriculture etc.

Ups Freight as well is having a license from FMCSA for transportation of hazardous materials, so you can rely on this trucking company for any kind of transportation.

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Ups Freight is providing a variety of trucking services and some of them are:

  • Regional services;
  • Inter-regional services;
  • Long – haul services with one pickup and more.

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Since their establishment back in 1907, United Parcel Service is constantly growing. With hard competition, like FedEx and USPS, this company is “forced” to follow and apply the latest innovation in the trucking industry.

After taking in consideration the size of this company, including a fleet of 6,000 “feeders” and more than 10,000 dedicated truck drivers, you’ll agree with me that there is no better match for the first placed trucking company in Virginia than USP Freight.


After highlighting the most important features of the best trucking companies in Virginia, I hope that I gave you enough guidelines with which you can choose the best for you.

Despite the fact that this state has 35,000 officially listed trucking companies, separating only 10 of them wasn’t easy at all. After long and deep research of all listed trucking companies in Virginia, I’ve managed to provide you with this list of top 10 companies.

All above-listed trucking companies without a doubt are belonging in this listing and every each of them has different and unique trucking specialty than the rest of the companies in the region.

In Virginia, you can find trucking companies for all kinds of cargo transportation. Some of the companies are providing only local service, while the rest are supporting nationwide transportation.

I hope that this article about the best trucking companies in Virginia was helpful, in meantime, you can share your experience or opinion with Virginia trucking companies with us.



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