Top 10 Trucking Companies In Virginia

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Nowadays, this trucking company is the leader in global medical transportation, covering not just USA, but Europe as well. For U.S. distribution, this company is using a fleet of 400 vehicles, supported by 55 operating centers located coast to coast, with which they providing services to 4,5000 customers.

Besides the medical supplies transportation, this company as well should be taken into consideration if you are having the need of hazardous materials transportation across the country.

This unique trucking service – medical supply transportation is requiring high standard refrigerated trailers and truck drivers with huge experience.

With this kind of special transportation, without a doubt, Owens & Minor deserve their place on this list, as one of the best trucking companies in Virginia.

6. Abilene Motor Express Inc.

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Abilene Motor Express Inc. is family owned trucking company founded in 1986 with headquarter in Richmond, Virginia. This trucking company’s fleet is powered by  400 late-model tractors, following the latest innovation in the truck industry.

Besides the tractors, Abilene Motor Express fleet is including 1,000 dry vans and 275 refrigerated trailers, all of them with the size of 53 foot.

Abilene Motor vehicles can be seen on every road across the United States, driven by experienced truck drivers. This trucking company is providing a wide range of trucking services to their customers and some of them are:

  • Long-Haul;
  • Short-Haul;
  • LTL;
  • Partial Shipments and more.

With combined fleet of dry and temperature-controlled trailers, Abilene Motor can transport a wide range of cargo, such as:

  • Building materials;
  • Machinery;
  • Refrigerated food;
  • Beverages and much more.

Serving the United States and Canada with a variety of trucking services and a wide range of cargo transportation, this trucking company deserves to be ranked as one of the best trucking companies in Virginia.

5. Beam Bros Trucking Inc.

Beam Bros is trucking company based in Mount Crawford, Virginia. With a fleet size of 477 vehicles, this trucking company is serving the East Coast mainly hauling mail for the USPS.

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A remarkable fact about this trucking company is that it is mainly focused on long-haul trucking, with an annual mileage of 50 million. One vehicle yearly is achieving 100,000 miles, fact that represents how dedicated this company is in long hauling services.

Beam Brothers besides their long-hauling specialty from major city to major city, are also providing shorter hauling. These services are used by different type of business owners that have a hauling need on the East Cost.

Beam Brothers Trucking, that has specialized for mail and cardboard boxes long-hauling across the USA, is representing a trucking company that can support your need for dry freight transportation across the country.

4. Wilson Trucking Corporation

Wilson Trucking Corporation is a trucking company that has been established back in 1920’s as a family business company and has kept 100% family ownership till today successfully serving the USA almost 100 years.

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This trucking company is specialized in time sensitive LTL service, supported with 30 terminals across the Southeastern America. Some of the distribution and delivery centers are located in:

  • Maryland;
  • Virginia;
  • North Carolina;
  • South Carolina;
  • Georgia and more.

These distribution and delivery points with a position in 10 states, are the backbone of this trucking company, allowing flawless LTL time sensitive trucking services across the Southeastern U.S.


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Besides the fact that this is 100% family owned company, Wilson Trucking is one of the rare trucking companies in Virginia that has 100% company drivers accompanied with 100% company owned equipment.

If we take all facts into consideration about Wilson Tracking, then it is easy to understand why this company is one of the best trucking companies in Virginia.

3. Performance Food Group

Performance Food Group, as the name itself says, is a trucking company that provides services in food distribution.

With headquarters in Richmond, Virginia accompanied with more than 68 distribution centers across the state, Performance Food Group is the largest trucking company in foodservice distribution.

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With fleet size over 2,000 vehicles, PFC is delivering food products to more than 150,000 customers nationwide.

This trucking company is divided into 3 divisions, those divisions are:

  • Vistar;
  • Performance Foodservice and
  • PFG Customized.

These 3 divisions are covering three different fields in the food delivery, satisfying different groups of customers.

Performance Foodservice is trucking company with service dedicated to the restaurant’s owners. With coverage of 85,000 restaurants and supplying them on daily basis, this trucking company is the largest in the food-service sector.

The second division is Vistar, a trucking company which is delivering food and beverage in hotels, hospitals, and markets across all USA. This company can transport any kind of packed goods, from candies to ready meals to any destination across the country.

PFG Customized is the third division of PFC, which is dedicated to family needs and providing door to door service in all 50 states.

Performance Food Group is a company that is serving American market since 1885, and these days represent one of the leading trucking companies in Virginia, and best in food-service distribution sector.

2. Estes

Top 10 Trucking Companies In Virginia width=

Estes is trucking company which is providing trucking services in the USA since 1931. Headquartered in Richmond, Estes is the largest trucking company in Virginia with coverage of all 48 states.

This company is placed as second according to these criteria:

  • Fleet size of 6,538 vehicles;
  • 6,584 total truck drivers and
  • 465 million annual mileage.

As part of Estes statistic is the annual shipment volume, with an amazing number of 10,835,000 shipments per year.

This trucking company is transporting all kinds of cargo, from agriculture, building materials, food and beverage up to haz-mats.


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Less than truckload is the service that Estes is providing since their establishment, on internationally or domestic basis. With daily improving and growing fleet, nowadays this trucking company represents part of the 25 biggest trucking companies in the USA.

As a Virginia-based trucking company, Estes is the best solution for any freight transportation through or inside Virginia with more than 6,000 available vehicles.



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