10 Best Trucking Companies In Florida

10 Best Trucking Companies In Florida

10 Best Trucking Companies In Florida

In Florida the trucking business is continually evolving and trucking companies are improving markedly, but there are only 10 best trucking companies in Florida that have achieved to provide professional transportation services, not leaving space for errors.

First thing to remember when looking for a trucking company is to do a proper research, that research should include details about the history of the trucking company, information about their employees and fleet, as well as information about their customer’s experience.

According to the subtle research that I have done, I came to the result that only the following 10 trucking companies deserve to be ranked as best:

1.Grimes Trucking Company

2.Atlantic Trucking Company

3.Lake Trucking Company

4.Wilson Trucking Company

5.DTL Transportation Inc.

6.Service Trucking Inc.

7.Pritchett Trucking Inc.

8.Shelton Trucking

9.Delta Trucking Service

10.Mc Tyre Trucking Co.

1.Grimes Trucking Company

Grimes Trucking Company has been in the trucking industry since 1972, and nowadays it is award-winning company which is recognized as one of the best trucking companies in Florida.

This trucking company is at the same time focused on success and straight proportionally on customer satisfaction, because that is the only way for the company to increase and gain good reputation.

10 Best Trucking Companies In Florida
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Having professional truck drivers, that have already adopted the work ethic makes Grimes Trucking to be one of the trucking companies that are showing proficiency in what they do.

To get the attention back on their truck drivers- as a start point all of them have obtained Class A CDL drivers’ license, also they have went on additional trainings and orientations in order to achieve masterful service, and by that to contribute to company’s improvement.

10 Best Trucking Companies In Florida
Source: www.grimescompanies.com


Moreover, the services that this company is offering include:

  • Full truck load delivery;
  • Complete rail and port dray support;
  • Full truck load;
  • LTL transportation services;
  • Inter-modal and expedited transportation services;

Furthermore, part of the success that this company has achieved is thanks to the experience and credentials that their truck drivers have. After their truck drivers have spent more than 2 years on the road , they can obtain TWIC and HAZMAT credentials.

10 Best Trucking Companies In Florida
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Besides having professional truck drivers who are operating exceptionally, Grimes Trucking Company as well has wide fleet, which consists of ultra modern trucks. Their equipment is customized to its customers needs, that is so because this company aims to operate better, by avoiding market fluctuations meanwhile.

If you decide to become their customer and to use their Dedicated Capacity service, you will be able to enjoy benefits like:

  • Customized Solutions;
  • System Flexibility;
  • Dedicated Capacity;
  • Newest equipment;

Additionally Grimes Trucking company is the only provider of packaging services in North Florida. If you choose to use their packaging services it is important for you to know that they have contract packaging services which are at competitive rates.

Being one of the best trucking companies in Florida- Grimes Trucking is providing exceptional and professional transportation services, so that makes this company the best choice if you want to transport loads.

Choosing Grimes Trucking will bring you peace of mind, since you are going to be informed about every movement of the truckloads.

2.Atlantic Trucking Company

Atlantic Trucking is among the best trucking companies in Florida. This trucking company is part of the trucking industry for more than 30 years.

During all those years they have developed their trucking business and have managed to hire and train one of the most professional truck drivers.

10 Best Trucking Companies In Florida
Source: www.atlantictrucking.com


Value operations are their main specialty, this trucking company is able to meet the demands and needs of all clients. Atlantic Trucking is able to do transportation of loads from the port up to the rail. Mostly their clients when choosing their transportation services, are using the following:

  • Long Hauling;
  • Container Yard;
  • Local Container Trucking;
  • Chassis Fleet;

10 Best Trucking Companies In Florida
Source: www.atlantictrucking.com


If we take a look at their fleet we can see that their trucks are segregated by the size in order to do the handling methods like pickups and deliveries easier. Atlantic Trucking is very flexible trucking company, they are always adapting to its customers needs.

This trucking company is using the newest trucks, they have the ultimate new equipment starting from gadgets up to grouches.

When it comes to the LTL services that Atlantic Trucking is offering , they include:

  • Complete import and export;
  • Trans-loading;
  • Freight handling services;

As well if you are considering whether you should or you shouldn’t choose Atlantic Trucking for your loads, have in mind that this company is offering very modern and useful feature which is- load trucking.

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Load trucking will reassure you that this company is working exceptionally, and that you won’t have any problems to solve during the process of transportation.

In addition to their regular services this company has included:

  • Dray-age;
  • Inter-modal;
  • Short and long haul services;
  • Door to Door delivery;

Definitely there is a reason why you should have trust in one of the best trucking companies in Florida, they will make sure that they deliver your loads on time as well your loads will be delivered safe and sound.

3.Lake Trucking Company

Being one of the best trucking companies in Florida, Lake Trucking has specialized in various transportation services. Lake Trucking Company is in the trucking industry for more than 50 years, and during that period this trucking company has managed to fulfill the needs and requirements of all clients.

In order for this trucking company to achieve customer’s satisfaction, they have hired the best truckers. All their truck drivers have obtained Class A CDL drivers license, also they have gone through several trainings which were organized by Lake Trucking.

10 Best Trucking Companies In Florida
Source: www.laketrucking.com


Yet another important part which contributed to the success and good reputation of this company is their fleet. Lake Trucking Company has large fleet which is equipped to meet the laws and regulations given by FMCSA.

Providing safety to both their employees and truck drivers has led to improvement of their operations and by this Lake Trucking has attracted more new clients that have become their loyal clients.



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