Trucking Companies That Train Drivers

Trucking Companies That Train Drivers

Trucking Companies That Train Drivers

You want to enter the trucking business and start a career as a truck driver, as well at the same time you are in search for trucking companies that train drivers?

Do not worry, this article will provide you help to find the best trucking companies that train drivers easier. Also you will find more details about the meaning of the truck driver trainings.

As a matter of fact I have written this article to help people that want to start driving trucks professionally. Further in this article you will be able to read about 7 trucking companies that train drivers.

Moreover, the most important start point of a truck driver’s career is going through a proper training that will lead him to a successful career and professionalism.

Firstly, every driver should obtain commercial’s learners permit CLP in order to be qualifiable to continue his education and training so that he can obtain Class A CDL driver’s license (commercial driver’s license).

In USA nowadays trucking industry has achieved stability and improvements, so trucking companies have decided to implement and add trainings for drivers in their services. These trainings are especially of a great meaning to truck drivers that are just entering the trucking industry.

Furthermore, to make it clear for drivers that want to apply for training and job opportunity in the trucking companies that train drivers- you don’t need previous driving experience.

In these companies drivers are able to start from point zero and through continuous trainings to watch their growth. If you join the companies that train drivers you won’t have to give money out of the pocket, because they will cover all

My choice of best trucking companies that train truck drivers includes the following companies:

  1. USA Truck ;
  2. Maverick Transportation ;
  3. Roehl Transport ;
  4. Millis Transfer ;
  5. FFE ;
  6. Schneider National ;
  7. KLLM Trucking Services;

These 7 trucking companies are among the best trucking companies in USA, they are well established, and operate with professional drivers. So in case you choose some of these companies to get your training and continue working for, you will make a good choice without any doubt.

1. USA Truck

USA Truck is a trucking company that is known for being one of the largest over the road carriers. This trucking company offers to their customers’ wide choice of solutions. At the same time USA Truck is among the companies that train drivers.

Trucking Companies That Train Drivers


We are well aware that there isn’t a company in the trucking industry that would accept to hire truck driver that doesn’t have obtained Class A CDL license. Therefore, in addition to the requirements for hiring truck drivers, USA Truck has made a program and provides each truck driver with training.

Nowadays this company has more than 2.000 satisfied truck drivers. This trucking company is operating in a way that it provides constantly innovative solutions.

USA Truck is more than 30 years in the trucking business and for that time it has found a way to transport goods for different industries. This trucking company is not concentrated on serving only one industry.

Trucking Companies That Train Drivers


The aim of this trucking company is to advance even more in the direction of training truck drivers, in order to become known as the company that has the most professional truck drivers. This company hires only drivers that have and want to get the knowledge that is needed for success.

Likewise the service division of this company is expanding and growing all the time. USA Truck hires as well truck drivers that have obtained Class A CDL license . Their drivers are operating in the following areas:


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  • Nashville;
  • Lexington;
  • Louisville;
  • Memphis;
  • Indianapolis;

Their accredited, nationally recognized training school attracts a lot of new drivers that want to obtain CDL driver’s license, and at the same time to join USA Truck.

By using revolutionary measures this company is providing to their truck drivers with the ultimate high level training. It is not a doubt how this company is maintaining good reputation.

USA Truck is in partnership with a premiere training facility. These facilities will help you get your training ant to gain experience in order to become a real professional truck driver. After those training you will be able to hit the road confidently.

Trucking Companies That Train Drivers


Therefore, USA Truck’s drivers are enjoining several benefits, such as:

So if you want to go in the direction of becoming a professional truck driver- USA Truck is the right place to be and to build your career.

2.Maverick USA

Maverick USA is among the best trucking companies that train drivers. This company is in the transportation industry for more than 36 years.

During its years in the trucking industry this company has built a reputation of an industry leader which is building its reputation through continuous improvements and implementation of the latest technology.

Trucking Companies That Train Drivers


The fact that it has more than 1.500 units and around 2.000 employees show that this company is dedicated to safety, technology and innovation. Maverick USA is without doubt one of the companies that hires the best truck drivers.

Moreover, Maverick USA is providing innovative and unmatched student program to its drivers in order to obtain the CDL driver’s license.

So this company can give you the ultimate care starting from the trainings and orientation up to top line equipment. The trainings that this company offers are held by professional trainers.

Trucking Companies That Train Drivers


This company is above their competitors that is so because it offers and gives to their students’ substandard pay and sponsored CDL training. Actually Maverick USA is in partnership with a driving school in Arkansas.

Maverick USA besides the regular CDL training is providing computerized driver training. The computerized driver training includes a learning process through videos and instructor modules that have been developed by them.

As well this company has developed driver training simulators. The driver training simulators are divided in three parts.



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