10 Best Trucking Companies in Ohio

10 Best Trucking Companies in Ohio

10 Best Trucking Companies in Ohio

There are a lot of trucking companies in the mid-western state, but only few of them can be ranked as best trucking companies in Ohio.

I managed to select 10 best trucking companies after doing several researches that involved ranking of the :

  • Professionalism of the trucking services;
  • Safety of the trucks;
  • Education and Training of the truck drivers;
  • Satisfaction of the customers;
  • Accident rates;

In my opinion all these points that, I have studied while doing the research of trucking companies in Ohio are the most important when choosing a transportation provider.

I must admit that the selection was really hard, since almost all trucking companies in Ohio are following the rules and regulations that are given by FMCSA- which means that they are paying a great attention to the safety of load transportation, as well as the benefits that truck drivers should enjoy.

Furthermore in this article you can read more about the 10 best trucking companies in Ohio:

1. Kaplan Trucking Co.



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