10 Best Trucking Companies in Ohio

10 Best Trucking Companies in Ohio

10 Best Trucking Companies in Ohio

There are a lot of trucking companies in the mid-western state, but only few of them can be ranked as best trucking companies in Ohio.

I managed to select 10 best trucking companies after doing several researches that involved ranking of the :

  • Professionalism of the trucking services;
  • Safety of the trucks;
  • Education and Training of the truck drivers;
  • Satisfaction of the customers;
  • Accident rates;

In my opinion all these points that, I have studied while doing the research of trucking companies in Ohio are the most important when choosing a transportation provider.

I must admit that the selection was really hard, since almost all trucking companies in Ohio are following the rules and regulations that are given by FMCSA- which means that they are paying a great attention to the safety of load transportation, as well as the benefits that truck drivers should enjoy.

Furthermore in this article you can read more about the 10 best trucking companies in Ohio:

1. Kaplan Trucking Co.

2. R & J Trucking

3. Dick Lavy Trucking Inc.

4. Moeller Trucking Inc.

5. Logan Trucking

6. Osborne Trucking Co.

7. Garner Trucking

8. Berner Trucking

9. HY Way Trucking

10.Mast Trucking Inc.

1. Kaplan Trucking Co.

Kaplain Trucking company is one of the best trucking companies in Ohio, at the same time it is a leading hauler of steel. The main services that this company is offering are :

10 Best Trucking Companies in Ohio
Source: www.kaplantrucking.com


Besides the steel hauling and flatbed transportation, this company is also providing their customers with brokerage and logistic services. So if you are in a situation where you need to use some of these transportation services, I would highly recommend you Kaplain Trucking Co. because they will provide you with the most professional service ever.

Operating with more than 70 terminals this trucking company is able to provide all of their services to their customers. Not only that this company will provide their customers with the most professional trucking services, but Kaplain Trucking will do it according to their exact requirements. This company is really flexible when it comes to their customers needs.

10 Best Trucking Companies in Ohio
Source: www.hankstruckforum.com


This company aims to identify all new and good opportunities. Being in the trucking industry since 1934, Kaplain Trucking has remained strong and has improved their organization and operation. Professionalism is their main target, which they are achieving without any problem.

Moreover, Kaplain Trucking has fleet with over 700 trucks, they are mostly operating in the eastern part of USA. Also this company has representatives all across USA, and that means that you will have to put your worries aside, because your loads will get to the final destination safe and sound, on time.

10 Best Trucking Companies in Ohio
Source: www.kaplantrucking.com


In like manner, the truck drivers of this company are well trained, as well all of them have obtained Class A CDL drivers’ license. When it comes to the orientation program for the truck drivers of Kaplain Trucking Company it includes:

  • CSA;
  • Log Training;
  • Defensive Driving Techniques;
  • Rollover Avoidance;

Kaplain Trucking makes a great choice, because of the fact that this trucking company is in the trucking industry for more than 8 decades, and has remained one of the best trucking companies in Ohio.

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Kaplain is a company that provides their loyal customers with exceptional services. So do not hesitate, choose Kaplain Trucking if you want to go through the process of transporting your goods without worrying.

2. R & J Trucking

Reliable, superior and at the same time transportation company that works with expertise – R & J Trucking is the perfect match for your transportation needs. This company by having obtained the qualities and by offering their services in the most professional way, has become one of the best trucking companies in Ohio.

10 Best Trucking Companies in Ohio
Source: www.linkedin.com


This trucking company has reliable fleet which comprises more than 450 trucks and 900 trailers. This company simply knows what it takes to do in order to remain among the best trucking companies. R & J Trucking is putting enormous effort to keep their truck drivers, fleets and loads safe. Their truck drivers are contributing to the safety and reputation of the company in a great measure.

The fleet of R & J T trucking includes:

10 Best Trucking Companies in Ohio
Source: www.rjtrucking.com


R & J Trucking was incorporated in 1960, and since its incorporation this company has been offering local and over-the-road services. It is among the first trucking companies in USA which started using The Collision Mitigation Systems.

We know that this company cares a lot about the safety of both their employees and their customers- the loads of the customers, and by adding this system in the operation process they have increased the safety in a great measure.

Moreover R & J Trucking is offering great job opportunities for truck drivers. This company is providing continuous trainings to their employees. Each of their truck drivers must be present at the trainings, that is so because on these training they can learn about the safety and technology innovations.


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The Loss Control Program is a ‘must’, the truck drivers should attend the meeting about safety and to give ideas for further improvement of their work and operation.

R & J being a superior and flexible trucking company can meet all of your transportation demands.

3. Dick Lavy Trucking Inc.

Dick Lavy Trucking was formed as a family trucking company, nowadays it is existing and operating in the trucking industry for more than 20 years. This company is among the best trucking companies in Ohio.

10 Best Trucking Companies in Ohio
Source: www.dicklavytrucking.com


This is one of those companies that is constantly implementing new technologies, and is adapting to customers needs. Therefore, being committed to excellence this company is going in the direction of success.

Dick Lavy Trucking is achieving continuous success by committing themselves to provide safe conditions- safe trucks for their truck drivers. The truck drivers are enjoying the benefit of driving new and safe truck.

10 Best Trucking Companies in Ohio
Source: www.dicklavytrucking.com


Henceforth, the employees of this company are functioning and operating by giving respect to one another and to their customers, they are functioning like one big family. Straight away with the growth and stability of the trucking industry in USA has come the improvement of this company.

Dick Lavy Trucking Company has a large fleet:



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