10 Over The Road Challenges For New Truck Drivers

8. Adaptation To The Open Road Lifestyle

To begin with, there is no a trick to survive the challenges that the road lifestyle offers. Comparatively, there are new truck drivers which look at this on the negative side, while there are the optimistic ones.

In order to simplify it and easily adapt to the open road life, talk to the man in charge of the trucking company. To clarify, you can ask him about the rules they have. In that case, you can organize your schedule and see if their requirements are good for you.

According to myself, over the road lifestyle is a type of an adventure that anyone can cope with. Good or bad, it is an experience after all. If you look on the positive side, there are plenty of benefits having an open road lifestyle. For example:

  • Meeting new people
  • Being your own boss
  • Living new adventures
  • Having new experiences
  • Seeing new places
Source: www.paymentfactoring.com
Source: www.paymentfactoring.com

In my opinion, being constantly on the road is the same as leading a life of a nomad. Moreover, the new truck drivers experience the opportunity of seeing a new country. Despite this opportunity, the driver has much more responsibilities which he will be able to adapt to after a month or two.

Nowadays, it is easy to adapt to anything since the electricity and technology ease everything. To emphasize, you may not be able to see your family often, but thanks to cell phones, you can call or see them on camera.

For one thing, trucks are an essential part of a truck driver’s life. Markedly, you may not have a regular 9 – 5 job, but truck drivers make a reasonable amount of money. They exclude the expenses of paying a house to stay, which immediately results in more savings.

9. Never Ending Highway

Driving on a very long highway is hard and exhausting. You are just looking forward to a new stop where you can stretch your legs or take some rest. For the purpose of having a new experience each day, road challenges include long highways, and because of the driving durability, they are boring. Furthermore, it is the identically same for the new truck drivers and for the experienced as well.

Doing something while you have a long road ahead of you, is beneficial for a few reasons:

  • Keeps you awake
  • Kills time
  • Kills boredom
  • Keeps you off of bad thoughts

Since you can’t get off of a highway, you can kill some time. You can find something to do while you are driving, something that you find fun. For instance, you can listen to some music and sing along, and it doesn’t matter if you are a bad singer as long as you feel good. Create a playlist on your phone and may the karaoke day start.

Source: www.wideopencountry.com

Another example is, you can record a video. Since it is risky to hold it, you just attach your cellphone to a mobile holder. I know a man who started recording himself and his everyday road adventures. He has traveled across half America and seeing his videos, he’s seen a lot.

If you start doing this, you can actually become famous, like he did. Your videos will be interesting to watch for the reason that, few people have the chance to experience this. Besides, truck driving is not a suitable job for everyone. One can never imagine what a day, or how the life of a truck driver looks like.

10. Having Healthy Meals and Exercise

Generally speaking, every job is hard. Some people that are all day on their feet, in this case, bartenders, cleaning ladies, or waiters, think that sitting doesn’t do harm to the body. On the contrary, it does, more than one can imagine. This is due to the fact that you are not moving, and it is important for the drivers to stay sharp in particular.


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As shown above, sitting too much does harm to your body. According to doctors, one can sit without standing up, only for half an hour. If you sit more than one or two hours, without standing up in between the time interval, there goes the beginning of the back pain.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) states that exercise and a healthy lifestyle are body’s best friend.For the most part, is crucial to start exercising, at the beginning while you are still one of the new truck drivers. Otherwise, the pain in the back will start becoming chronical and you don’t want that.

Source: www.driveabco.com
Source: www.driveabco.com

As has been noted, healthy meals are crucial if you work with a driving company. Nonetheless, the hours spent trapped in the vehicles, drivers have to profess a healthy lifestyle. In other words, you can plan the meals ahead, owing to the cooking tools that can be placed in trucks.

  • Portable (lunchbox) stove
  • Microwave
  • Crockpot
  • Electric skillet
  • Hotpot
  • Mini Refrigerator

As a matter of fact, you can use all of these appliances in case of not having time to make a stop and eat in the truck. More similarly, try canned healthy food because of the due date. Thus, you can keep your health and cope with the HOS at the same time.


In the final analysis, the life of the new truck drivers may be hard, but at least every day they spend is an adventure. Unlike those that work as housekeepers, gardeners or in an office, the trucking job keeps the monotony away.

Not to mention that the trucking salary is above average. Thereupon, if you ever come across a chance to work as a truck driver, don’t hesitate to take it. Good or bad, it is a different kind of experience after all.




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