100 Interesting Facts About ELD Mandate

When it comes to the ELD mandate, I am sure you will all agree with me that there are a lot opposing, reverse and contradictory opinions out there. Having said this, people have all kinds of opinions regarding the mandate! Continually, for some, it’s just another rule and regulation on the list with “obeying stuff”, […]

12 Secret Things You Need To Know About ELD Mandate

The trucking industry slowly, but surely is changing thanks to the ELD mandate. This new regulation has been approved by the government, and it implies the use of electronic logging devices. On the positive side, the implementation of the electronic logging devices is expected to help trucking companies with the overall management, keeping track, as […]

Why Is It So Important To Obey The Hours Of Service (HOS) Rules and Regulations?

Safety is everyone’s top priority, including the people that are operating in the trucking industry; so in order for truck drivers to stay safe on the road they should obey the HOS- Hours of Service rules and regulations. The Hours of Service rules and regulations have been issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Administration. Being […]