12 Secret Things You Need To Know About ELD Mandate


The trucking industry slowly, but surely is changing thanks to the ELD mandate.

This new regulation has been approved by the government, and it implies the use of electronic logging devices.

On the positive side, the implementation of the electronic logging devices is expected to help trucking companies with the overall management, keeping track, as well as sharing records of duty status.

The ELD is a big deal!

As such, the electronic logging devices will impact the way you are running your trucking business. By implementing the ELD in your trucking company you will experience a safer work environment for your truck drivers while accurately tracking their records of duty status RODS data.

What Is ELD Mandate

Simply said, ELD mandate is an electronic solution that helps people engaged in the trucking industry, such as are the professional truck drivers, as well as the commercial motor carriers to have a better insight of their work by tracking their Hours of service compliance- HOS.

Source: www.equipmentworld.com
Source: www.equipmentworld.com



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